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$64,000         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
$64,000 question » A very important question.
1 O'clock sharp » Exactly at 1 o'clock. (substitute 2 to 12 for different hours).
24/7 » Twenty-four hours a day; seven days a week; all the time; constantly.
800 pound gorilla » The dominant force in an industry or situation. Very strong, powerful.
A baker's dozen » Thirteen.
A barking dog seldom bites » Sn(someone) who readily threatens other people doesn't often take action.
A big cheese » An important or a powerful person in a group or family.
A big frog in a small pond » Sn(someone) important or outstanding but in a small or unimportant group.
A bird i      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush » What we have is worth way more than we give it credit for.
A bird's eye view » A view from a very high place. Allows seeing a very large area. Panorama.
A bit much » Way too much, over the top.
A bit under the weather » Falling ill. Feeling sick.
A bitter pill » A situation or information that is unpleasant but must be accepted.
A black sheep » Scoundrel. A bad person.
A blessing in disguise » A good thing that seemed bad at first.
A bolt from the blue » Sth important or unusual that happens suddenly or unexpectedly.
A bone o      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
A bone of contention » Sth(something) that people argue about a long time. Controversial issue.
A boon in disguise » A benefit in loss.
A bottleneck » Anything that cause delays. A narrowing that impedes the flow.
A bread and butter letter » A thank you letter. A letter or note to follow up on a visit.
A bull in a China shop » Sn(someone) who is awkward and recklessness.
A burnt child dreads the fire » Avoid repeating a hurting experience again.
A cash cow » An easy way to earn money regularly. Main source of corporate income.
A chain is no stronger than its weakest link » An organization is only as strong as its weakest person.
A change   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
A change of heart » A changed opinion.
A chip off the old block » An offspring very similar to a parent or parents.
A chip on your shoulder » Being angry about sth(something) that happened in the past. Holding a grudge.
A class act » Sophisticated, above average.
A close call » Sth(something) (usually bad) that almost happened.
A cock and bull story » A story or explanation which is obviously not true. An absurd tale.
A couch potato » A lazy person.
A cuckoo in the nest » Sn in a group of people but not liked by them.
A curtai    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
A curtain lecture » A private scolding of a husband by his wife.
A dark horse » A little-known person or thing that rises to prominence.
A dead letter » An argument or law not followed by anyone.
A dime a dozen » Anything that is common, inexpensive, and easy to get and available any where. Cheap.
A dish fit for Gods » Sth of very high quality.
A doubting Thomas » A skeptic who needs actual evidence in order to believe sth.
A drop in the ocean/bucket » Inconsequential, virtually nothing in comparison.
A far cry from » Very different from.
A fat ca        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
A fat cat » A wealthy person.
A feather in one's cap » Sth to be proud of.
A fish out of water » In a wrong place.
A fool and his money are soon parted » It's easy for a fool to lose their money.
A fool's paradise » In a state of happiness founded on vain hopes.
A gala day » A day of festivity. A holiday with rejoicing.
A game of two equal halves » A sudden change in circumstances.
A grey area » Sth that is difficult to define.
A hard n  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
A hard nut to crack » A difficult person or problem to deal with.
A henpecked husband » A man habitually snubbed by his wife.
A Herculean task » An extremely difficult or dangerous task.
A horse of a different color » Sth completely different.
A hot potato » An intense, controversial issue. A situation that is awkward or unpleasant to deal with.
A house divided against itself cannot stand » Functioning together is a must or it will not work out.
A house of cards » A poor plan. Unstable. Easily destroyed.
A leap in the dark » A daring step or undertaking whose consequences are unpredictable.
A lemon         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
A lemon » Sth defective or unsatisfactory.
A leopard can't change his spots » You cannot change who you are.
A lion's share » The biggest part of sth.
A litmus test » A method which clearly proves sth. A clear determination.
A little birdie told me » Said when revealing the source of info is not an option.
A little learning is a dangerous thing » People who don't understand something fully are dangerous.
A losing battle » Sth that cannot be accomplished.
A lot on my plate » Very busy. Having a lot to do.
A man of         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
A man of straw » Sn(someone) or idea that is weak and easy to defeat. A pushover.
A mare's nest » False discovery, illusion, or deliberate hoax.
A million miles away » Distracted. Daydreaming.
A necessary evil » Sth unpleasant that must be done in order to achieve a goal or objective.
A nine day wonder » Pleasure for a short time.
A penny for your thoughts » A way of asking what someone is thinking.
A penny saved Is a penny earned » By not spending money, you are saving money (little by little).
A perfect storm » the worst possible situation.
A pictur        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
A picture is worth 1000 words » Better to show than tell. A visual presentation is worth more than words.
A piece of cake » A task that is simple or easy to accomplish.
A piece of the action » Participation in an activity. Often related to gambling or business transactions.
A queer fish » A strange person.
A red flag » A warning signal.
A red herring » A confusing factor or something that distracts. Throws someone off track.
A red letter day » An auspicious day. An important day.
A rich man's joke is always funny » People always suck up to rich people (and laugh at their jokes).
A safe b  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
A safe bet » A good bet in all likelyhood. Will probably happen.
A short fuse » A quick temper.
A shot in the dark » A guess. An attempt to do something without knowing much about it.
A sight for sore eyes » Saying that you are happy to see sn.
A slap on the wrist » A very mild punishment.
A snake in the grass » Hidden enemy.
A snowball effect » Events have momentum and build upon each other.
A snowball's chance in hell » No chance at all. No way.
A square     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
A square deal » Justice.
A stick-in-the-mud » Sn who has old-fashioned ideas. Does not want to try new activities.
A stitch in time saves nine » Fix the problem now because it will get worse later.
A stone's throw » Very near. A short distance.
A storm in a teacup » A big fuss about a small problem.
A sweet tooth » A liking for sweets.
A taste of your own medicine » When you are mistreated the same way you mistreat others.
A thorn in one's side » A constant source of annoyance.
A toss-u         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
A toss-up » A result that is still unclear and can go either way. Photofinish.
A tough cookie » A stubborn, strong person.
A trip to the sun » Very unlikely. A task, activity or anything that is impossible.
A turn coat » One who changes one's opinion or party.
A voice crying in the wilderness » Expressing an idea that, for the most part, is not accepted by others.
A wake-up call » An event or occurrence that should be taken as a warning.
A watched pot never boils » An improper belief that something takes longer if you watch it.
A wet blanket » A grumbling, depressing person.
A wild g        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
A wild goose chase » An absurdly hopeless endeavor. Wasting time looking for something that can't be found.
A witch hunt » An attempt to find and punish innocent people who are wrongly thought to be dangerous.
A worm's eye view » Having very little knowledge about sth.
Above board » All done in a legal and honest way.
Above the law » They are not subject to the laws of a society.
Absence/distance makes the heart grow fonder » To miss a loved one when they are not around.
Ace in the hole » A hidden or secret strength, or unrevealed advantage.
Ace up (one's) sleeve » To have an effective but hidden means to accomplish sth.
Achilles    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Achilles' heel » One's weakness or the vulnerable spot in their character. A fatal weakness.
Acid test » The most crucial or important test of worth.
Across the board » Equally for everyone, for everything, or in all cases.
Act of God » Earthquake or a tornado can be called an act of God. Beyond human origination.
Act together » Greatly improves attitudes and performance in relation to work, or to life in general.
Actions speak louder than words » What people do (actions) are more important than the things they say (words).
Add fuel to the fire » To inflame or worsen a bad situation. To make something bad even worse.
Add insult to injury » To make something already bad worse. To worsen an unfavorable situation.
Add up -          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Add up » To make sense of sth. To figure something out.
Adding salt to the wound » Saying or doing things that make the situation worse causing others to suffer more.
Afraid of one's own shadow » To become easily frightened. A wimp.
After everything is said and done » What it boils down to. The bottom line. End result. At the end of the day.
Against all (the) odds » Sth accomplished, even with many hard problems, that didn't seem possible.
Against the clock » To be in a hurry to do something before a particular time. Battling time.
Against the grain » Contrary to natural inclination. To rub sn the wrong way. Irritate sn.
Against the tide » Doing the opposite of what otjers are doing. Contrary to nateral inclination.
Agree to         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Agree to differ/disagree » Accept they have differences and leave it at that.
Ahead of one's time » In advance of current ideas and trends.
Ahead of the game » Advantage(s) over your competitors. Like a head start.
Aiming/Gunning/Shooting for something » Sth you hope for, want to get or is your goal to attain.
Air your/one's dirty laundry (in public) » To make public something embarrassing that should be kept secret.
Albatross around (one's) neck » Sth or someone that is a burden and difficult to get rid of.
All agog » Excited, in high spirits; in eager expectation.
All at sea / at sea » Puzzled, perplexed, confused about something and not sure what to do.
All bark  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
All bark and no bite » Being threatening and/or aggressive but not willing to engage in a fight.
All bets are off » Agreements that have been made no longer apply.
All day long » The whole day. A long duration of time.
All ears » Listening intently; fully focused or awaiting an explanation.
All fired up » Excited; highly enthusiastic.
All geek and Latin » Hard to understand.
All good things must come to an end » A belief that good things don't last long enough. They are too short.
All Greek to me » Meaningless, incomprehensible and unintelligible.
All hat           Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
All hat and no cattle » Sn in Texas who always wears a cowboy hat but has nothing to do with cattle.
All hell broke loose » A situation suddenly became violent or chaotic.
All in the same boat » When everyone is facing the same challenges.
All kidding aside » Speaking seriously.
All over but the shouting » It's already finished or done, finalized.
All over something » Very fond of sth.
All set » Being ready for an event. To be prepared for an occurrence.
All shook up » Extremely excited, worried, or disturbed about sth.
All syst    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
All systems go » Everything is ready. AOK.
All talk and no trousers » Always talking about doing big important things but never takes any action.
All that and then some » Even more than what has been mentioned.
All that jazz » And everything else; et cetera; and so forth.
All the best » A nice way to end a letter. Wishing a great amount of good things.
All the rage » Very popular or it's in fashion at the moment.
All thumbs » Uncoordinated, clumsy and awkward, especially with one's hands.
All wet » Wrong to the point of being silly or unbelievable.
All-nigh      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
All-nighter » Do something (for instance a study session) that lasts all night.
Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades » In life "almost" isn't good enough.
Amateur hour » Non-professionals acting as professional. People who don't really know what they are doing.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away » Apples are good for you.
An arm and a leg » Sth that is extremely expensive. A large amount of money.
An axe to grind » Having a strong personal opinion about something you want people to accept.
An early bird » Sn who gets up early in the morning.
An early bird gets the worm » Getting up early has advantages.
An educa        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
An educated guess » A guess which has some thought behind it. A smart guess.
An even break » You get a fair opportunity to succeed in your ambition or to achieve your goals.
An eye-opener » Realizing something you hadn't been aware of before.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure » Preventing a problem is a lot easier then fixing a problem.
And so on/forth » A list goes on and on. Saying: et cetera.
And what not » And anything else you can imagine.
Angry as a bear/bull » Extremely angry.
Another string to your bow » Adding another way of making a living.
Answer t  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Answer the call of nature » Go to the toilet.
Ants in your pants » Anxious, can't wait. Agitated or excited, can't keep still.
Appear out of nowhere » To appear suddenly without warning. Unexpected.
Apple of discord » Anything causing trouble, discord, or jealousy.
Apple of my/one's eye » Sn or thing that is precious, cherished or loved above all else.
Apple polisher » A flatterer. Gets favours from those in authority through flattery. Seeking promotion or reward.
Arm and a leg » A very high cost; a large amount of money.
Armed to the teeth » Well-equipped with weapons.
Around t      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Around the clock » Goes on all day and all night. 24 hours a day.
As different as chalk and cheese » Two things to be completely different. Have nothing in common with each other.
As easy as one-two-three » As simple as counting.
As high as a kite » Drunk, loaded, high on drugs.
As rare as hen's teeth » Very rare, even non-existent.
As right as rain » Perfect.
As sharp as a marble » Describes someone who isn't very smart or witty.
As the crow flies » The shortest possible distance between two places. A straight line.
As thick     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
As thick as two short planks » A dimwit, dolt, dumb, fool, idiot, nitwit, stupid, unintelligent person.
ASAP / As soon as possible » Do something at the first possible opportunity.
Ask for the moon » To ask for way too much. Pricing yourself out of the market.
Asking for trouble » Doing something risky that could lead to a problem.
Asleep at the switch/wheel » Not alert to an opportunity. Missed opportunity.
At (your) wits end » At a loss about what to do next. Upset, in a state of frustration.
At a loose end / at loose ends » Nothing to do. Between jobs. Unsettled, restless.
At a snail's pace » Very slow moving. Taking too long.
At an ar   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
At an arm's length » To keep at a distance.
At cross-purposes » People talking about different things.
At daggers drawn » At enmity or fighting.
At loggerheads » In strong disagreement, in a quarrel; at an impasse.
At peace » To die. Dying or dead.
At sea / all at sea » Puzzled, perplexed, confused about something and not sure what to do.
At sixes and sevens » In disorder, confused, uncertain. To be lost and bewildered.
At someone's beck and call » To be always ready to serve.
At stone       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
At stone's throw » Very close.
At the bottom of the ladder » At the lowest level.
At the crack of dawn » Very early in morning. Sun up.
At the drop of a dime/hat » With no hesitation. A quick thing to get done. Instantly with no preparation.
At the eleventh hour » Being very late, if not too late.
At the end of (one's) rope » No longer able to deal with a bad situation. At the limit of one's patience.
At the end of the day » After everything is said and done. What it boils down to. The bottom line. End result.
At the heels of » To follow someone closely.
At the t       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
At the top of one's lungs » In an extremely loud yell or scream. Hollering.
At the touch of a button » Quickly and easily.
Ax to grind » On a mission to prove sth. A score to settle with someone, a grudge. Chip on shoulder.
Back against the wall » Trapped, no way out. Bad position.
Back room boys » People who perform important work but have no contact with the public.
Back seat driver » People who criticize from the sidelines. Giving unwanted advice from the back seat of a car.
Back stabber / Stabbing someone in the back » To betray or hurt someone unexpectedly, breaking their trust.
Back stair influence » By unfair means.
Back the   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Back the wrong horse » Giving support to the weaker or losing side in sth.
Back to square one » Forced to go back to the beginning; back to the drawing board. Start over.
Back to the (old) grind » Back to the usual or routine, same old same old. Being like a slave.
Back to the drawing board » Starting all over again on a new design from a previously failed attempt.
Back to the salt mines » Back to something that you don't want to do. Being a slave.
Back(s) to the wall » To be in a difficult or desperate situation.
Back-room boys » People who perform important work but have no contact with the public.
Back-seat driver » Sn who gives driving orders when he/she is not the driver.
Backed i   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Backed into a corner » A difficult situation that will be hard to get out of.
Backhanded compliment » A criticism that is phrased in such a way that it appears to be a compliment.
Bad blood » Feelings of hate between two families or people.
Bad hair day » A day when everything seems to be going wrong for you.
Bag and baggage » With all one's belongings.
Bag of tricks » Many techniques or methods for getting a job done or achieving a goal. Resourcefulness.
Baker's dozen » Thirteen.
Ball is in your court » It is up to you to make the next decision or step.
Ball of          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Ball of fire » Active and energetic.
Ball(ed) up » A mess. To muddle, confuse, or ruin sth.
Ballpark figure / in the ballpark » An estimate or guess which should be close to the actual value.
Balls out » Full steam ahead. All out effort. Maximum strength.
Balls to the wall » Full throttle; at maximum speed. All out effort.
Balls up » Horribly awry, a complete ruin or disaster. A blunder that causes disastrous results.
Bang for the buck » Value; efficiency; return on investment.
Bang/beat head against (a brick) wall » Very difficult problem and getting nowhere. Making no headway.
Bark(ing         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Bark(ing) up the wrong tree » Looking in the wrong place. Accusing the wrong person.
Basket case » One made powerless or ineffective, as by nerves, panic, or stress.
