100 HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS - From 7 different sources.

  1.      the      the      the      the      the      the      the
  2.      and      of       that     be       of       and      of
  3.      a        and      not      to       and      of       to
  4.      to       a        look     of       to       to       and
  5.      said     to       put      and      in       in       a
  6.      in       in       and      a        a        he       in
  7.      he       is       with     in       that     a        is
  8.      I        you      then     that     is       that     it
  9.      of       that     don't    have     it       for      you
 10.      it       it       could    I        he       you      that
 11.      was      he       a        it       with     I        he
 12.      you      was      all      for      I        is       was
 13.      they     for      were     not      was      his      for
 14.      on       on       come     on       his      they     on
 15.      she      are      house    with     as       not      are
 16.      is       as       to       he       for      him      with
 17.      for      with     we       as       be       it       as
 18.      at       his      go       you      by       with     I
 19.      his      they     will     do       not      be       his
 20.      but      I        old      at       which    will     they
 21.      that     at       said     this     you      them     be
 22.      with     be       can      but      on       all      at
 23.      all      this     little   his      but      have     one
 24.      we       have     into     by       at       shall    have
 25.      can      from     too      from     or       my       this
 26.      are      or       in       they     have     from     from
 27.      up       one      are      we       this     your     or
 28.      had      had      as       say      from     god      had
 29.      my       by       back     her      they     are      by
 30.      her      word     by       she      are      me       hot
 31.      what     but      he       or       had      their    but
 32.      there    not      up       an       him      lord     some
 33.      out      what     no       will     all      was      what
 34.      this     all      from     my       her      on       there
 35.      have     were     day      one      them     who      we
 36.      went     we       I        all      my       said     can
 37.      be       when     had      would    said     but      out
 38.      like     your     mum      there    were     as       other
 39.      some     can      children their    their    this     were
 40.      so       said     made     what     so       unto     all
 41.      not      there    of       so       one      by       your
 42.      then     use      my       up       we       thou     when
 43.      were     an       one      out      an       which    up
 44.      go       each     him      if       will     out      use
 45.      little   which    time     about    when     king     word
 46.      as       she      it       who      she      thy      how
 47.      no       do       her      get      if       one      said
 48.      mum      how      them     which    me       up       an
 49.      one      their    Mr       go       there    were     each
 50.      them     if       I'm      me       no       Israel   she
 51.      do       will     was      when     shall    son      which
 52.      me       up       what     make     who      man      do
 53.      down     other    do       can      been     when     their
 54.      dad      about    get      like     into     there    time
 55.      big      out      if       time     would    do       if
 56.      when     many     you      no       out      has      will
 57.      it's     then     there    just     more     so       way
 58.      see      them     me       him      may      Jehovah  about
 59.      looked   these    just     know     has      had      many
 60.      very     so       help     take     up       people   then
 61.      look     some     they     people   what     come     them
 62.      don't    her      out      into     then     then     would
 63.      come     would    down     year     any      thee     write
 64.      will     make     now      your     very     house    like
 65.      into     like     Mrs      good     other    we       so
 66.      back     him      on       some     your     her      these
 67.      from     into     this     could    man      land     her
 68.      children time     dad      them     mr       into     long
 69.      him      has      came     see      its      before   make
 70.      Mr       look     called   other    upon     hath     thing
 71.      get      two      she      than     some     at       see
 72.      just     more     have     then     do       if       him
 73.      now      write    big      now      these    day      two
 74.      came     go       oh       look     than     ye       has
 75.      oh       see      here     only     time     go       look
 76.      about    number   is       come     now      against  more
 77.      got      no       went     its      such     no       day
 78.      their    way      when     over     god      came     could
 79.      people   could    about    think    about    men      go
 80.      your     people   off      also     made     because  come
 81.      put      my       for      back     two      let      did
 82.      could    than     be       after    our      made     my
 83.      house    first    it's     use      great    sons     sound
 84.      old      water    got      two      before   us       no
 85.      too      been     asked    how      only     may      most
 86.      by       call     at       our      should   Yahweh   number
 87.      day      who      like     work     could    hand     who
 88.      made     oil      see      first    lord     also     over
 89.      time     now      their    well     after    these    know
 90.      I'm      find     saw      way      little   an       water
 91.      if       long     his      even     being    saying   than
 92.      help     down     some     new      like     what     call
 93.      Mrs      day      looked   want     can      now      first
 94.      called   did      people   because  first    or       people
 95.      here     get      make     any      must     upon     may
 96.      off      come     but      these    us       been     down
 97.      asked    made     so       give     much     give     side
 98.      saw      may      very     day      see      went     been
 99.      make     part     your     most     also     our      now
100.      an       over     an       us       those    put      find

  All 7 lists totaling 700 words have only 184 unique words collectively.

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  lists      lists      lists     lists      lists      lists      list
  a          about      look      been       also       after      against
  all        are        made      down       back       any        being
  an         can        make      first      came       asked      even
  and        come       me        get        house      because    good
  as         could      or        has        how        before     great
  at         day        these     may        just       big        hand
  be         go         which     other      little     call       hath
  but        had        who       than       more       called     hot
  by         into                 two        Mr         children   Israel
  do         is                   would      our        dad        Jehovah
  for        like                            over       did        king
  from       not                             put        don't      land
  have       people                          us         each       let
  he         said                            use        find       men
  her        see                             very       give       much
  him        she                             way        god        must
  his        some                            went       got        new
  I          time                                       help       oil
  if         was                                        here       part
  in         were                                       I'm        say
  it                                                    it's       saying
  my                                                    its        should
  no                                                    know       side
  now                                                   long       son
  of                                                    looked     sons
  on                                                    lord       sound
  one                                                   man        such
  out                                                   many       take
  so                                                    most       thee
  that                                                  Mrs        thing
  the                                                   mum        think
  their                                                 number     those
  them                                                  off        thou
  then                                                  oh         thy
  there                                                 old        unto
  they                                                  only       want
  this                                                  saw        well
  to                                                    shall      work
  up                                                    too        Yahweh
  we                                                    upon       ye
  what                                                  water      year
  when                                                  word
  will                                                  write

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