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1. To generate traffic and sales, there is no sbustitue for a great website in the first place.
   Every page, every feature and every link must work flawlessly. Don't give any person any
   reason to leave your site. Likewise, don't give any person any reason to not come back to
   your site. It's hard to generate traffic in the first place, ensure that you keep what
   traffic you've generated and earned.

2. For brick and morter businesses it's location, location, location. For a website it's
   content, content, content. Put stuff on your site's pages that will draw people back to
   your pages again and again.

3. Do not bite the hand that feeds you, i.e. be as nice as you can to search engines. One site
   was delisted by Google and its traffic fell 70%.

4. Read up and become knowledgeable about SEO and site promotion. Modify your site according to
   what has been learned.

5. Google is the elephant in the room, all other search engines are like rats by comparison.
   Concentrate on Google, if Google likes your site the others will too.

6. BACKLINKS - A website with a link to your website is called a backlink to your website.
   Google counts backlinks as 'votes' for your website. The more votes the higher your
   pageranking on Google search result pages. Backlinks are very important, the more the better.
   Backlinks from higher ranking sites themselves (instead of from 'junk' sites) are also an
   important factor. A backlink from ebay or Amazon is worth way more than a backlink from some
   low raking, unknown John Doe site.

7. Direct advertising can add traffic to your site by raisng public awareness of your site. Of
   course this costs money.


A. Present to your customers a world class website.
B. Tune your site's coding and HTML according to thorough and accurate SEO information.
C. Actively persue and pronmote exstensive and high quality backlinks.
D. Advertise.
Try selling product on any or all eight of these auction or bidding sites:
eBay : WebStore : OnlineAuction : Overstock : WeBidz : CQout : uBid : ePier
Sell on amazon, craigslist and other sites too.

By Jim Shook 3/2/2013