Bat a thousand » Be very successful. 100%
Bat out of hell » Extremely quick.
Bats in the belfry » Sn who is crazy or eccentric.
Batten down the hatches » To prepare for trouble. Get ready.
Be a catch » Be someone worth marrying or having.
Be a good Samaritan » To be kind and compassionate to someone in distress.
Be above      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Be above board » To be honest and legal.
Be as clear as mud » To be impossible to understand.
Be as dead as a doornail » To die. Dying or dead.
Be at each other's throat » Two people arguing angrily.
Be at one's beck and call » Under one's absolute control.
Be bouncing off the walls » Excited and full of nervous energy.
Be careful of what you wish for » What you get may not be what you thought it would be.
Be chuffed to bits » To be pleased and happy.
Be fadin          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Be fading away/fast » To die. Dying or dead.
Be given the axe » To lose job.
Be glad to see the back of » Be happy when a person leaves.
Be hard up » To be short of money.
Be in seventh heaven » Extremely happy.
Be in the doldrums » Not very successful or nothing new is taking place. Depressed.
Be like the bear with the sore head » Powerful and arrogant.
Be off your chump/nut » A birdbrain, dimwit, dolt, dumb, fool, idiot, nitwit, stupid, unintelligent person.
Be on cl          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Be on cloud nine » Be very happy.
Be on the edge » To be nervous or worried about sth.
Be on the horns of a dilemma » To have a choice between two equal evils.
Be on the pig's back » Being well off or lucky. Happy or content or in fine form.
Be on your deathbed » To die. Dying or dead.
Be pushing up (the) daisies » To die. Dying or dead.
Be quick/slow on the uptake » A birdbrain, dimwit, dolt, dumb, fool, idiot, nitwit, stupid, unintelligent person.
Be six feet under » To die. Dying or dead.
Be tailo   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Be tailor made » To be completely suitable for sn. Custom fit.
Be tickled pink » To be excited and happy. Delighted.
Be up in the air » Things are uncertain or unsure; definite plans have not been made yet.
Bear in mind » Remember; consider; take note.
Bear market » Investors are pessimistic. Stock prices more likely to go down than up.
Bear the brunt » You suffer more consequences than others do for a bad thing.
Bear the palm » To win.
Beard the lion in his own den » Confronting a powerful or dangerous adversary on their own territory.
Beat (so       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Beat (someone) to the punch » To do something before someone else does it.
Beat a (hasty) retreat » To run very fast in the opposite direction. To retire before the enemy.
Beat a dead horse » To waste time doing something that is useless.
Beat around the bush » Avoiding the main topic. Not speaking directly about the issue. A delay tactic.
Beat one's brains out » To work hard.
Beat one's head against the wall » To try to do something that is hopeless.
Beat the bushes » To search exhaustively.
Beat the drum » To speak eagerly about something you support.
Beat the          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Beat the rap » Go scot free. Avoid being found guilty of a crime.
Beat(ing) a dead horse » Continued effort is useless. Something without any hope of succeeding.
Beat(ing) around the bush » Avoiding or missing the main topic. Not speaking directly about the issue.
Beats me » I don't know; this puzzles me. No clue.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder » People have different ideas about beauty. Not everyone agrees on beauty.
Beck and call » Immediate compliance to sn. Always available to someone when needed. Like a maid or butler.
Bed of roses » Sn rich. A very rich family. Easy and comfortable. No problems.
Bee in your bonnet » Obsessed and on a mission. Being disturbed or excited over sth.
Bee's kn   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Bee's knees » Sth outstanding or the best in its class. Height of excellence.
Beef something up » To make something stronger.
Beeline for » Straight to it. Heading there directly. Not waisting time. No hesitation.
Been around the block » Have experience. Been there done that.
Been there done that » Have experience. Been around the block.
Bees knees » Small, insignificant or unimportant.
Before you know it » Before you realize what's happening, in no time.
Beggars can't be choosers » You can only take what's given. No demanding of what should be given.
Begin to      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Begin to see the light » To begin to understand.
Behave yourself » Act politely, properly.
Behind closed doors » Done in secret.
Behind someone's back » Doing it without letting them know about it.
Behind the eight ball » In a difficult or dangerous position.
Behind the times » Being old-fashioned and their ideas are out of date. Out of touch.
Believe it or not » This is true no matter what you think.
Bell the cat » To attempt a very dangerous, difficult or impossible task.
Below th  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Below the belt » To act unfairly. Cheap shot. Low blow.
Bend over backwards » Do whatever it takes to help. Willing to do anything.
Bend your/someone's ear(s) » Lengthy talk becomes tiresome for listener. Trying to persuade someone of sth.
Bent on doing » To be determined to do sth.
Beside oneself » Distraught; very anxious and troubled.
Beside the point » Having nothing to do with what's being talked about. Irrelevant.
Best of both worlds » Win win situation. Enjoying two different opportunities. No disadvantage.
Best thing since sliced bread » A good invention or innovation. A good idea or plan.
Bet (one          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Bet (one's) boots/bottom dollar » To be very sure.
Bet on the wrong horse » To misread the future.
Bet your bottom dollar » Sth very certain or assured.
Better being a dog's head than a lion's tail » Small time boss is better than being a peon of something big.
Better late than never » Better to arrive late than not to never arrive at all.
Better than a (sharp) stick in the eye » Said of sth that is only a little bit good.
Between a rock and a hard place » Being faced with two difficult choices.
Between the devil and deep (blue) sea » Choosing between two equally unpleasant or bad situations.
Between        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Between you and me and the cat's whiskers » Don't tell anyone else. Mum's the word. Lips are sealed. A secret.
Beyond a shadow of a doubt » No possibility at all that something is true.
Beyond the pale » Beyond or outside the limits of morally or socially acceptable behavior.
Big cheese » Sn important, powerful or influential.
Big deal » Important thing. Sarcastic: so what?
Big fish » Sn important. One with a lot of responsibility in a company or organisation.
Big fish in a small pond » Sn important in an insignificant place or organisation.
Big shot » Sn important, powerful, or influential.
Bigger f  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Bigger fish to fry » To have more important or other thing(s) to do.
Bird brain » Sn that is not too smart. A stupid or dumb person.
Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush » An accomplishment is better than something that needs to be done.
Bird's eye view » Superior view of sth. See the whole thing perfectly clear.
Bird-dog » Following sn or sth very closely. Right with them. Closely monitoring.
Birds and the bees » Teaching or talking about sex. Especially a parent to their child.
Birds of a feather flock together » People with similar interests will come together.
Bite the bullet » Give in and do what's needed or expected. Just do it, get it over with.
Bite the      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Bite the dust » To break/fail/die/give out.
Bite your/one's tongue » To stop oneself from speaking out.
Bite/bitten off more than he/she/one can chew » Too much or too big. Something beyond what you are capable of.
Bits and bobs / Odds and ends » Small, remnant articles and things. Scattered things. Miscellaneous.
Bitter pill to swallow » An unpleasant fact that must be accepted.
Black and blue » Full of bruises.
Black and white (1) » Cop car. Police car.
Black and white (2) » Written or printed word.
Black bo  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Black box » A packaged electronic device (e.g. a flight recorder).
Black hole » A place where things are lost never to be seen again. Solitary confinement in prison.
Black sheep » An odd or disreputable member of a group.
Blackball » Exclude socially. Vote against or reject a candidate.
Blacklist » A list of people under suspicion or in disfavor.
Blacklisted » Placing a suspected person on a black list.
Blackmarket » Illegal buying and selling of goods. A place where illegal buying and selling is done.
Blacksheep (of the family) » One who causes shame because of their deviation from the standards of the group.
Blessing  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Blessing in disguise » Sth good or useful that did not initially seem that way.
Blew me away / Blown away » When something blows you away, you're extremely impressed by it.
Blind as a bat » Poor eyesight. Can't see anything.
Blind leading the blind » Sn who does not understand something but tries to explain it to another.
Blood is thicker than water » The family bond is closer than anything else.
Blood, sweat and tears » Sth that requires a lot of effort and hard work.
Blow (something) out of proportion » To overreact or exaggerate sth.
Blow a fuse » Becoming very angry.
Blow off        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Blow off steam » Doing something such as exercise to get rid of the stress.
Blow one's own trumpet » To boast.
Blow someone's mind » Excite sn. To be astonished.
Blow up in face » A plan or project suddenly fails.
Blow your/one's own horn/trumpet » To praise oneself. Brag or boast about yourself.
Blow(ing) smoke » To deceive, con, or grossly exaggerate. No being serious. Smoking pot.
Blown away / Blew me away » When something blows you away, you're extremely impressed by it.
Blue blood » Belonging to high social class.
Blue in    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Blue in the face » Exhausted and speechless.
Blue Moon » A rare event or occurrence.
Blue-pencil » Alter, abridge, or cancel, as in editing a manuscript.
Blue-ribbon » Of superior quality or prominence.
Bolt from the blue » Sth that happened without warning. A sudden and unexpected event. Complete surprise.
Bon appetit » Enjoy your meal/food. Good appetite. Wishing one to have a hearty appetite.
Bone of contention » Subject matter of the fight.
Booby prize » Prize for the last place in a contest. Wooden spoon.
Bookmake  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Bookmaker or bookie » Sn who collects bets before a race and pays the winners.
Born with a plastic spoon in one's mouth » Born into a poor and/or unimportant family.
Born with a silver spoon in one's mouth » Born into a rich and/or important family.
Bottom fell out » A plan or project fails. The stock market, or a stock crashed.
Bottom line is » The most basic or fundamental aspect. The most important thing.
Bought the farm » Euphemism for dying or death.
Bow and scrap » Try too hard to please someone in a position of authority.
Brass monkey (weather) » Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. Extremely cold.
Bread an   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Bread and butter » It's your livelihood or the source of your income. Means of subsistence.
Break a leg » A saying from the theatre that means "good luck".
Break open » Force something open.
Break out in a cold sweat » Become suddenly very nervous about sth.
Break out in tears » Begin crying suddenly, usually in an exaggerated matter.
Break the back of (the beast) » Reduce the power of sth. Overcoming a big obstacle.
Break the ice » Initial effort to meet or talk to sn. Breaking down a social stiffness. Break the silence.
Break the mould » What was made before the mould was broken is now unique, priceless. Stopping a repeat pattern.
Break up    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Break up » Terminate or stop.
Break your heart » To cause you excessive emotional pain. Ending a romance or by deeply hurting you another way.
Break(ing) wind » Release gas from the anus. Flatulence, farting.
Breathe your last » To die. Dying or dead.
Bring home the bacon » To earn a salary or money to live.
Buck up » To summon courage to do sth. Become encouraged or cheerful to some opposition. Chin up.
Buckle down » Doing some hard work with determination and full attention.
Building castles in the air » Making impossible plans.
Bull in     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Bull in a China shop » Clumsy, uncoordinated, when they should be careful. Causing a lot of damage.
Bull market » Investors are optimistic. To have high expectations that stock prices will go up.
Bull session » Having an informal group discussion about sth.
Bull-headed » Stubborn or inflexible. Head strong.
Burn a hole in one's pocket » To spend money quickly.
Burn one's fingers » To get into trouble.
Burn the candle at both ends » Working too long and hard without enough rest or sleep. Over doing it.
Burn the midnight oil » To work or study till late into the night.
Burn(ed)          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Burn(ed) bridges/boats » Destroy relationships.
Burn(ed) out » Dead tired. Can't do it anymore. To lose interest or desire, often due to over working.
Bury one's head in the sand » To avoid reality. Ignore the facts of a situation. Refuse to face things.
Bury the hatchet » To make peace. Two people make up and become friends again.
Bushman's holiday » A holiday where do the same thing as you did during working days.
Business as usual » Things are the same as usual.
Bust one's balls/ass » Working extremely hard.
Bust someone's chops » To say things intended to harass.
Busy as           Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Busy as a bee/beaver » Extremely busy. Having more work that you can handle.
Butter up (the boss) » To flatter someone to get something in return. Being overly nice to get things.
Butterflies in your stomach » A nervous and stressful feeling before an important event.
Button your/one's lip » To stop speaking. To refrain from talking too much. To ask someone to be quiet.
Buy a lemon » To purchase a vehicle that constantly gives problems or stops running after you drive it away.
Buy it » To believe sth.
Buy/bought the farm » To die. Dying or dead.
By a nose/whisker » Barely manage to do sth. By the skin of your teeth.
By and l     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
By and large » Generally.
By fits and starts » Irregularly.
By hook or by crook » By fair or foul means.
By leaps and bounds » Very fast. Great strides.
By the book » Strictly according to the rules or the official procedures.
By the seat of one's pants » To achieve through instinct or do something without advance preparation.
By the skin of one's teeth » Narrowly; barely. Usually used in regard to a narrow escape from a disaster.
By word of mouth » Becoming well-known because people are telling each other about it.
Cabin fe   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Cabin fever » Restlessness. Have to get out and do sth. Been cooped up too long.
Cake is not worth a candle » Sth in which the result verses the amount effort are too small.
Call a spade a spade » To speak the truth, even to the point of being blunt and rude.
Call it a day » To finish working. Stop working on sth. To declare the end of a task.
Call it a night » To go to bed to sleep.
Call it even » To declare debts paid.
Call it quits » To conclude; to quit or stop an activity.
Call off (the dogs) » Suspend. To stop attacking or criticising sn.
Call som  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Call someone's bluff » Make someone prove what they say.
Call the tune » Make decisions; decide what is to be done.
Calm before the storm » Sth bad is coming, but right now it's calm.
Camel's nose » A small, seemingly harmless act that can have undesirable consequences.
Can of worms » A difficult problem which produces additional problems.
Can't cut it / the mustard » Cannot do it. Not able to compete, participate or do a good enough job.
Can't do something to save my life » Completely inept at sth. Self-deprecating, indicating reluctance.
Can't fight City Hall » Winning a fight with a large organization or government is next to impossible.
Can't ge  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Can't get a word in edge ways » Not able to say anything because someone else is talking so much.
Can't have cake and the topping, too » You can't have everything the way you want it.
Can't have your cake and eat it too » You can't have everything the way you want it.
Can't hide elephants in mouse holes » There are situations that must be dealt with that can't be ignored.
Can't judge a book by its cover » Cannot judge something primarily on appearance.
Can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear » Somethings can't be improved upon. You are stuck with them.
Can't make an omelet without breaking eggs » Sometimes sacrifices have to be made to achieve great things.
Can't see the forest/wood for the trees » Can't see the whole thing because of many small details in the way.
Can't st       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Can't stand (something) » To dislike sth.
Can't take it with you » Enjoy what you have now. When you die, someone else gets what you had.
Can't teach an old dog new tricks » Older people are set in their ways. It's hard for them to change.
Can't tell/judge a book by its cover » You can't tell what sn/sth is like from its outward appearance.
Can't un-ring a bell » Some things are not reversible. Think about it first, before you do or say anything.
Can't win them all » Said after loosing a contest or game.
Canary in a coal mine » An early warning of danger.
Cap it all » To finish.
Cap it o     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Cap it off » To turn it off, to stop it.
Capital punishment » Death sentence.
Cards are stacked against » Up against overwhelming odds.
Carrot and sticks » To use both awards as and punishments to make someone do sth. Incentives.
Carry by » To lose control.
Carry coals to Newcastle » To take sth to a place or person that has a lot of that same thing already.
Carry on » To continue with sth. To proceed with a task to completion. Go back to what you were doing.
Carry the can » Take the blame for something, even though you didn't do it or are not only partly at fault.
Carry th     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Carry the torch for » Having strong feelings for someone who can not be yours.
Cart before the horse » Wrong order, putting last thing first.
Carte blanche » They have freedom to do whatever they want in a situation. Money is no object.
Cast a long shadow » Casting shadow that has considerable influence on other people or events.
Cast in the same mould » To be very similar. Book-ends.
Cast iron stomach » Can eat or drink anything with no problems or ill affects.
Cat and dog life » People that are always arguing.
Cat got your tongue » Sn has nothing to say. Finding it hard to say anything. Speechless.
