100 HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS - From 9 different sources.
  Some of these lists are more authoritative because their database has
  more words in them to count common words. These databases are called
  'corpus' or body of words.

  1   the      the      the      the      the      the      the      the      the
  2   and      of       that     be       of       of       of       be       be
  3   a        and      not      to       and      to       and      of       and
  4   to       a        look     of       to       and      to       and      a
  5   said     to       put      and      in       a        a        a        of
  6   in       in       and      a        a        in       in       to       to
  7   he       is       with     in       that     is       that     in       in
  8   I        you      then     that     is       it       it       he       i
  9   of       that     don't    have     it       you      is       have     you
 10   it       it       could    I        he       that     was      it       it
 11   was      he       a        it       with     he       I        that     have
 12   you      was      all      for      I        was      for      for      an
 13   they     for      were     not      was      for      on       they     that
 14   on       on       come     on       his      on       you      I        for
 15   she      are      house    with     as       are      he       with     do
 16   is       as       to       he       for      with     be       as       he
 17   for      with     we       as       be       as       with     not      with
 18   at       his      go       you      by       I        as       on       on
 19   his      they     will     do       not      his      by       she      this
 20   but      I        old      at       which    they     at       at       are
 21   that     at       said     this     you      be       have     by       we
 22   with     be       can      but      on       at       are      this     down
 23   all      this     little   his      but      one      this     we       not
 24   we       have     into     by       at       have     not      do       but
 25   can      from     too      from     or       this     but      you      they
 26   are      or       in       they     have     from     had      but      say
 27   up       one      are      we       this     or       his      from     at
 28   had      had      as       say      from     had      they     or       what
 29   my       by       back     her      they     by       from     which    his
 30   her      word     by       she      are      hot      she      one      from
 31   what     but      he       or       had      but      which    would    go
 32   there    not      up       an       him      some     or       all      or
 33   out      what     no       will     all      what     we       will     by
 34   this     all      from     my       her      there    an       there    get
 35   have     were     day      one      them     we       there    say      she
 36   went     we       I        all      my       can      her      who      my
 37   be       when     had      would    said     out      were     make     can
 38   like     your     mum      there    were     other    one      when     as
 39   some     can      children their    their    were     do       can      know
 40   so       said     made     what     so       all      been     more     if
 41   not      there    of       so       one      your     all      if       me
 42   then     use      my       up       we       when     their    no       your
 43   were     an       one      out      an       up       has      man      all
 44   go       each     him      if       will     use      would    out      who
 45   little   which    time     about    when     word     will     other    about
 46   as       she      it       who      she      how      what     so       their
 47   no       do       her      get      if       said     if       what     will
 48   mum      how      them     which    me       an       can      time     so
 49   one      their    Mr       go       there    each     when     up       would
 50   them     if       I'm      me       no       she      so       go       make
 51   do       will     was      when     shall    which    no       about    just
 52   me       up       what     make     who      do       said     than     up
 53   down     other    do       can      been     their    who      into     think
 54   dad      about    get      like     into     time     more     could    time
 55   big      out      if       time     would    if       about    state    there
 56   when     many     you      no       out      will     up       only     see
 57   it's     then     there    just     more     way      them     new      her
 58   see      them     me       him      may      about    some     year     was
 59   looked   these    just     know     has      many     could    some     out
 60   very     so       help     take     up       then     him      take     one
 61   look     some     they     people   what     them     into     come     come
 62   don't    her      out      into     then     would    its      these    people
 63   come     would    down     year     any      write    then     know     take
 64   will     make     now      your     very     like     two      see      year
 65   into     like     Mrs      good     other    so       out      use      him
 66   back     him      on       some     your     these    time     get      them
 67   from     into     this     could    man      her      like     like     some
 68   children time     dad      them     Mr       long     only     then     want
 69   him      has      came     see      its      make     my       first    how
 70   Mr       look     called   other    upon     thing    did      any      when
 71   get      two      she      than     some     see      other    work     which
 72   just     more     have     then     do       him      me       now      now
 73   now      write    big      now      these    two      your     may      like
 74   came     go       oh       look     than     has      now      such     other
 75   oh       see      here     only     time     look     over     give     could
 76   about    number   is       come     now      more     just     over     our
 77   got      no       went     its      such     day      may      think    into
 78   their    way      when     over     god      could    these    most     here
 79   people   could    about    think    about    go       new      even     then
 80   your     people   off      also     made     come     also     find     than
 81   put      my       for      back     two      did      people   day      look
 82   could    than     be       after    our      my       any      also     way
 83   house    first    it's     use      great    sound    know     after    more
 84   old      water    got      two      before   no       very     way      these
 85   too      been     asked    how      only     most     see      many     no
 86   by       call     at       our      should   number   first    must     thing
 87   day      who      like     work     could    who      well     look     well
 88   made     oil      see      first    lord     over     after    before   because
 89   time     now      their    well     after    know     should   great    also
 90   I'm      find     saw      way      little   water    than     back     two
 91   if       long     his      even     being    than     where    through  use
 92   help     down     some     new      like     call     back     long     tell
 93   Mrs      day      looked   want     can      first    how      where    good
 94   called   did      people   because  first    people   get      much     first
 95   here     get      make     any      must     may      most     should   man
 96   off      come     but      these    us       down     way      well     day
 97   asked    made     so       give     much     side     down     people   find
 98   saw      may      very     day      see      been     our      down     give
 99   make     part     your     most     also     now      made     own      had
100   an       over     an       us       those    find     got      just     new