Cat nap         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Cat nap » A short nap.
Cat on hot bricks » Like a cat on a hot tin roof. Restless or skittish, unable to remain still, nervous.
Catch a tartar » To deal with sn or sth that proves unexpectedly troublesome or powerful.
Catch on » To understand; to realize.
Catch-22 » A no-win situation.
Catty corner / Kitty corner / Cat a corner » Diagonally across an intersection.
Caught between a rock and a hard place » Making a difficult decision between two things equally unpleasant.
Caught between two stools » When someone finds it difficult to choose between two alternatives.
Caught r    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Caught red-handed » Found in the very act of committing a crime. In possession of self-incriminating evidence.
Caught with one's pants down » Caught doing something bad or forbidden. Or you are caught unprepared.
Chalk it/one up » To attribute something to a particular cause. Give someone credit. Add one to the score.
Champ/chomp at the bit » To show impatience or frustration when delayed.
Champagne on a beer budget » Wanting expensive things that you can not afford.
Chance your arm » Doing something risky in hopes of gaining sth.
Change horses in midstream » To change plans.
Change one's mind » To decide differently or have a different opinion than before.
Change y       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Change your tune » Changing your opinion about something or your attitude towards sn.
Charley horse » Stiffness in the leg. A leg cramp.
Chase your tail » Inefficiency. Spending much time and energy but actually achieving very little.
Cheap as chips » Inexpensive or good value.
Cheat on » To be sexually unfaithful to.
Cheat sheet » A paper containing facts. Written aid used to answer questions. Cheating if a closed book test.
Check it out » Give something a longer look. Pay attention.
Chew someone out » Verbally scold sn.
Chew the   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Chew the fat » To chat informally with close friends. Gossip.
Chicken (out) » Coward, afraid of or being very nervous and not doing sth.
Chickens are coming home to roost » Suffering the unpleasant consequences of their bad actions in the past.
Chill to the marrow/bone » To be very cold, scared or feel unpleasantly cold.
Chink in one's armor » An area of vulnerability.
Chip off the old block » Very similar in character to one of their parents, usually their father.
Chip on shoulder » Angry today about something that occurred in the past.
Chomp at the bit » Eager, ready to go. Impatient.
Chow dow  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Chow down » To eat.
Clam up » To refuse to talk or reply; refrain from divulging information.
Clean as a whistle » Extremely clean. A perfect record and have never done anything illegal.
Clean up your act » Improve your behavior. Make changes for the good.
Clear the air » Discuss something that was causing people to feel upset.
Cloak and dagger » Involving or characterized by secrecy or mystery.
Close but no cigar » A narrowly missed attempt or guess. No prize.
Close call » Sth just misses the target.
Close to      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Close to home » It applies more to you rather than anyone else.
Cock and bull story » An unbelievable tale.
Cold calling » Unsolicited sales telephone calling.
Cold hearted » Very cruel, unkind or uncaring person. Lacking warmth and affection. Rude, indifferent.
Cold shoulder » To display aloofness and disdain. To treat someone in an unfriendly manner.
Cold turkey » To stop an addiction all at once. Not gradually.
Come a cropper » To fail, be struck by some misfortune. To fall headlong, especially from a horse.
Come clean about something » Let people know about it after keeping it a secret. Confess.
Come ful  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Come full circle » A process has been completed.
Come hell or high water  » No matter what happens. Any difficult situation or obstacle.
Come in handy » Sth that might be useful.
Come in out of the rain » Inviting someone into your home.
Come out ahead » Gain an advantage after a series of events.
Come out of the closet » To reveal that you are homosexual. To admit something that others might find a unusual.
Come out smelling like a rose » Being unharmed or unscathed after a bad ordeal. In good shape after a mess.
Come out swinging » To be confrontational and strongly defend yourself at the beginning of a debate.
Come rai     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Come rain or shine » No matter what.
Come to a head/boil » Reaching a crisis point and dealing with it can no longer be avoided.
Come to your senses » To see things clearly and begin to act sensibly after a period of confusion.
Come to/meet a sticky end » To die. Dying or dead.
Come up roses » Successful end results even though there may be some initial problems.
Come up trumps » Succeeding in something that you may not have been expected to succeed in.
Come/get to grips » To deal with the problems or challenges it poses.
Comfort food » Food that makes you feel better, because it reminds you of your childhood.
Comparin          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Comparing apples to oranges » Comparing two things that cannot be compared.
Connect the dots » Figure out the rest on your own. See the big picture.
Cook someone's goose » Spoil sn's chances of success. To get back at sn.
Cook the books/accounts » Purposefully keep inaccurate accounts for business, usually in order to pay less tax.
Cookie duster » A mustache.
Cool as a cucumber » Calm; not agitated.
Cool one's heels » To wait for something to happen.
Cork up something » Holding back and not expressing your emotions. To stop or hold back.
Cost the   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Cost the earth » Charging the earth for it, super expensive.
Cost(s) an arm and a leg » Be very expensive. Very costly.
Costs next to nothing » Costs very little, or nearly nothing.
Couch potato » A lazy person. Sn sitting and watching a lot of TV. Inactivity.
Couldn't care less » Used to express total lack of interest in sth.
Couldn't find your way out of a phone booth » Sn who gets lost easily.
Count on » Can depend on someone or sth. To expect sth.
Cover your tracks » Making sure no-one can find evidence of what you've done. No one can follow you.
Crack a         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Crack a book » To open book to read and study.
Crack(s) me/someone up » To be made to laugh. Something that's funny.
Crashed » To stay (overnight) without formal notice.
Cream of the crop » The best of a class of things or people.
Cried my eyes out » Cried a lot.
Crocodile tears » Fake tears or drama tears. Fake crying.
Cross that bridge when we come to it » Deal with something at a more appropriate time. Postpone.
Cross the line » To go too far; to violate accepted boundaries or rules.
Cross yo    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Cross your fingers » To hope that something happens the way you want it to.
Cross(ing) a bridge before one comes to it » No need to worry about the future in advance.
Crunch time » The period of time just before a project has to be completed and everyone has to work hard.
Cry me a river » Said to someone who constantly complains. Crying excessively in front of sn.
Cry over spilt milk » It's useless to worry about things that already happened and cannot be changed.
Cry wolf » To call for help when you don't need it.
Cup Of Joe » A cup of Joe is an American nickname for a cup of coffee.
Curiosity killed a cat » Being too inquisitive can lead you into an unpleasant situation.
Cut a ru   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Cut a rug » To dance.
Cut and dried » Ready-made. To the point.
Cut corners » When something is done fast to save money. Minimizing, abbreviating.
Cut from the same cloth » Two or more people are very alike or act in a very similar way.
Cut off your nose to spite your face » Doing something that hurts yourself to get back at someone else.
Cut one's own throat » Doing something that will cause your own failure.
Cut someone (some) slack » To give someone a break, not to judge someone severely. To let off easy.
Cut the cheese/mustard » To fart.
Cut the           Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Cut the crap » Stop goofing off. Stop giving bad reasons.
Cut the ground from under feet » Doing something which weakens another's position. Undermining.
Cut the mustard » To succeed. To measure up to expectations.
Cut to the chase » Get to the point. Get to the action or good part.
Cut to the quick » Hurting someone deeply or offending them.
Cutting corners » Doing something poorly in order to save time or money.
Daft as a brush » A birdbrain, dimwit, dolt, dumb, fool, idiot, nitwit, stupid, unintelligent person.
Daily grind » The monotonous tasks of everyday work.
Damned i       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Damned if you do and damned if you don't » No matter what one does, they'll be criticised for it.
Dances to the tune » To always do what someone tells you to do.
Dancing on someone's grave » Celebrating someone's demise.
Dark horse » One who was previously unknown and is now prominent.
Dash it all! » Very upset.
Davey Jones' locker » Bottom of the sea or resting place of drowned sailors.
Dawn till dusk » From morning till the evening. All day long.
Day to day » Part of the usual daily routine. Common or normal occurrence.
De rigeu       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
De rigeur » Necessary to have if you want to be fashionable or be accepted into a particular social scene.
Dead end » A path or situation that leads nowhere or offers no prospects.
Dead in the water » Plan or project that has ceased to function and is not expected to work again.
Dead ringer » 100% identical. A duplicate.
Dead to the world » Sound asleep.
Dead wood » People or things which are no longer useful or necessary. Employee of little value. Lazy or useless.
Deep down » Basically; in essence; at the core. What sn feels deep inside.
Deep pockets » Rich, having lots of money.
Deep-six     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Deep-six » Dispose of or get rid of. Throw something in the ocean.
Deliver the goods » Do what is expected or promised. Accomplish a task. To come through.
Depart this life » To die. Dying or dead.
Devil in the details » The details make something difficult or overwhelming.
Devil's advocate » To present a counter argument.
Die down » To fade; to gradually come to an end.
Die is cast » Final decision has been made that will strongly affect a situation. Can't be reversed.
Dig in your heels » To refuse to compromise or change your mind. To stand up or to take a stand.
Dig up d  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Dig up dirt » Finding details from their past to make them look bad in the present.
Dig your own grave » Doing something unwise that will result in your own failure or downfall.
Dime a dozen » So easy to find, not so valuable. Cheap.
Dire straights » Difficult financial situation.
Dirt cheap » Costs very little money.
Discretion is the greater/better part of valour » To be quiet about it after helping sn.
Do justice to » An accurate portrayal. A correct assessment.
Do something at the drop of a hat » Do sth quickly, without having planned beforehand.
Do the m      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Do the math » Sth may actually add up.
Do the trick » To work; to cause the desired results.
Do their dirty work » Doing something unpleasant for them because they don't want to do it for themselves.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you » Treat people fairly. Also known as "The Golden Rule".
Do your best » Doing something as well as you possibly can, or to the best of your ability.
Doesn't know which way is up » No common sense, lacks understanding. Dumb, stupid.
Dog days of summer » The hottest days of the summer season.
Dog in the manger » Sn who doesn't want other people to have or enjoy things that are useless to themselves.
Don't be       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Don't be a stranger » Please stop by whenever you can or want to.
Don't beat a dead horse » Move on, this subject is over. Useless.
Don't count your chickens before they hatch » Don't make plans for something that might not happen.
Don't cry over spilt milk » There's no reason to fret about something that can't be fixed.
Don't get bent out of shape » Keep your cool. Let it slide. Pay no attention to it.
Don't give me that cock and bull story  » Don't want to hear an unbelievable tale or story.
Don't give up your day job » Stay with a good thing until a questionable thing is proven.
Don't have a cow » Don't overreact.
Don't ho          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Don't hold your breath » Don't wait too long because it might not happen.
Don't joke with me » Are you serious? Don't mess with me.
Don't judge a book by its cover » Don't make a decision based on a brief impression or outward appearance.
Don't know the worth of water till it's gone »  Taking it for granted. Not appreciating what you have.
Don't know what you've got till it's gone » Taking things for granted. Not appreciating what you have.
Don't let your feathers get ruffled » Keep your cool. Let it slide. Pay no attention to it.
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth » Don't be ungrateful when you receive a gift.
Don't put all your eggs in one basket » Don't put all your hopes or plans into one thing, diversify.
Don't sw         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Don't sweat it » Don't worry about it. Dismiss it from you mind.
Don't sweat the small stuff » Consider the most important things first.
Don't throw bricks if you live in a glass house » Don't belittle actions that you, yourself do. Hypocrite.
Don't wash your dirty laundry in public » People who argue in front of others.
Done deal » Agreement or a decision that is final. It's over with.
Done for » To die. Dying or dead.
Donkey work » Any hard, boring work or task.
Doozy » Sth outstanding.
Dot the   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Dot the i's and cross the t's » Being very careful to make sure you haven't made any mistakes or omissions.
Down and out » A boxing term. Someone who has become incapacitated or dejected. Broke and dejected.
Down for the count » Tired; giving up; unable or unwilling to participate any longer.
Down in the dumps/mouth » Feeling sad or very low. Blue.
Down the drain » Wasted, lost.
Down the road » In the future.
Down to earth » Practical or humble; unpretentious. Realistic, sensible and pragmatic.
Down to the wire » Sth that ends at the last minute or last few seconds.
Drag(gin      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Drag(ging) your feet/heels » Doing something slowly. To deliberately hold back. You don't really want to do it.
Drama Queen » Girl/woman who wants to be the center of attention and causes troubles all the time.
Drastic times call for drastic measures » When you are extremely desperate you need to take drastic actions.
Draw a blank » To suddenly forget. To fail to remember a piece of information.
Draw the line » To stop; to know the point where something goes from okay to not okay.
Drawing a blank » Can't remember. No response when you ask for sth. Searching with no results.
Dressed (up) to the nines » Wearing very smart clothes for a special occasion. Highly fashionable.
Drink like a fish » To drink alcohol very heavily.
Drive (m          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Drive (me) crazy/nuts/bonkers » To disturb or irritate sn. To upset someone beyond simple annoyance.
Drive a wedge between » To break relationship between the two.
Drive me/someone up the wall » To irritate and/or annoy very much.
Driving me bananas » Making me feel crazy.
Driving me round the bend » Causing extreme exasperation and annoyance.
Drop a bombshell » Announcing some very shocking news.
Drop a dime » Make a telephone call; to be an informant.
Drop in sometime » Come and visit.
Drop in      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Drop in the bucket/ocean » Very small portion, hardly anything.
Drop me a line » Write me a letter.
Drop out » To leave school or a social group. To withdraw from competition.
Drop the ball » Making a mistake. Lost concentration. Stop doing what was supposed to be done.
Drop the hammer » To initiate work. Bringing a pending act to fruition.
Dropping like flies » A large number of people either falling ill or dying.
Drum up business » Influence people to buy sth.
Dry Run » Rehearsal.
Each to        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Each to his own » Everyone is entitled to his own individual opinion.
Eager beaver » Ready, willing and able. Overly anxious and zealous.
Ear to the ground » Eyes open, being aware of, paying attention. Staying on top of what's going on.
Early bird » Sn who is an early riser. Usually early and on time, punctual.
Earn your stripes » Proving that you have the skills or ability for a particular job or rank.
Earth shattering » Very surprising.
Easier said than done » Not as easy as it appears to be. Talk is cheap, actually doing something is harder.
Easy as pie » Sth that is very easy. Simple.
Easy com      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Easy come, easy go » To lose something that was easy to get
Easy does it » Slow down. Be more careful. Don't be so reckless.
Easy money » Money that someone gets without having to make much effort.
Easy on the eye(s) » Pleasant to look at. Attractive; beautiful.
Eat (your/my) words » To retract what they said. To admit that a statement made was wrong.
Eat crow » Owning up to something after being proven wrong. Humiliating and embarrassing.
Eat humble pie » To apologize humbly. Admitting you were wrong. To face humiliation.
Eat like a horse » To eat a large quantity of food.
Eat like      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Eat like a pig » To eat noisily, with one's mouth open; to eat a lot. Sloppy.
Eat my hat » Having confidence in a specific outcome; being sure about sth.
Eat your words » Admitting that something you said was wrong.
Eat your/one's heart out » To suffer silently, bitterly.
Eat, sleep and breathe it » Devoted, enthusiastic and passionate about sth. Thinking about it constantly.
Egg on your face » Looking foolish, embarrassed or stupid.
Egg someone on » To urge someone to do something that is usually negative.
Eighty Six » A certain item is no longer available. To throw away.
Eighty-s     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Eighty-sixed » Eject or get rid of them, or to refuse them service. Kick them out.
Elbow grease » A lot of hard physical work.
Elbow room » Freedom to move.
Elephant in the room » A problem everyone knows very well but don't talk about because it is taboo.
Eleventh hour decision » Decision that is made at the last possible minute.
Elvis has left the building » The show has come to an end. It's all over.
End in itself » Done for its own pleasure or benefit rather than for some other purpose like making money.
End in smoke » To bear no result. To fail.
End of t    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
End of the day » Make a final decision based on everything that went on before. Final analysis.
End result » At the end of the day. After everything is said and done. What it boils down to. The bottom line.
Enough is enough » To stop something that has gone on way too long. Done it too many times already.
Entering the 80th orbit » Celebrating the 80th birthday.
Err on the side of caution » Overly careful in your approach to sth.
Esprit de corps » Pride and comradeship shared by members of a group such as a military unit or a sports team.
Ethnic cleansing » Killing of a certain ethnic or religious group on a massive scale.
Even Steven » Equal, fair. Paid up or paid back.
Every cl     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Every cloud has a silver lining » Sth good can come from something bad. Be optimistic.
Every dog has his day » Everyone gets a chance at least once.
Every now and then » Happens occasionally, but not too often.
Every trick in the book » Using any and every method available, even if it involves some deception.
Every/all walk(s) of life » Different types of people from different backgrounds. Diversity.
Everything but the kitchen sink » Almost everything and anything has been included.
Everything's coming up roses » Everything is turning out very well. Hunky dory, great, fine.
Excuse my French » Please forgive me for cussing.
Expand y   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Expand your horizons » Broaden your outlook on life and its possibilities.
Explore all avenues » Trying out every possibility to get a result.
Extend the olive branch » A peace offering to an enemy or someone with whom you had a fallen out with.
Eye for an eye » Retributive justice, where the punishment equals the crime.
Eye to eye » Totally agreeing with sn. You see it they way they see it. In person, face to face.
Eyes are bigger than one's stomach » They are greedy and take on more than they can consume or manage.
Eyes like a hawk » Really good eyesight, they notice everything.
Face the music » To confront the unpleasant consequences of one's actions.
Face to   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Face to face » In person. Meet in person in the real world.
Fair and square » Done in an honest and straightforward way, without cheating.
Fair enough » What you recommend is OK.
Fair-weather friend » Sn who will only be your friend when things are going well.
Fait accompli » Certain to happen. Sure thing.
Fall from grace » Doing something that results in a loss of respect and support. Loosing prominence.
Fall on deaf ears » To be ignored or disregarded.
Fall on our feet » To succeed in doing something where there was a risk of failure.
Fall on    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Fall on your sword » One resigns or accepts the consequences of what they have done wrong. Take responsibility.
Fall through » To fail.
Fall through the cracks » To be missed or overlooked.
Fall(ing) out » A disagreement. Lose one's position.
False flag (operation) » False identity. Pretending to be sn or sth else in order to deceive people.
Familiarity breeds contempt » To start disliking something when one gets to know it much better.
Far and few between » Not many of them around. Rare.
Far cry from » Very different from.
Far-fetc          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Far-fetched » Unlikely to be true. A totally bizarre story. Unbelievable tale.
Fast track something » Rating something higher on your priority list to achieve the desired result.
Fat/slim chance » Little or no chance of something happening. Describes the impossibility of sth.
Faux pass » Mistake.
Feather in one's cap » An exceptional achievement. Something you achieved and are proud of.
Feather your own nest » Using your position or your job illegally for personal gain.
Feeding frenzy » An aggressive attack on someone by a group.
Feel blue » Feel sad or depressed.
Feel fre  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Feel free » Be my guest; be uninhibited about doing sth.
Feel the pinch » Experience hardship. Being affected by a drop in income. A loss of sth.
Feel(ing) (a bit) under the weather » Feeling slightly ill or sick.
Feel(ing) blue » Being sad or depressed.
Feel/look like a million bucks/dollars » Being in an excellent state of emotional or physical health.
Feeling a bit under weather » Feeling slightly ill.
Feeling the pinch » Finding it harder to survive on your income. Money is tight.
Fender bender » Car accident. Very small, trivial damage
Ferret s    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Ferret something out » To search out, discover, or bring to light.
Fever pitch » When a feeling is very intense and exciting.
Few and far between » Rare and scarce; occurring infrequently.
Field Day » An enjoyable day or circumstance.
Fifteen minutes of fame » Brief, superficial celebrity.
Fifty-fifty » Dividing something equally.
Fight a losing battle » Trying to do something but things are getting worse.
Fight fire with fire » To retaliate with an attack that is similar to the attack used against you.
Figure o    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Figure of speech » An expression that is not literal. Figurative, a metaphor or illustration.
Fill in the blanks » Figure out the rest on your own.
Fill someone's shoes » Replace the person and do what they do.
Filthy rich » Extremely wealthy.
Final/finishing touch » Last thing done. Something added to made it complete. A minor change.
Find(ing) a needle in a haystack » Difficult search. Virtually impossible to find.
Find(ing) your feet » To become more comfortable in whatever you are doing. Adjusting to something new.
Fine kettle of fish » A mess; a very unsatisfactory situation.
Fine-too     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Fine-tooth comb » Examining something carefully, without missing any details.
Finger in the pie » To have an interest in sth. Something you are into.
Finger lickin' good » A very tasty food or meal.
Fingers and thumbs » Clumsy, uncoordinated or unskilled with your hands or feet.
Fire and fury » With full enthusiasm.
Fire off » To hastily write and send a message. To make statements or ask questions in rapid succession.
Firing on all cylinders » On a roll, doing good. Work every possible way to succeed.
First (one) out of the gate » Being the first one to make a start at sth. Fast start.
First co  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
First come first served » People will be served in the order of arrival.
First things first » Top priority to follow a sequence. First step in a series.
Fish out of water » To be out of place. Being in a strange place, unknown to you.
Fit as a fiddle » In good physical health.
Fit of anger/rage / have a fit » To display a very bad temper. Screaming, throwing things etc.
Fit the bill » To be suitable; to meet requirements. It is right or correct.
Fits and starts » Irregular.
Five will get you ten » In all likelihood. A 2:1 odds bet in favor of.
Five-fin     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Five-finger discount » Shoplifting.
Fiver » Five-dollar bill. A $5 spot.
Fixed in your ways » Not willing or wanting to change from your normal way of doing sth.
Flap jaw » Running at the mouth. Incessant talking.
Flash in the pan » No staying power. Initially noticeable but doesn't last long.
Flat as a pancake » Very flat.
Flea Market » A type of bazaar where inexpensive goods are sold or bartered.
Flesh and blood » Relatives, referring to someone's family members.
Flexing    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Flexing of muscles » Show of force or strength.
Fling yourself into » Doing something with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.
Flip the bird » To raise your middle finger at sn.
Flunk out » To be kicked out of school for not meeting academic standards.
Fly in the ointment » The one tiny drawback that ruins it.
Fly off the handle » Instantly angry about something, losing control and start screaming and shouting.
Fly on the wall » Listen to conversation in room of important people without them knowing it.
Flying start » Sth that is immediately successful. Quick start.
Foam(ing       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Foam(ing) at the mouth » To be enraged and show it.
Follow your nose » When giving directions, means that they should go straight ahead.
Food for thought » An idea or subject to think about. Sth to think about.
Fool's gold » Iron pyrite is a worthless mineral that resembles gold.
Fool's paradise » False sense of happiness or success.
Foot in mouth » Sn who said something embarrassing, inappropriate, wrong or stupid.
Foot in the door » Small but good start with a possibility for a bright future.
For a song » Almost free. Very cheap. Buy or sell it at a very cheap price.
For all       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
For all I know » Based on what I know.
For donkey's years » An awfully long time. (Donkey ears are long).
For God's sake » A reaction of shock, annoyance, exasperation, frustration, or anger to sth said.
For good » Permanently.
For kicks » For pleasure or excitement; for fun.
For my money » In my opinion. This is what I think.
For Peat's sake » A reaction of shock, annoyance, exasperation, frustration, or anger to sth said.
For the birds » Useless or worthless; not to be taken seriously.
For the   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
For the love of God/Pete » A reaction of shock, annoyance, exasperation, frustration, or anger to sth said.
For the time being » It will be that way for a limited period of time only. Could or will change later.
Forbidden fruit (is always the sweetest) » To desire something that is not allowed. Something denied.
Foregone conclusion » Everyone knows what it's going to be before it happens. Common knowledge.
Fork in the road » A problem that needs a decision.
Fork money out » Spend money on sth.
Fortune favours the bold » People facing problems with determination and courage attain high levels of success.
Forty winks » A short sleep, or a nap. Cat nap.
Four cor          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Four corners of the earth » All the parts of the world (figurative).
Four-bagger » A home run in baseball with bases loaded.
Four-eyes » A mocking term for someone who wears eyeglasses.
Four-leaf clover » An allusion to good luck.
Four-letter word » An obscene or vulgar word, from the fact that several such words have four letters.
Freak out » To become very angry, scared or excited.
Free for all » Crazy, non-restricted activity. A group fight.
French kiss » An open mouth kiss where tongues touch.
French l       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
French leave » Absent without permission, to leave a gathering without saying goodbye. AWOL.
Fresh as a daisy » Feeling good, energetic and lively. Invigorated.
Friends in high places » You know people in powerful positions in business or government.
From A to Z » Covering a complete range; comprehensively.
From cradle to grave » During the whole span of your life.
From now on » Now and into the distant future. Something taking effect now and will continue on.
From pillar to post » Continuously moving from one place/project/task to another without reason.
From rags to riches » To go from being very poor to being very wealthy.
From scr      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
From scratch / make from scratch » From the very beginning, with no prior preparation.
From time to time » You do it occasionally, but not very often. Now and then.
Fuddy-duddy » An old-fashioned and foolish type of person.
Full Monty » Can mean either, "the whole thing" or "complete frontal nudity".
Full of beans » Full of nonsense; talking nonsense.
Full of it » Speaking nonsense; lying, exaggerating, or boasting.
Full of piss and vinegar » One brimming over with energy. Raring to go. Young, strong and energetic.
Full of yourself » Thinking you're better or more important than you really are.
Funny fa    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Funny farm » A mental institutional facility.
Gamble on thet » Sth very certain or assured.
Game is up » Illegal activity has been found out or has come to an end. It's over.
Garage/yard sale » A sale to get rid of unwanted or unused things.
Get a grip (on yourself) » Controlling your feelings to deal with a situation.
Get a handle on » To obtain a basic level of understanding or control.
Get a life » Try to be like a normal person. Pay attention to things that are important.
Get a look in » You get a fair chance to do sth.
Get a ra  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Get a raw deal » Not treated equally or fairly.
Get a second wind » Have more energy after having been tired.
Get a taste of your own medicine » Get treated the way you've been treating others (negative).
Get a word in edge ways » Difficult to speak in a conversation with people who are very talkative.
Get away from it all » Go somewhere to escape from your usual daily routine.
Get away with it » Not caught. Get off scot free.
Get bent out of shape » To take offense; to get worked up, aggravated, or annoyed.
Get carried away » To overdo; to do to excess.
Get crac        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Get cracking! » Hurry up! Get going. Get a move on. To do something faster.
Get down to brass tacks » To become serious about sth.
Get ducks in a row » Getting your things well organized.
Get even » To get revenge.
Get foot in the door » Start sth. To enter an organization.
Get hitched » To get married.
Get into hot water » To get into trouble.
Get it off your chest » Owning up. Telling what's been bothering you.
Get it o     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Get it out of your system » Doing something you've wanted to do for a long time. Don't postpone it any longer.
Get off on the wrong foot » Start something poorly, or begin with a mistake.
Get off the hook » Free from all obligations.
Get on one's nerves » To annoy or irritate sn.
Get on someone's case » To criticize, find fault, or lecture.
Get on the ball » To get focused on the goal.
Get one's act together » To become serious, organized.
Get one's feet wet » To gain new experience. To start something new. To do something for the first time.
Get one'        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Get one's foot in the door » To begin become established in an occupation or company.
Get out of hand » Get out of control. Lose control of things.
Get out of here! » Are you serious?
Get out of the wrong side of the bed » Be in a bad mood for a long time.
Get out of town » I don't believe you.
Get over it » Forget about the past. To move beyond something that is bothering you.
Get something off your chest » Expressing something that has been a bother for a long time. Owning up.
Get something out of your system » Do the thing you've been wanting to do so you can move on.
Get some      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Get something straight » To understand correctly; to clarify.
Get the axe / Getting axed » To lose your job. Cut lose.
Get the ball rolling » Start sth.
Get the green light » Receive permission or authorization to do sth.
Get the hang of » To become accustomed to. To learn how to do or use sth.
Get the point » To understand the general or main idea.
Get the show on the road » Putting a plan or idea into action. Get a move on. Let's go.
Get to the bottom of something » Find out its real cause or the true story behind it.
Get to t         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Get to the point » Don't beat around the bush. Leave out the details.
Get up on the wrong side of (the) bed » To feel irritable and grouchy mood for no reason. A horrible day.
Get wind of (something) » To discover or find out. Hear news of something new or secret.
Get your act together » Get organized. Work better or leave.
Get your goat » Sn does something that annoys you. To irritate sn.
Get your head around it » To understand sth.
Get your walking papers » Get fired from a job.
Get your wires crossed » Misunderstand each other, especially when making arrangements.
Getting   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Getting axed / Get the axe » To lose your job. Cut lose.
Getting goose bumps » Getting excited.
Gift of (the) gab » Natural ability to talk in a way that people find entertaining or persuasive. Eloquent.
Girl Friday » A capable assistant. Temporary office help.
Give (it) your all » Trying as hard as you can to succeed in sth.
Give a dog a bad name » Prior convictions raise suspensions. A bad rap sheet is very difficult to overcome.
Give a hand » To help sn.
Give a man a fish » Better to teach a person how to do something than to always do that sn for them.
Give awa   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Give away the farm (1) » Don't leak or give away information that may damage your business.
Give away the farm (2) » Selling something way below market value.
Give cold shoulder » To ignore.
Give him the slip » To get away from. To escape. Disappear or hide.
Give it a go » To try or attempt.
Give it a shot/whirl » Doing something for the first time, usually for fun. Trial run.
Give it to me straight » Please tell me straight forward.
Give me a break » Don't expect me to believe or agree with that.
Give me   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Give me five » A greeting. Hit your open hand against theirs as a way of congratulation.
Give someone a bird » A raised middle finger.
Give someone a hand » Help sn.
Give someone a hard time » Bother them or make trouble for them.
Give someone a piece of you mind » To tell someone off. To criticize them strongly and angrily.
Give someone the benefit of the doubt » Trust what someone says.
Give someone the boot » Kick them out. Dismiss or terminate sn.
Give someone the cold shoulder » To ignore; to snub or reject sn.
Give som  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Give someone the green light » Give permission for it to be done, or allow it to happen.
Give the benefit of the doubt » Believe someone's statement, without proof.
Give them/him credit » Acknowledge an achievement or contribution of a person.
Give two hoots about » Low esteem or value.
Give up the ghost » To die. Dying or dead.
Glass jaw » A fist fighter who could throw punches but could not take one.
Glory hound » Sn seeking popularity, fame and notoriety.
Go against the grain » Contrary to natural inclination. To rub sn the wrong way. Irritate sn.
Go again    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Go against the tide » Doing the opposite of what otjers are doing. Contrary to nateral inclination.
Go all out » To spare no expense or effort. To put forth all possible effort or resources.
Go ape (over something) » To be extremely enthusiastic about sth. Go crazy.
Go back to the drawing board » Start over.
Go bananas » Wildly excited, anxiety, or worry. Go crazy.
Go cold turkey » To quit or stop addictive or dangerous behavior all at once.
Go down in flames » To end or fail suddenly and spectacularly.
Go down like a lead balloon » To be received badly by an audience. Failure.
Go downh  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Go downhill » To worsen or deteriorate.
Go Dutch » Splitting the bill, paying 50/50.
Go figure » Who knows? Think about it.
Go for broke » To risk it all, even if it means losing everything. To go all out.
Go for it » By all means you should do it or try it.
Go great guns » Being successful.
Go in one ear and out the other » Not pay attention to something that has been instructed.
Go like a bomb » To move fast.
Go on a   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Go on a wild goose chase » To do something pointless.
Go out on a limb » Putting yourself in a risky situation in order to gain sth. To hazard a guess.
Go over your head » Going to one with more authority than you to get something that you would normally grant.
Go overboard » Doing something too much or you do it with excessive enthusiasm. Overdoing it. Extravagant.