All 9 lists total 900 words but have only 172 unique words collectively as listed below.

         <<  Words more common  <<-->>  Words a little less common  >>

 46 words |11 words |19 words |7 words |8 words |11 words |15 words |40 words |15 words
 on all   |on 8     |on 7     |on 6    |on 5    |on 4     |on 3     |on 2     |on only
 9 lists  |lists    |lists    |lists   |lists   |lists    |lists    |lists    |1 list
          |         |         |        |        |         |         |         |
 a         an        are       just     also     after     did       asked     being
 about     her       come      me       back     any       give      because   god
 all       him       day       said     how      been      got       before    hot
 and       his       down      two      know     find      here      big       lord
 as        into      first     was      made     has       its       call      oil
 at        my        get       way      may      most      little    called    own
 be        not       go        were     over     new       long      came      part
 but       people    had                use      only      man       children  shall
 by        their     is                          our       many      dad       side
 can       them      look                        very      Mr        don't     sound
 could     your      make                        well      say       each      state
 do                  more                                  should    even      tell
 for                 or                                    take      good      those
 from                other                                 think     great     through
 have                than                                  year      help      upon
 he                  these                                           house
 I                   which                                           I'm
 if                  who                                             it's
 in                  would                                           looked
 it                                                                  Mrs
 like                                                                much
 no                                                                > mum <
 now                                                                 must
 of                                                                  number
 on                                                                  off
 one                                                                 oh
 out                                                                 old
 see                                                                 put
 she                                                                 saw
 so                                                                  such
 some                                                                thing
 that                                                                too
 the                                                                 us
 then                                                                want
 there                                                               water
 they                                                                went
 this                                                                where
 time                                                                word
 to                                                                  work
 up                                                                  write

An interesting observation:
Notice the word 'mum' is on the list of words above occurring 2 times.
Of course 'mum' is the word people in England call their mother, whereas
'mom' is the same word in the US. Why isn't 'mom' on any of the 9 lists?

The US has 331 million people. The UK has 68 million, Canada has 38 million
and Australia has 26 million people totaling 132 million. So the US has
2.5 times the population of three countries that use 'mum'. 'mom' should
have 2.5 times the useage of 'mum' - right? But it doesn't, at least not
on the 9 lists at the top.

Well, more of the databases making up the 9 lists must have been generated
in England using English sources making up their corpora.

Look at this table of 9 Google search word results in terms of
'hits' or counts:

    Search    Counts in
#   word      millions
1   ma        6890
2   mother    3460     8 of these 9 words aren't
3   mom       3000     are on any of the 9 lists
4   mama      1450     above. The exception is 'mum'.
5   mum        700
6   mommy      661     Why is 'mum', with only 700 million
7   mummy      306     occurrences on 2 of the 9 lists,
8   momma      237     while 'mom' with 3000 million hits
9   mammy       31     isn't on any of the 9 lists?

Why aren't ma, mother and mama not on any of the 9 lists either? There
are 4 words that have way more occurrences than mum that aren't on the
9 lists. Why is this?

Let's face it, google's database is perhaps the largest database ever
created. Containing nearly a trillion web pages. Its counts of words
will surpass any lesser database of 'only' 5 billion words!

Here's the point. If someone is really serious about getting THE REAL
list of the 100 most common English words, they should get it from
google searches. And not from some lesser corpora.

I have already started such a list and it is pretty far along.
This is my new page of 1,500 words!

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JCShook 6/18/2022