Go places » To achieve progress or succeed.
Go tell it to birds » Disbelief. Something that is not credible or is a lie.
Go the extra mile » Going above and beyond whatever is required for the task at hand. To make an extra effort.
Go the whole hog » Do something completely or to its limits. All the way.
Go throu      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Go through the motions » Doing something without putting any real effort or thought into it.
Go to the dogs » Getting comparably less successful than before.
Go under the hammer » Sold in an auction.
Go up in smoke » Sth that ends before getting a result.
Go with the flow » Doing things like everyone else, trying not to stand out.
Go/come along for the ride » To be present for an activity without taking part in it.
God helps those who help themselves » Do nothing and God may do nothing. Work at it and God will help you.
Goes down a treat » Great success and everyone enjoys it.
Goes out       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Goes out of business » Chapter 11. Business failed. Belly up. Stops trading and closes down.
Goes over my/your head » Beyond my understanding. Difficult to understand. Too complicated or intricate.
Going down » Knowing what's happening in a situation.
Going great guns » Doing really well in whatever you're doing.
Going nuts » Going crazy or insane.
Going places » Exhibiting talent and ability that will lead to a successful future.
Golden handshake » Big sum of money given to sn when they leave a company or retire.
Gone fishing » Not very aware of what is happening around them.
Gone off      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Gone off track » Forgot about your future goal. Losing sight of goal.
Gone to the dogs » Gone wrong badly and lost all the good things it had.
Good for nothing » No good.
Good Samaritan » Sn who helps others when they are in need out of the goodness of their heart.
Good things come in small packages » Don't judge by the size of sth.
Good things come to those who wait » Be patient.
Goody two-shoes » A smugly virtuous person.
Got it » I understood what you said.
Got it m         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Got it made » Success, you've done well, well off. Easy street.
Got rocks in your/his head » A dumb person. Lack of intelligence, stupid.
Got the slap on the wrist » Got light punishment.
Got the wind up » To be scared.
Got to be kidding » You must be joking. I can't believe it.
Grab a bite » Eat, have a quick meal.
Grab the bull by its horns » To deal head-on or directly problem. Tackling a difficulty boldly.
Grasp the nettle » To tackle a difficult problem in a bold manner. Go for it, just do it.
Grass is  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Grass is (always) greener on the other side » Never satisfied. Believing other people have it better than you.
Graveyard shift » Working hours from about 12 midnight to 8am.
Grease monkey » An idiomatic term for a mechanic.
Grease someone's palm » Pay them a bribe.
Greased lightning » Very fast or quick.
Great minds think alike » Intelligent people think like each other.
Green around the gills » Having a sickly appearance; pale.
Green room » The waiting room, especially for those who are about to go on a TV or radio show.
Green th  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Green thumb » An exceptional talent for gardening or for growing plants successfully.
Green with envy » Very jealous.
Green-eyed monster » Jealousy.
Greenhorn » An untrained, inexperienced, or naive person.
Grin and bear it » Accepting a difficult situation and try not to let it upset you.
Grin like a Cheshire cat » A very wide or big smile.
Groan inwardly » A feeling where you want to express despair, disapproval or distress, but you keep quite.
Guess is as good as mine » To have no idea, don't know the answer to a question or problem either.
Guinea p       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Guinea pig » Taking part in an experiment and used in the testing.
Gut feeling » A personal intuition. Especially when suspecting sth may not be right.
Hair of the dog » An alcoholic drink as a way of getting rid of a hangover.
Half a loaf is better than none » Having part of something is better than nothing.
Half-baked » Hasn't been properly thought out or planned.
Hand it to » To give someone credit or praise; to congratulate.
Hand me downs » Second hand clothes or items. Used merchandise.
Hand to mouth » Very poor, what little money they have all goes for expenses.
Hands ar     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Hands are tied » Not being able to do anything about a situation. To be helpless, no existing options.
Hands down » Unquestionably; without a doubt; without effort.
Hang by thread » To be in a critical condition.
Hang in balance » Undecidable situation.
Hang in there » Be patient. Wait it out. Just keep what you are doing, don't give up.
Hang on » Don't give up. Continue to hold on tightly. Wait for help or assistance. Stay on the phone. Wait.
Hang on a second » Wait a moment please.
Hang on by fingernails » Continuing to do something in a very difficult situation.
Hang out    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Hang out » Spend time with a friend or frequent a certain location. A place you go to or spend time at often.
Hang ten » A surfing challenge of hanging all one's toes over the front edge of the board.
Hang up » Disconnect a phone call. Tired of waiting or talking.
Hangdog expression » Sn is showing emotions very clearly, too clearly for your liking.
Hanged for a sheep as a lamb » If being convicted of stealing a sheep you may as well steal a sheep.
Happy as a clam » The state of being happy; feeling delighted.
Happy camper » Sn who is content or satisfied.
Hard (pill) to swallow » Difficult to believe or accept.
Hard as   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Hard as nails » Sn without sentiments and sympathy for anyone.
Hard to come by » Difficult to find. Not easy to get.
Has-been » Once a productive citizen, but no present or future prospects now.
Hash something over » To discuss something in great detail.
Haste makes waste » You'll make mistakes if you rush through sth.
Hat trick » When one player scores three goals in the same hockey game. Or three scores in another sport.
Hats off to » To praise or acknowledge a good job or job well done.
Haul/pull in/up » To bring before a judge. Arrest. Brought before sn of authority.
Haul/rak        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Haul/rake over the coals » To sharply criticize sn. To scold or rebuke.
Have (a lot of) balls » To have courage. Intestinal fortitude or guts.
Have a (good) head for » Being well suited for sth. Having a special talent for sth.
Have a (good) mind to » An intention toward doing sth. To consider doing. Probably will do sth.
Have a ball/blast » Enjoy yourself. Have a good or wonderful time. Celebrate, joyous party.
Have a big head » To be conceited. Overly proud. Thinking too highly of yourself.
Have a big mouth » One who gossips more or tells secrets.
Have a bone to pick » To have a grievance or complaint.
Have a b          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Have a bumpy time » To run into trouble. To have problems or difficulties.
Have a bun in the oven » To be pregnant. To be expecting a baby.
Have a chance of a fart in a whirlwind/windstorm » No chance. An impossibility.
Have a corner on (the market) » A monopoly. Having an overwhelming advantage over the competition.
Have a cow » To have a fit; to get visibly upset.
Have a field day » To enjoy success or a valuable opportunity. Have fun.
Have a fit / Fit of anger/rage » To display a very bad temper. Screaming, throwing things etc.
Have a go at » Giving sth a try. Give it a shot.
Have a g      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Have a good head on one's shoulders » Being smart, brainy, intelligent. Well educated.
Have a good one » Used when saying good-bye. Adios, farewell, so long, see ya. Have a good day.
Have a good thing going » In a satisfying relationship with sn. Having a good well paying job.
Have a hand in » To take part or have a part in sth. Partly responsible for sth.
Have a heart » Not being mean. Being kind, empathetic, compassionate, sympathetic and generous.
Have a one track mind » Thinking only of one thing.
Have a screw loose » To be crazy; to be mentally unstable.
Have a snowball's chance in hell » No chance. An impossibility. No way.
Have a s  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Have a soft spot » Feel a warm affection for them. To like sn.
Have a word with » To talk, speak, or discuss with.
Have a yellow streak » Be cowardly.
Have an axe to grind » To have something to dispute with sn.
Have an egg on the face » Be embarrassed.
Have ants in your pants » Not be able to keep still because you are very excited or worried about sth.
Have clean hands » Be guiltless.
Have eyes bigger than stomach » Desiring more food than one can eat.
Have eye        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Have eyes in the back of one's head » One perceives things or events beyond their field of view. Hard to fool.
Have fits / Have/throw a fit » Stiffness and/or jerking body movements. Become extremely mad or angry.
Have it all together » Be very poised, successful, organized.
Have no truck with » To refuse to get involved with it or them.
Have on the brain » Thinking or talking about something all day long.
Have one's finger in too many pies » Involved in too many things at the same time.
Have one's heart set on » Possessing a determination to obtain sth.
Have one's nose in a book » To be reading a book. Reading read books all the time.
Have oth     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Have other fish to fry » To have other, or more important things to do.
Have stumbled upon » To accidentally discover sth.
Have the blues » To feel depressed or sad.
Have the guts » Have courage.
Have the world by its tail » Very successful person who can choose from a lot of opportunities.
Have too many irons in the fire » Working with or processing too many projects or other things in hand.
Have your cake and eat it too » To have the advantage of both alternatives. To get or have two good things.
Have your hands full » Very busy.
Have you     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Have your head in the clouds » Not be concentrating. Aloof. Daydreaming.
Have your heart in the right place » Sn with good intentions. A good person.
Have your work cut out for you » You know what you have to do. Knowing you have a difficult task ahead.
Have your/one's head screwed on (backwards) » No common sense. Can't think straight. Confused.
Have your/one's head screwed on (right) » A sensible, reasonable and realistic person. Intelligent.
Have/get/develop a crush on (someone) » To be infatuated with sn.
Have/hold a beef/grudge against/on someone » To have a complaint or problem with sn.
Have/throw a fit / have fits » Stiffness and/or jerking body movements. Become extremely mad or angry.
Having a     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Having a whale of a time » To enjoy very much.
Having second thoughts » Doubts about a decision you've made or going to make.
Hay is for horses » Telling children not to use the word 'hey' when addressing people.
He can't fight/punch his way out of a paper bag » Sn who can't overcome even weak or trivial resistance. Wimp.
He has bigger fish to fry » Having bigger or better things to take care of than what we are talking about now.
He lost his head » Angry and overcome by emotions.
He lost it » He lost his temper or lost control of something (like his car).
He who laughs last laughs loudest » You laughed at me now I can laugh at you. I'll get you for what you did.
He's a c   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
He's a chip off the old block » The son is like the father.
He's not playing with a full deck » He's dumb.
He's off his rocker » He's crazy.
He's sitting on the fence » He can't make up his mind. Uncommitted.
He/she is a sandwich short of a picnic » Sn who is lacking intelligence.
He/she/they have a lot of balls » To have courage. Intestinal fortitude or guts.
He/she/they hold(s) the cards » He/she/they controls the situation.
Head and shoulders above (the rest/the competition) » Significantly better than everybody else in the field.
Head in     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Head in the clouds » Aloof. Out of touch with the everyday world and can be unrealistic or naive as a result.
Head over heels » Falling deeply in love with another person. Be-smitten, infatuated.
Head start » Early beginning. Start before the official time to start. An early advantage.
Head-on » Front-to-front collision. Direct confrontation with another party. Deal directly with a problem.
Heads up » Used as an advanced warning. To become keenly or quickly aware.
Heads will roll » People Will lose their jobs after making a mistake. Being fired.
Healthy as a horse » Being very healthy.
Hear (something) through the grapevine » To learn through rumor.
Hear som  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Hear something straight from the horse's mouth » Hear sn from the originator.
Hear/heard (it) on/through the grapevine » Learning about or hearing rumors about something or sn.
Heart and soul » Put everything you've got into it. Your whole being, your life with maximum effort.
Heart goes out to » Feel sympathy for someone when in distress. Show sympathy, feeling and compassion.
Heart in the right place » Good natured. Doing the right thing or good things.
Heart isn't in it » Doing something, you don't really want to do.
Heart missed a beat » Very excited.
Heart-to-heart » Honest talk and share your feelings with each other.
Heave-ho      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Heave-ho » To synchronize effort of more than one person to accomplish a physical task.
Hedge your bet(s) » To protect yourself in advance if you make a wrong choice or something goes wrong.
Hell in a hand basket » Deteriorating and headed for complete disaster. Getting worse fast.
Herding cats » To coordinate a very difficult situation. Managing many people doing different things.
Here you go » Here it is, this is it. Being handed sth.
Hidden agenda » Secret plan or motive for doing sth.
High and dry » To be left behind; abandoned. Being in a helpless situation without a way to recover.
High five » Slapping palms above each others heads as celebration gesture or greeting.
High on   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
High on the hog » Living in excessive luxury. Maybe beyond your means.
High roller » Spends money in a risky way. Gambles with lots of money. Risky ventures with large rewards.
High time » It's about time something was done. It should have been done already, and is overdue.
High up » Important standing in society. High ranking person in any organization. President, CEO.
Hill of beans » Nothing. A bunch of nothing. Something that amounts to nothing.
Himalayan blunder » A serious mistake.
Hit 'em where it hurts » A painful blow. Possibly below the belt, in the testicles.
Hit a snag » To encounter an unexpected problem or obstacle.
Hit belo          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Hit below the belt » To act unfairly. Low blow.
Hit it off » Getting along with someone new right away.
Hit the books » To study hard or to begin to study. Especially for a test or exam.
Hit the bull's eye » To be exactly right about something or to achieve the best result possible.
Hit the hay/sack/sheets » Go to bed or go to sleep.
Hit the nail on the head » Do or say something exactly right. Perfectly done.
Hit the road » To leave.
Hit the road running » Start performing immediately.
Hit the   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Hit the roof » Lose their temper and show their anger.
Hit the spot » To be particularly pleasing or appropriate. To be just right.
Hive of worker bees » People working actively and cooperatively.
Hocus Pocus » In general, a term used in magic or trickery. Smoke and mirrors.
Hog wash » Nonsense.
Hold (down) the fort » To look after a hone or business while the person who is normally in charge is away.
Hold all the aces » Have all the advantages.
Hold on a second » Just wait a moment.
Hold one     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Hold one's horses » To wait; to be patient; to slow down.
Hold up » Delay. Burglary.
Hold water » A point of view or argument is sound, strong or logical.
Hold your head (up) high » Feeling proud of sth.
Hold your own » Successful as other people in a situation. As good as others at an activity.
Hold your/one's horses » Be patient. Wait a minute, calm down, don't get excited.
Hold/bite tongue » Keeping quiet when wanting to speak. Telling people not to speak.
Holy cow/smoke » What a surprise! That's unbelievable! Astonishment.
Holy gra   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Holy grail » A most important object or goal.
Honesty is the best policy » Being forthright and up front is always good and fruitful advice.
Hook, line and sinker » Gullible person falls for something or took the bait.
Hop in » Get in the car quickly, jump in the car.
Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst » Being optimistic but ready for hard times as well.
Hornets' nest » A violent situation or one with a lot of dispute.
Horse feathers » Nonsense.
Horse of a different color » A different matter or separate issue altogether.
Horse tr         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Horse trading » Negotiations, especially when they are difficult and involve a lot of compromise.
Hot air » Meaningless or unimportant talk.
Hot stove (paradigm) » Don't touch something or stay away from potential dangers.
Hot under the collar » Feel angry or annoyed about sth.
Hour has come » To die. Dying or dead.
House sitting » To watch sn house while they're away.
Household name » Being very popular. To be well known across a region. Being famous.
How the hog ate the cabbage » Telling it like it is. Telling a truth that is not favorably heard.
How time        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
How time flies / Time flies » Time seems to go by fast. Time can get away form us.
How's it going? » How are you?
Hundred-to-one/million-to-one chance/shot » Reference to a low probability of success.
Hundred/thousand and one » Reference to an indeterminate but large number of reasons something may fail.
Hungry as a bear » Being really hungry.
Hush money » Money given as a bribe to hush or make one keep silent.
I beg to differ » I'd rather take a different stance on this topic.
I bet (you are right) » I agree. Of course, yes indeed. Sarcastic: yeah, sure.
I blew i   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
I blew it » I wasted my chance, made a mistake. I failed.
I can/could eat a horse » I am so hungry. Very hungry.
I don't buy it » I don't believe it.
I don't get it » I don't understand.
I had a second thought about it » I changed my mind.
I owe you one » You helped me, in return I'll help you do something in the future. Either good or bad.
I smell a rat » A feeling that something is awry or not quite right.
I was knocked on my heels » I was surprised
I'll be        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
I'll be a monkey's uncle » Being very surprised, astonishment.
I'll take my chances » Rejecting an offer, sn decides to go with their own plan.
I'll toss it around » To casually suggest an idea to people. To talk sn over.
I'm feeling blue » Feeling sad.
I'm hosed » I am in a bad situation, screwed.
I'm on my way » I just left.
I'm out » I'm leaving or done.
I've got a bone to pick with you » One wants to make a complaint against you. You made them mad.
Icing on   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Icing on the cake » When you already have it good and get something on top of what you already have.
Idle hands are the Devil's tools/work shop » More likely to get in trouble if you have nothing to do.
If all else fails » If something doesn't work out then do something else. Go to plan B.
If I were you » Giving advice to sn.
If it ain't broke don't fit it » Don't mess around with things you don't know about. You could make it worse.
If it's not one thing, it's another » When one thing goes wrong, then another, and another.
If it's the last thing I do » Determination to achieve sth. A statement of intent to do sth.
If push comes to shove » If something doesn't work out then do something else. Go to plan B.
If the s  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
If the shoe fits, wear it » Sth that has been said might apply to a person.
If wishes were horses, beggars would ride » Wishing or wanting sn is not the same as getting or having it.
if worse comes to worse » If something doesn't work out then do something else. Go to plan B.
If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen » Discontinue with a task if unable to cope with it.
if you connect the dots » To form a clear picture. To look at the big picture. To come to a conclusion.
If you fly with crows, you get shot with the crows » The company you keep brings on their own problems.
If you lie down with dogs, you'll get up with fleas » Being with bad company, has negative consequences.
If you put the brakes on » You stop it or slow it down.
If you s  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours » A favour for a favour. Take care of someone taking care of you.
Ignorance is bliss » Sometimes you're better off not knowing about sth.
Ill at ease » Feeling tense or you can't relax in a situation.
In a bind/jam/fix » In a bad or difficult situation.
In a dog's age » For a very long time.
In a huff » To be upset or angry behaving in a bad-tempered way.
In a jiffy » To hurry. Very soon or suddenly.
In a nutshell » In summary, briefly. The gist of it.
In a pic    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
In a pickle » Being in a difficult predicament. In a mess. In an undesirable situation.
In a row » Consecutive occurrences. Several times without a break. One after another.
In a sense that » From a different perspective.
In a stew (about sn/sth) » Bothered or upset about sn/sth.
In a tight corner » A problem without any good options. A tight spot.
In and of itself » By itself, all alone. Intrinsic or inherent without outside factors.
In any case » No matter what. If something doesn't work out then do something else. Go to plan B.
In apple pie order » In perfect order. Perfectly methodical arrangement. Very well organized. Neat.
In bad b        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
In bad books » Not being pleased with you.
In black and white » To give in writing.
In broad daylight » Without trying to hide it. Brazen.
In cahoots with » In a partnership usually for a dishonest reason.
In charge » In the position of responsibility of leading or overseeing.
In cold blood » Without compassion or mercy. Usually associated with ruthless murder. Deliberate.
In deep water » In some sort of trouble or in a difficult situation.
In donkey's years » For a very long time.
In dribs   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
In dribs and drabs » In small amounts at a time.
In droves » A lot happening at the same time or very quickly. A lot going on.
In good books » They are pleased with you.
In high spirits » In a cheerful mood.
In his/her/their wisdom » A birdbrain, dimwit, dolt, dumb, fool, idiot, nitwit, stupid, unintelligent person.
In hot water » In trouble with sn.
In like Flynn » To be easily successful, especially when sexual or romantic.
In one's book » In one's opinion.
In sn's    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
In sn's infinite wisdom » A birdbrain, dimwit, dolt, dumb, fool, idiot, nitwit, stupid, unintelligent person.
In stitches » Laughing so hard that your sides hurt. To double over from laughter.
In terms of X » When X is evaluated.
In the air » Being discussed. Generally obvious.
In the back of beyond » Very far from towns or cities. Rural.
In the bag » To have something secured. Will definitely happen. You are sure of it.
In the ballpark / ballpark figure » An estimate or guess which should be close to the actual value.
In the black » Assets are greater than debts. Good balance sheet.
In the b     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
In the blues » Low spirited.
In the buff » Nude.
In the catbird seat » An advantageous or superior position.
In the clear » Out of trouble.
In the cross hairs » In a position where one might receive severe criticism. People are eager to criticize.
In the dark » Something, you don't know about it.
In the doghouse » In trouble or in disfavor. Man in trouble with his wife.
In the fast lane » A life filled with excitement.
In the h   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
In the heat/spur of the moment » Overwhelmed by what is happening in the moment.
In the long run » Over a long period of time. Ultimately.
In the nick of time » Almost too late. At the last possible moment.
In the pink » In very good health and spirits.
In the red » Losing money. Being in debt. Operating at a loss.
In the same boat » Experiencing the same situation or condition.
In two minds  » Can't decide what to do, or you can't decide which option is the best.
In weal and woe » In both good and bad times.
In your     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
In your face » An aggressive and bold confrontation.
Ins and outs » Full details. Knowing all the details about it and understand how it works.
Inside scoop » Little known information or details
Iron fist in a velvet glove » Sn who appears gentle, but is actually ruthless and uncaring.
It ain't over till the fat lady sings » This isn't over yet.
It depends » A different situation or circumstance could change the outcome.
It is a poor workman who blames his tools » If you can't do the job, don't blame it on sth else.
It is always darkest before the dawn » Things are going to get better.
It serve  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
It serves you right » Getting what you deserve.
It takes one to know one » You're just as bad as I am.
It takes two to tango » Actions that need more than one person. A fight requires at least two.
It totally slipped my mind » I totally forgot about it
It's (all) Greek to me » When something is incomprehensible due to complexity; unintelligible.
It's a deal » Yes, I agree to your offer.
It's a long story » What you are asking me is a complicated matter. It'll take time to explain it.
It's a piece of cake » It's very easy.
It's a s     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
It's a small world » You frequently see the same people in different places. A coincidence.
It's all flooding back to me » Beginning to remember something you once forgot,
It's all over but the shouting » It's already finished or done, finalized.
It's better to be safe than sorry » Being careful may keep away unpleasant situation.
It's high time » Sth already overdue. Start immediately. Tight time to do sth. Now.
It's not all it's cracked up to be » Failing to meet expectations. Not being as good as people say.
It's not brain surgery » A task that's easy to accomplish, a thing lacking complexity.
It's not over till the fat lady sings » To not speculate about sn until it is completed finalized.
It's not   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
It's not rocket science » A task that's easy to accomplish, a thing lacking complexity. It's not complicated.
It's not the size of the dog, it's the fight in the dog » Fierceness is not a matter of physical size.
It's on the tip of my tongue » I can't think of it now but I'm on the verge of saying it.
It's raining cats and dogs » It's raining hard.
It's written all over your face » You are lying of hiding sth. Facial expression gives you away.
It's your dime » You call the shot since you are paying for it.
Itchy feet » Feeling the need to go somewhere different or do something different. Restless.
Its anyone's call » A competition where the outcome is difficult to judge or predict.
Ivory to         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Ivory tower » A place that separates them from everyday life, such as a university.
Ivy League » 8 universities: Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Yale, Pennsylvania, Princeton, Harvard.
Jack frost » Frozen in winter, then Jack Frost has visited.
Jack of all trades » Having many skills and can do many different jobs.
Jack of all trades master of none » Having many skills, but not being an expert in any of them.
Jack the lad » A confident, not very serious young man, who doesn't think about other people.
Jam on your face » Sn who is caught, embarrassed or found guilty.
Jam session » Music. Playing whatever they feel like playing in an informal setting.
Jam tomo      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Jam tomorrow » People promise good things for the future that will never come.
Jane Doe » Name given to an unidentified female of interest who may be party to legal proceedings.
Jaws of death » Being in a dangerous or very deadly situation.
Jaws of life » A tool used by rescuers when they pry open a car to save the occupant.
Jaywalk » Crossing the street (from the middle) without using the crosswalk.
Jazz (something) up » To make something more interesting, lively or appealing.
Jekyll and Hyde » A pleasant and a very unpleasant sides to one character.
Jersey justice » Jersey justice is very severe justice.
Jet set         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Jet set » Very wealthy people who travel around the world to attend parties and have fun are the jet set.
Jet-black » To emphasise just how black something is, such as someone's hair.
Jewel in the crown » Part of a group or set of similar things, and it's the best of them all.
Jig is up » Illegal, secret or hidden activity was discovered. It's over. To be caught.
Job's comforter » Sn who is supposed to comfort, but fails miserably. A nuisance.
Jobs for the boys » Powerful people using their influence to give jobs to their friends or family.
Jockey for position » Doing many different things to become the best candidate for an opportunity.
Joe public » Typical, common, average person. John/Jane Doe.
Joe six-          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Joe six-pack » The average man who likes to drink beer.
Jog my memory » Saying words that will help someone to remember a thought, event, word, phrase, experience, etc.
John/Jane Doe » Names given to unidentified people who may be of interest in sth.
Johnny come lately » One who has recently joined or arrived, and wants to make unwelcome changes.
Johnny on the spot » Sn who is always available. Ready, willing, and able to do what needs to be done.
Joie de vivre » Feeling the joy of living.
Join the club » Joining a group of people that are already doing what you do.
Join the ranks  » Become part of that group.
Joined a    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Joined at the hip » Very closely connected. Thinking the same way. Bookends.
Joshing me » Tricking or kidding me.
Judge, jury and executioner » One in charge of every decision made, and has power over others
Judgment call » The rules are not clear.
Juggle frogs » Doing many things at once is very difficult.
Jump down someone's throat » To criticise or chastise them severely.
Jump for joy » Being very happy about sth.
Jump on the bandwagon » Take a popular position. Join a group that has great popularity.
Jump out      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Jump out of your skin » Sth suddenly shocks you and your whole body jumps. Startled.
Jump ship » Leaving a company or institution because it is doing badly.
Jump the broom » A wedding ceremony custom. Groom and/or bride jump over a broom.
Jump the shark » A salient point where popularity begins to wane. The beginning of the end.
Jump the track » Suddenly changing from one plan, activity or idea to another.
Jump through hoops » Making great efforts and sacrifices for sn or some reason.
Jump to conclusion » Making conclusions or generalizations too early or quickly.
Jump(ing) the gun » To start doing something before the appropriate time. Start too soon.
Jump(s)   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Jump(s) all over you / Jump(s) down your throat » Strongly criticise you or scold you.
Jumped out of my skin » Surprised.
Jumping Judas! » An expression of surprise or shock.
Jungle out there » The situation is dangerous and there are no rules.
Junk food » Poor quality food. Bad because it may contain harmful substances or too much salt or sugar.
Jury is out » Final decision still hasn't been made.
Just around the corner » It is expected to happen very soon or it's very near by.
Just coming up to » Sth about to happen. Ready to start. Pending.
Just des       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Just deserts » Receiving punishment or suffering what is felt they deserve.
Just for the heck of it » They do it without a good reason.
Just for the record » Official statement. A writen document. To be sure everyone knows sth.
Just in case » Precaution. Preemptive action for a possible problem.
Just in the nick of time » Just manage to do it in time, with only seconds to spare.
Just my luck! » When sth goes wrong for you. When sth inconvenient happens.
Just my two cents » Minor information sn has on the subject.
Just off the boat » Sn who is naive and inexperienced.
Just shy     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Just shy of an amount » Short of that amount.
Just the ticket » The perfect thing. Exactly what's needed.
Just what the doctor ordered » Exactly what was wanted or needed. Just the right thing at the right time.
Justice is blind » Justice is impartial and objective.
Kangaroo court » Fake or faulty courts that are a joke. Passing unjust, unfair verdicts.
Keel over » To collapse/faint/die.
Keep (one's) eye on the ball » Be ready for sth. Paying rapt attention.
Keep (something) at bay » Keep something away. Avoid it. Staying away from it.
Keep (so          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Keep (something) in mind » Remember some information or advice and consider it later.
Keep a lid on » To keep something secret.
Keep a low profile » Don't do anything that will draw attention or create interest in you.
Keep a stiff upper lip » Fortitude, courage. To be brave in the face of adversity. Keep your emotions in check.
Keep abreast of something » Up to date. Always know about the latest news and developments in relation to it.
Keep an eye on » To watch intently, paying attention. Making sure things are safe and OK. To keep track of.
Keep body and soul together » To earn a sufficient amount of money in order to keep yourself alive.
Keep in touch » Keeping in contact
Keep it   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Keep it down » To be quiet. Not being noisy.
Keep it under your hat » Don't tell anyone. Keep it a secret.
Keep me in the loop » Keep me posted, keep me updated
Keep on a short/tight leash » Restricting what someone does. Tighten control. Pull in the reins.
Keep on truckin' » To keep going, pressing forward; never stopping.
Keep one's head above water » To keep out of difficult financial problems, to stay out of trouble.
Keep one's nose to the grindstone » To work hard or focus heavily on work.
Keep one's word » To do what you promise to do. To uphold one's promise.
Keep the          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Keep the wolf at bay » Make enough money to avoid going hungry or falling heavily into debt.
Keep the wolf from the door » Have enough money for food and the basic essentials.
Keep track » Continue to know what's happening with sth. Stay on top of it.
Keep up appearances » Maintaining an outward show of prosperity or well-being while hiding your difficulties.
Keep up with the Jones' » People show that they're as successful as others (such as their rich neighbours).
Keep your chin up » Encouragement to stay strong. To remain joyful in a tough situation.
Keep your cool » Just stay calm. Don't become upset.
Keep your eye on the ball » Stay alert and pay close attention to what is happening.
Keep you       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Keep your eyes peeled » To be watchful; paying careful attention to sth. Keep on the lookout.
Keep your fingers crossed » Continue to hope. Something you want could or may still happen.
Keep your fingers on the pulse » Being constantly aware of the most recent developments.
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer » Important to keep a keen eye on enemies to be safe.
Keep your nose clean » To stay out of trouble. Don't do anything wrong.
Keep your shirt on » Keeping calm, be patient. Said by sn who is trying to avoid making others upset.
Keep your word » Do what you said and promised to do.
Keep your/one's hair on » To request someone to stay calm and not get annoyed. Maintain cool and decorum.
Keep(ing    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Keep(ing my) fingers crossed » Anticipating or hoping for the best outcome.
Keep/stay/be/get in touch » To be in or remain in contact with sn.
Keeping up with the Jones' » Doing things for show. If sn else has one they should have one.
Kettle of fish » Sth new or different.
Key decision » make an important decision.
Kick back » To relax. To receive money under the table.
Kick in the teeth/balls » Sth bad happens to you or you feel that you've been treated poorly.
Kick the habit » Stop engaging in a habitual practice.
Kick up   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Kick up a row » Make a great noise. To start a fight or to create a disturbance.
Kick up your heels » To do things that you enjoy. Having fun.
Kick(s) the bucket » Die. Euphemism for dying or death.
Kid around » To engage in playful joking or teasing.
Kill the fatted calf » A celebration, usually to welcome someone who's been away a long time.
Kill the goose that lays the golden egg » To destroy something that has made you a lot of money.
Kill time » Do something to amuse yourself while waiting for sth.
Kill two birds with one stone » Do two different things at the same time.
Kiss and     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Kiss and make up » Get over a disagreement and become friendly again. Make amends.
Kitty corner / Cat a corner / Catty corner » Diagonally across an intersection.
Knee jerk reaction » A quick and automatic response.
Knee-high to a grasshopper » Sth from long ago, from childhood.
Knight in shining armour / knight on a white charger » All-round-good-duy saving you from a difficult situation.
Knock down drag out » A really bad fight.
Knock it off! » Stop sn that's annoying you. You want them to stop it.
Knock on wood » Knuckle tapping on wood in order to avoid some bad luck.
Knock yo   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Knock your socks off » To be taken by surprise. Astonishment. Amazement.
Knocked over » To push or strike sn/sth. To steal sth. Rob a bank or other business.
Know a hawk from a handsaw » Able to distinguish things and assess them.
Know a trick/thing or two » When one has an unorthodox solution to a problem.
Know all the angles » Be very clever about sth.
Know it all » Knows everything and lets everybody know that they know everything. Conceited, braggart.
Know one's onions » To have a good knowledge about something one is supposed to know.
Know something inside out » Know every detail, know by heart
Know the          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Know the ropes » Having a familiarity or understanding of how something works.
Know what's what » To have a lot of experience and you understand things well.
Know where you stand » To know exactly where you fit in a social or work situation, or in someone's life.
Know which side one's bread is buttered on » To know what is most advantageous for one.
Know which way is up » Common sense. Understanding.
Know which way the wind blows » To know how things are developing and be prepared for the future.
Know your stuff » Being very good at what you do, and you know a lot about it.
Knuckle down » Getting serious about sn. Applying oneself seriously to a job.
Knuckle   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Knuckle sandwich » A punch in the face/chops/kisser/mouth.
Labour of love » Work that's done for pleasure or for someone's benefit rather than for money.
Laid back » Relaxed, calm and unpretentious.
Laid up with » Confined to bed.
Lame duck » An ineffectual or unsuccessful person or thing.
Landslide victory » Overwhelming victory received by a candidate of political party at an election.
Lap dog » Sn who submits to, seeks the favor of, or agrees with sn else.
Larger than life » A flamboyant, gregarious person who is outlandish. Impressive.
Last but  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Last but not least » The last mentioned item is not the least of the items mentioned.
Last hurrah(s)/hooray(s) » A or the final act, performance, or effort.
Last in first out » LIFO. Like a stack of dishes in a cafeteria.
Last shot » Last chance.
Last straw » The final problem in a series of problems that must now be taken care of.
Late in the day » Too late, or almost too late.
Laughing all the way to the bank » Making a lot of easy money, often because someone else has been stupid.
Laughter is the best medicine » Laughter can help cure negative feelings such as stress, anger and worry.
Law unto    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Law unto themselves » Doing things right or good in their own way, following their own ideas about living.
Lay a guilt trip on » To make or try to make someone feel guilty.
Lay down the law » Telling people what they should do in a forceful and stern way.
Lay down your life for sth » To die. Dying or dead.
Lead the way » Show others where to go or what to do.
Leading someone on » Having someone believe something that isn't true.
Leads you astray » Setting a bad example and then you behave badly also.
Leaf through » To look through (a book, magazine, or newspaper) without reading it carefully.
Learn so      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Learn something by heart » To memorize.
Learn the ropes » Learn how to do a job properly. Learn how things work and how to get things done.
Learn to walk before you run » To take baby steps initially. With experience you can go faster.
Learn your lesson » Learn something about life from making a mistake.
Learning curve » The rate of learning new skills. The rate of progress in achieving experience.
Leave a bad taste in one's mouth » To create a bad feeling about sth.
Leave no stone unturned » Look everywhere. Trying out every possibility to get a result. Thorough searching.
Leave one in lurch » To desert in difficulty.
Leave/le          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Leave/let well enough alone » Don't try to improve or change sth that's already good enough.
Left out in the cold » Left unaided or unprotected. Uncared for.
Left to your/his own devices » To decide for yourself what you do. Not being told or made to do sth.
Lend a hand » Help someone out.
Lend me your ear » To politely ask for someone's full attention.
Leopard can't change its spots » People cannot change their character.
Lesser of two evils » Sth that is bad but not as bad as something else.
Let (someone/something) slide » Don't turn them in, let them go. Overlook sth. Turn a blind eye.
Let bygo      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Let bygones be bygones » To forget about a disagreement or argument.
Let her rip » Permission to start, or it could mean 'go faster!'. Start it, turn it on, let it go.
Let it ride » To allow something to remain as it is. Continue on.
Let me put it this way » Let me try to explain in different words.
Let nature take its course (1) » Allow a situation or person to develop naturally.
Let nature take its course (2) » To die. Dying or dead.
Let off steam » Do something to release pent-up emotion or energy.
Let sleeping dogs lie » Do not disturb a potential dangerous situation. It could cause trouble or complications.
Let slip     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Let slip through fingers » Failing to obtain a good opportunity. Lost your chance.
Let someone off the hook » To not hold someone responsible for sth.
Let the cat out of the bag » To reveal a secret. Either inadvertently or purposefully.
Let the chips fall where they may » To let something happen, no matter if it's good or bad.
Let your freak flag fly » To let others see your uniqueness.
Let your hair down » Enjoy yourself doing whatever you want, not worrying about what other people might think.
Let's boogie on out » To leave.
Let's bounce » To leave.
Let(ting         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Let(ting) the cat out of the bag » To reveal a secret.
Level playing field » A fair competition where no side has an advantage.
Lick one's wounds » Trying to regain their confidence or boost up the spirits after a defeat.
Lickety Split » To go at a quick pace; no delaying! Fast.
Lie through one's teeth » To make outrageous false statements.
Life/soul of the party » The liveliest and most entertaining person at a social gathering.
Light at the end of the tunnel » The end is in sight. You can see some sign of the end of a difficult period.
Like (two) peas in a pod » Very much alike; almost identical.
Like a b         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Like a bat out of hell » Extremely quick.
Like a beached whale » Completely stuck somewhere and can't get away.
Like a bear with a sore head » Complaining a lot and are unhappy about sth.
Like a bull at a gate » Tackle a job very quickly, without any real thought about how to do it best.
Like a bull in a china shop » Very awkward or clumsy.
Like a cat on hot bricks » Very nervous or excited.
Like a cat that got the cream » Content, pleased and happy.
Like a chicken with its head cut off » To act in a frenzied manner.
Like a d       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Like a duck to water » Having a natural talent for sth and enjoying it.
Like a fish needs a bicycle » No need at all. Sth useless.
Like a fish out of water » Out of one's proper or accustomed environment. Out of place and uncomfortable.
Like a hawk » To watch sn/sth intently, very closely and carefully.
Like a headless chicken » Move very fast all over the place, usually without thinking.
Like a moth to a flame » Attracted to something that is deadly or dangerous.
Like a rat deserting a sinking ship » Deserting a company or person that is about to have serious problems.
Like a shag on a rock » Feeling lonely or isolated.
Like a s        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Like a sitting duck » Totally unaware. Easily captured or killed.
Like clockwork » With mechanical efficiency. Smooth, no glitches.
Like collecting frogs in a bucket » A task that is difficult to control or coordinate.
Like father like son » Resembling one's parents in terms of appearance or behavior.
Like lambs to the slaughter » Going along easily, without any resistance.
Like riding a bicycle » Sth you never forget how to do.
Like shooting fish in a barrel » Extremely easy.
Like taking candy from a baby » Very easy to achieve.
Like two          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Like two peas in a pod » Very much alike. They're always together.
Like water off a duck's back » Having little or no effect.
Line in the sand » A boundary, that going beyond has consequences. Limit which has to be adhered to strictly.
Lion's share » A major share. The biggest share or portion of sth.
Lips are sealed » Don't tell anyone. It's a secret.
Liquor someone up » To get someone drunk.
Live and learn » Make improvements based on past mistakes.
Live beyond means » Spending more money than you can afford.
Live fro    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Live from hand to mouth » To live with great difficulty. Poverty.
Live high off the hog » To living lavishly. Beyond your means.
Live in an ivory tower » Living a lifestyle that saves you from the real world problems.
Live in fool's paradise » In a false hope.
Live it up » Enjoy yourself by doing things that cost a lot of money. Splurge.
Live on the breadline » Having very little income.
Live on/by your wits » Don't have a regular job but you survive by cleverly manipulating people or situations.
Loan shark » Lender of money at very high rates of interest.
Loaves a     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Loaves and fishes » Done for material benefits.
Lock horns » Two people arguing or fighting about sth.
Lock the stable/barn door after the horse left » There is no reason anymore to lock the stable.
Lock, stock and barrel » Every single thing when you're talking about a collection of things. Total ownership.
Locked in » To give full concentration too. Focused. Totally committed,
Lone wolf » By themselves. Doing things by themselves. On their own or without help from other people.
Long in the tooth » Old in age. Mainly used when referring to people or horses.
Look a gift horse in the mouth » To find fault with something that has been received as a gift or favor.
Look bef     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Look before you leap » Ensure everything is ready before doing something important. Take only calculated risks.
Look into » To investigate.
Look like a million dollars/bucks » A compliment to someone who looks great.
Look on the bright side » View an unpleasant situation in a positive light.
Look through (rose) colored glasses » To see things not as they are. Distorted view.
Look what the cat dragged in » Arriving in a tattered condition or looking a mess or flustered and bothered.
Loose cannon » Sn who is unpredictable and can cause damage if not kept in check or watched carefully.
Loose ends » Leftover items; unfinished business.
Lord lov       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Lord love a duck » A general exclamation of astonishment, surprise or dismay.
Lose face » Status falls and you aren't respected as much as you were.
Lose one's mind » To become crazy or insane.
Lose your cool » To become upset.
Lose your life » To die. Dying or dead.
Lose your touch » To lose an ability or talent you once had.
Lose your/one's head » To panic; To lose self-control. Become very angry about sth.
Lose your/one's marbles » To go crazy; insane.
Lost for  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Lost for words » So shocked or surprised by something that you can't think of anything to say.
Love at first sight » To love someone from the first moment you see or meet them.
Love Birds » Two people who have a shared love for each other. Lovey dovey.
Love me, love my dog » Accepting everything about sn and the people they like.
Lovey dovey » The affectionate stuff that people do when they are in love, such as kissing and hugging.
Low down » To receive the full story. Inside scoop.
Lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut » Very low morals or moral standing. Unethical, amoral.
Lump in your throat » A tight feeling in your throat because of an emotion like sadness or gratitude.
Mad as a     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Mad as a badger » Sn crazy.
Mad as a cut snake » One who has lost all sense of reason, is crazy, out of control.
Mad as a hatter » Sn who is completely crazy.
Mad as a hornet » Very angry.
Mad as a March hare » Excitable and unpredictable. Someone who is crazy.
Mad as a wet hen » Extremely angry.
Mad/daft as a bag of hammers » Sn crazy or stupid.
Made in the shade » An easy time in life or in a given situation. Finding things working to one's benefit.
Made of       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Made of money » Having lots of money. Brass balls.
Mailed fist »  Someone who rules or controls sth. In absolute control and tolerates no dissent.
Major league » A big deal. Sth very important.
Make a bee line for » To go directly toward sth.
Make a better fist » They do a better job.
Make a clean breast of » To confess fully one's faults.
Make a clean sweep » To get rid of everything or everyone and start anew.
Make a comeback » To become successful again after having been away for a long time.
Make a d         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Make a dry face » Show disappointment.
Make a face » To show dislike or disappointment through facial expression.
Make a fool out of someone » To trick someone and make them look bad.
Make a fuss » To pay a lot of attention to someone or sth.
Make a go of (it) » Succeeding in your enterprise.
Make a good fist » To do sth well.
Make a killing » To make a lot of money from a sale or a deal of some sort.
Make a living » To earn enough income to support oneself.
Make a l      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Make a long face » To look depressed.
Make a long story short » Come to the point, leave out details. Tell something briefly.
Make a meal » Spending too long doing sn. Make it look more difficult than it really is.
Make a mint » Making a lot of money.
Make a monkey (out) of someone » Making someone look foolish or stupid.
Make a mountain out of a molehill » Make a small problem seem to be a much bigger problem. Exaggeration.
Make a name for oneself » To become famous.
Make a pig's ear » To make a mess of it.
Make a p     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Make a pitch » Make a bid, offer or other attempt to get sn. A sales pitch.
Make a rod for your own back » Make sth difficult for yourself.
Make a run for it » To try to escape from a bad situation. Get out of bad weather quickly.
Make a scene » To become very upset and vocal so that others notice you.
Make a song and dance » Make a big deal out of, or a fuss over. Usually over sn that isn't too important.
Make a stink » To complain loudly about sth.
Make a virtue out of necessity » Make the best of a difficult or unsatisfactory situation.
Make an example of someone » Do sth to sn so others will see they should not do what that person did.
Make an       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Make an exception » To allow something that is usually not allowed.
Make believe » To pretend.
Make bets in a burning house » Addressing small problems while serious time-critical problems exist.
Make castles in the air » Plans or hopes that have very little chances of happening.
Make do » To survive or get by with what little is available.
Make ends meet » To have just enough money to cover expenses. Barely meet expenses from paycheck to paycheck.
Make from scratch / from scratch » From the very beginning, with no prior preparation.
Make fun of » To joke at the expense of sn.
Make goo   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Make good on something » To do something you have promised or feel you owe sn.
Make hay (while the sun shines) » Take advantage of an opportunity. Go to work when you can, do not waste time.
Make headway » Progress in what you are trying to achieve.
Make it snappy » Hurry up. To do something quickly. Pronto.
Make light of something » To joke about something serious.
Make money hand over fist » Make a lot of money without any difficulty. Easy money.
Make my/someone's day » Make someone happy.
Make no bones about it » Being open and honest about sn. Showing no shame or embarrassment.
Make one       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Make ones bed and lie on it » To be responsible for what you have done and accept the results.
Make or break » A crucial decision. Sth that will determine success or failure.
Make out like a bandit » Extremely successful in a venture. To get sth without working for it.
Make short work of something » To finish sth quickly.
Make something up » To invent sth that isn't true, to tell a false story.
Make sure » To check or recheck to be certain.
Make the grade » To reach the standard expected or required.
Make the most out of it » Get as much as possible from it.
Make the     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Make the ultimate/supreme sacrifice » To die. Dying or dead.
Make up one's mind » To make a decision; to decide between different options.
Make waves » To cause others trouble, often by complaining a lot.
Make you spit » Very irritating, makes you angry.
Make your blood boil » Very irritating, you very angry.
Make your day » Pleases you or makes you very happy. The best thing that happened to you that day.
Make your hair stand on end » Sn terrifies you.
Make your skin/flesh crawl/creep » Sn really scares or revolts you.
Make you       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Make your toes curl » Makes you feel very uncomfortable, shocked or embarrassed.
Make yourself at home » Relax and feel comfortable in someone else's home or hotel.
Make yourself scarce » Leave, go away. Being absent to avoid trouble. Can't be found.
Making a scene » Make a public disturbance; drawing undue attention to oneself by being dramatic.
Man Friday / Right hand man » An assistant or companion, usually a capable one.
Man in the street » Ordinary person or people. Especially when talking about their opinions and ideas.
Man of few words » Sn who does not speak a great deal. Sn who talks with as few words as possible.
Man Of God » A clergyman.
Man of h         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Man of his word » Sn who does what he says and keeps his promises.
Man of letters » An expert in the arts and literature. Often a writer or journalist.
Man of means » Sn wealthy.
Man of straw » Sn weak that can easily be beaten, changed or controlled. A pushover.
Man of the cloth » A priest.
Man upstairs » God.
Manna from heaven » Good fortune, out of nowhere.
Many a slip twixt cup and lip » Many things can go wrong before something is achieved.
Many han    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Many hands make light work » Task splitting. A crew can do more than one person.
Many happy returns » Wish someone well in the future.
Many moons ago » A very long time ago.
March to a different drummer » To follow one's own ideas rather than being influenced by others.
March to the beat of your own drum » To do things the way they want to.
Mark my words » To lend an air of seriousness to what the speaker is saying.
Mark someone's card » Correct sn in a forceful and prompt manner.
Marked man » Sn being targeted by people who want to do them harm or cause them trouble.
Marriage    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Marriage of convenience » Commitment made for financial, social or other benefit rather than love or affection.
Matter of life and death » Extremely important and it could involve someone's survival.
May gamble on that » Sth very certain or assured.
Mean(s) business » Being very serious, dedicated. Talk turkey
Means to an end » An intermediate step before accomplishing the end goal. Gas up a car before you can drive it.
Meat and potatoes » The most important part of something. Nitty gritty.
Meet halfway » A compromise. Each person gives a little bit so they can meet in the middle.
Meet ones Waterloo » Meet ones final end.
Meet som   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Meet someone halfway » Mutual acceptance of some ideas. Compromise and make concessions.
Meet your expectations » To be satisfactory. To fit the bill.
Meet your maker » To die. Dying or dead.
Meet your match » Sn who can do as well as you, or better than you, in something that you're good at.
Meet/met your Waterloo » Sn has been defeated or met their death.
Megaphone diplomacy » Negotiations between countries or parties held through press releases and announcements.
Memory like a sieve » Poor memory. Someone soon forgets things. A leaky memory.
Memory like an elephant » He or she has a very good memory.
Mend (on  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Mend (one's) fences » Improving bad relationships. Repair or restore friendships that have gone bad.
Mend your ways » Improve your behaviour and stop doing things that cause trouble.
Mess with a bull, you get the horns » Doing something stupid or dangerous, can get hurt you.
Method to my madness » Seeming random or illogical actions, but actually has structure or thought to it.
Mexican standoff » A deadlock. Neither side can do anything that will ensure victory.
Mickey Mouse » Sth intellectually trivial. Not of a very high standard. Crummy.
Midas touch » To make a lot of money out of any scheme tried.
Middle of nowhere » A place far from major population centers. Rural, wilderness, boonies.
Middle o      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Middle of the road » Appeal to the majority of people. Average, common or typical.
Might and main » With all your effort and strength.
Mighty oaks from little acorns grow » Big or great things start very small.
Mile a minute » Fast. To do something very quickly.
Miles to go before I sleep » A lot to do before you can rest. Or to complete something before you die.
Milk run » An short ordinary or common trip. Stopping in a number of places.
Million-dollar question » A very important question.
Millstone round your neck » A problem that prevents you from doing what you want to do.
Mince wo   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Mince words » Sn not saying what they really mean. Not being clear at all.
Mind over matter » Using willpower to rise above adversity.
Mind the store » Take care of something while the person who is in charge or responsible is away.
Mind your own beeswax » Mind their own business and not interfere in other people's affairs.
Mind Your P's and Q's » To be careful about the way you behave. Be polite and well behaved.
Mind your/one's own business » Not interfering in the affairs of others. Not to be nosey.
Misery guts » Sn always unhappy and tries to make others feel negative.
Miss is as good as a mile » Failing, even by the smallest margin, is still a failure.
Miss the      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Miss the boat » It's too late. Missed his or her last chance or opportunity.
Miss the point » Not understanding what it really means.
Mixed blessing » It seems to be good, but in fact has bad effects.
Mom and pop (store) » Small family run business. Sth that is small scale.
Moment of truth » Time when truth about sth is revealed. When an important choice or selection is made.
Monday morning quarterback » Sn who, with the benefit of hindsight, knows what they should have done.
Money doesn't grow on trees » Money must be earned. It's not that easily acquired.
Money for old rope » Very easy way of making money.
Money la    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Money laundering » Illegally made money becomes or is believed to be legitimate and above board.
Money pit » A business or venture that costs a lot of money. Over budget.
Money talks » People can be bought off or bribed. Money is power.
Money to burn » Very rich. Can light a cigar with $100 bill.
Monkey around » To behave in a silly or playful way. To waste time goofing off.
Monkey business » Behaving naughtily or mischievously. Messing or fooling around.
Monkey see, monkey do » Children learn their behaviour by copying what they see happening around them.
Moral fibre » Inner strength to do what you believe to be right, even in difficult situations.
Moral hi         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Moral high ground » One thinks their arguments and beliefs are morally superior to others.
More bang for your buck » Delivering more value than other options.
More haste, less speed » The faster you try to do something, the more likely you are to make mistakes.
More heat than light » A discussion generating more questions than answers.
More often than not » It happens quite often, but not all the time.
More than meets the eye » It's more complex, important or interesting than it seems at first.
More than one way to skin a cat » There are many different ways of achieving the same goal.
More than you can shake a stick at » To have a lot of sth. An over abundance.
Mother w     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Mother wit » Native intelligence, common sense.
Mountain out of a molehill » To make a big deal out of sth small. Over blown. Exaggeration.
Mountain to climb » Having to do a huge amount of work to achieve something.
Mouth watering » Delicious; something that looks or tastes appetizing.
Move heaven and earth » A determined intention of reaching a goal in spite of many obstacles they face.
Move mountains » Put forth an incredible effort to achieve your aim.
Move up a gear/notch » Start to perform in a clearly better way.
Movers and shakers » Important, powerful people making decisions and running things.
Much ado  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Much ado about nothing » A lot of fuss about something trivial.
Much of a muchness » They are very similar to each other.
Muck or nettles » All or nothing.
Mud in the fire » Bad things in the past that we usually forget about.
Mud in your eye » Cheers.
Mud-slinging » Insulting someone and trying to damage that person's reputation.
Muddy the waters » Sn makes a situation more complex or less clear.
Mum's the word » To keep something secret. Don't tell anyone.
Mumbo ju       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Mumbo jumbo » Nonsense or meaningless speech.
Murky waters » People behaving in morally and ethically questionable ways.
Murphy's law » If anything can go wrong, it will.
Music to my ears » Good news; information that makes someone happy. Just what you want to hear.
Mutton dressed as lamb » Middle-aged or elderly people trying to look younger.
My cup of tea » Sn/sth that one finds to be agreeable or delightful.
My dogs are barking » Their feet are hurting.
My ears are burning » I think someone is or has been talking about me.
My hands        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
My hands are full » I am busy.
My heart bleeds » To feel genuine sympathy, compassion and sadness for them.
My lips are sealed » Don't tell anyone, it's a secret.
My two cents » That's my opinion. For what it's worth. My humble opinion.
My way or the highway » People not doing what you say, will have to leave or quit.
Nail (something) down » To precisely and firmly establish details of a plan. Finalize.
Nail in the coffin » A problem or event that is a clear step towards an inevitable failure.
Name is mud » People are angry with them, or they're no longer popular, because they've done something wrong.
Name of        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Name of the game » The most important thing you need to know or to have in order to succeed at sth.
Narrow circumstances » Days of poverty. Poor.
Narrow escape » Barely surviving a dangerous situation. A close call.
Nature abhors a vacuum » Empty or unfilled spaces are unnatural. They go against the laws of nature and physics.
Nature calls » To go to the bathroom
Nature of the beast » Basic characteristics of sth. An aspect of something that cannot be changed.
Near the knuckle » Explicit or too close to the truth for comfort.
Necessary evil » Sth you don't like but has to be accepted sometimes.
Necessit        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Necessity is the mother of invention » When a need is recognized, people will invent a fix for it.
Neck and neck » Two or more horses who are side by side in a race. Being evenly matched.
Neck of the woods » A neighbourhood or a district, usually rural. Local area.
Need no introduction » Sn very famous and already known to everyone.
Needle in a haystack » Finding something very difficult, if not impossible.
Neither fish nor fowl » Sth that doesn't fit into any one group. Unclassifiable.
Neither here nor there » Not important, or not relevant.
Neither use nor ornament » Something with no purpose and not aesthetically pleasing.
Nerves o  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Nerves of steel » Very brave and not many things make you scared or nervous.
Nervous as long-tailed cat in room full of rocking chairs » Nervous or jumpy for good reason.
Nervous Nellie » Excessively worried or apprehensive.
Nest egg » Savings set aside for future use.
Never a rose without the prick » Good things have something bad as well.
Never bite the hand that feeds you » Don't hurt anyone that helps you.
Never darken my door again » Telling someone never to visit you again.
Never look a gift horse in the mouth » Advice to be grateful for any gifts.
Never mi         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Never mind » Don't worry about it. Forget it. Instead of doing sth, a change made it unnecessary.
Never never land » Ideal best place. Pure fantasy.
Never say die » Don't ever give up hope. Telling sn to keep trying because there's still a chance of success.
New brush sweeps clean » Sn with a new perspective can make great changes.
New kid on the block » Sn new to the group or area.
New lease of life » Have a new enthusiasm for living.
New man » A man who believes in complete equality of the sexes and shares domestic work equally.
New sheriff in town » A new authority figure takes charge.
New York   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
New York minute » A minute that seems to go by quickly, especially in a fast paced environment.
Nice as pie » A very kind and friendly person.
Nickel/fifty-cent tour » Showing you around a place.
Night on the town » Go out on the town. Dinner, show, dance club and more.
Night owl » Sn who goes to bed very late. Stays up late.
Nine lives » Cats have 9 lives?
Nine times out of ten » Almost always.
Nine-day wonder » Famous or attention-getting person or thing.
Nine-to-          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Nine-to-five attitude » An approach to work in which an employee does the minimum to remain employed.
Nine-to-five job » Full-time employment during daytime hours. Conventional office employment.
Ninth circle of hell » Center where the worst punishments are found. Sth that couldn't get any worse.
Nip and tuck » A close contest where neither opponent seems to be gaining the advantage.
Nip at the bit » Anxious to get sth done and don't want to wait.
Nip something in the bud » To stop something at an early stage.
Nitty gritty » The most essential part of sth.
No big deal » It's not important. No need to worry.
No brain  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
No brainer » An easy decision. No need to even think about it.
No can do » They can't do whatever they are being asked to do.
No dice » To not agree. To not accept a proposition. No way.
No dog in this fight » Not concerned or affected either way by the outcome of sth.
No go » Sn that will not work.
No good deed goes unpunished » Life is unfair and people trying do good things may still end up in trouble.
No great shakes » Not being good at sn.
No harm, no foul » No problem when no harm or damage is done.
No holds  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
No holds barred » Done without restriction, rules or restraint.
No horse in this race » No vested interest in the outcome of a particular contest or debate.
No ifs ands or buts » Finishing a task without making any excuses. Finality.
No laughing matter » A very serious matter.
No love lost » Strong enmity or hate between twp people and making no effort to conceal it.
No man is an island » One person can't do everything. No one can be completely independent of all others.
No man's land » Unoccupied land between two opposing armies at war.
No news is good news » Most all news is bad like crime and disasters. So no news would be good news.
No pain,        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
No pain, no gain » You have to work for what you want.
No questions asked » A guarantee that you can do something and not be found out.
No room to swing a cat » An unusually small or confined space.
No smoke without fire » Evidence strongly suggesting sth has actually happened.
No spring chicken » Not young. Older.
No strings attached » No hidden stipulations or obligations. Exactly as advertised.
No sweat! » Sure you can do it. Easy, no problem.
No two ways about it » Express certainty or inflexibility.
No way -    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
No way » It'll never happen. Strongly reject an offer, request, or suggestion.
Nobody's fool » One who can take care of himself. A smart person.
None of your/my business » Stay out of other's affairs. People have a right to some privacy.
Not a chance » Absolutely not; not possible. No way.
Not a spark of decency » No manners, immoral, amoral, corrupt.
Not all there » A birdbrain, braindead, dimwit, dolt, dumb, fool, idiot, nitwit, stupid, unintelligent person.
Not cut out for » Not suitable for sth. Can't handle it.
Not enough room to swing a cat » Too small of an area, room or space.
Not give     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Not give a monkey's/rat's arse » You don't care at all about it. Couldn't care less.
Not having a leg to stand on » Not having proof. An unsubstantiatable claim.
Not hurt a fly » Kind, gentle, not aggressive.
Not know beans (about something) » To know nothing about sth.
Not let grass grow under feet » Don't delay in getting something done.
Not long for this world » To die. Dying or dead.
Not my cup of tea » Sn or something that one finds to be unpleasant.
Not on my watch » I won't let it happen while I'm in charge.
Not play  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Not playing with a full deck » Sn who lacks intelligence.
Not the sharpest tool in the shed » Not a very clever person. Mentally deficient, not very intelligent.
Not turn a hair » Not exhibiting any emotion where it is expected.
Not worth a hill of beans » Worthless.
Not your cup of tea » Not what you like or what you're interested in.
Not/none/no (the) worst for wear » Not perceptibly damaged by recent events. Still like new, not worn.
Nothing to it » Easy; not difficult.
Nothing to sneeze at » Not bad. Sth worthwhile. Better than it seems.
Nothing   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Nothing to write home about » Ordinary; not exceptional; not especially good.
Now and then » Sometimes, once in a while. Occasionally.
Now or never » Sth has to be done now or it can't be done at all.
Now you're talking » I agree with you. What you just said is better than the other things you said.
Null and void » Not valid. Worthless, invalid.
Number is up » To die. Dying or dead.
Nuts and bolts » Details, nitty gritty.
Object lesson » A warning.
Odd man   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Odd man out » Not belong to a situation. To feel strange in a situation.
Odds and ends / bits and bobs » Small, remnant articles and things. Scattered things. Miscellaneous.
Of all the nerve! » Expression of anger at someone's rude behavior.
Of two minds » Undecided.
Off (of) tune » Not in agreement.
Off (the) track » Derailed, going off in the wrong direction. A distraction preventing you from reaching a goal.
Off and on » Occasionally.
Off colour » Sn ill looking.
Off like  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Off like a dirty shirt » To leave quickly.
Off like a shot » To leave or get going quickly.
Off on one » To get very angry.
Off on the wrong foot » Getting a bad start on a relationship or task.
Off one's rocker/trolley/base » Crazy, demented, lunatic, out of one's mind.
Off the beaten track » Untraveled road. Path in a remote location.
Off the chart » Far exceeding normal standards.
Off the cuff » Spontaneous, sans preparation or planning.
Off the         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Off the grid » Not connected to the rest of the world. Living outside society and its conventions.
Off the hook » Avoiding punishment or criticism for sth. No longer having to deal with a tough situation.
Off the leash » Unleashed. No longer restricted or controlled.
Off the mark » In error, inaccurate or incorrect.
Off the rails » Insane, lost track of reality.
Off the record » Sth said in confidence that the one speaking doesn't want attributed to him/her. Unofficial.
Off the scale » Beyond normal standards for sth.
Off the shelf » A common or standard item, ready to use.
Off the       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Off the top of your/one's head »  Quickly, from memory, without checking beforehand.
Off the wall » Sth unconventional or unusual. Unexpected, unlikely random event.
Off your chump » Sn who is crazy or irrational.
Off your guard » Not ready or unprepared. Not paying attention.
Off your own bat » Doing without being asked to or told to.
Off your rocker » Sn who is crazy.
Off-beat » Unusual, not typical. Out of the ordinary.
Oh for God's/Pete's sake » A reaction of shock, annoyance, exasperation, frustration, or anger to sth said.
Oh! Shoo      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Oh! Shoot » Oh no!, Damn!
Old chestnut » Sth done so many times that it has lost any impact.
Old flames die hard » It's very difficult to forget old feelings. Including previous lovers.
Old friends and old wine are best » People and things we know well are better than the unknown or unfamiliar.
Old hat » Old fashioned and out dated. Being used to sth. Very common.
Old wives' tale » An old proverb or saying thought to be true but may be false.
Older than dirt / the hills » Sn/sth is extremely old.
Oldest trick in the book » A well-known way of deceiving sn.
On a mis   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
On a mission » Being determined and focused in doing sth. Bent on doing sth.
On a razor edge » A risky situation, where the outcome is uncertain.
On a roll » One good thing after another. Going from one success to another.
On a silver platter » Sth handed to you free. To get sth without having to work for it.
On all fours » On hands and knees. Crawling.
On board » Sn who is supporting or working with a company or person.
On cloud nine » Having strong feelings of happiness or satisfaction. Very happy.
On edge » Sn who is anxious, tense, nervous, irritable or jumpy.
On fire      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
On fire » Hot, doing really good.
On ice » On hold. Delayed plans, no action.
On its last legs » In a bad condition and will not last long. Sth old and falling apart. Wornout.
On my back » People who are bothering, nagging or irritating you. Being pushed to get sth done.
On my watch » Being in charge and responsible.
On one's toes » Alert, prepared, ready, or attentive.
On pins and needles » Worried, anxious or nervous, especially in anticipation of sth.
On tenterhooks » Excitedly waiting impatiently for sth.
On the a        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
On the anvil » Actively being talked about and worked on but is not ready yet.
On the back burner » Not being worked on at present, but it might be completed in the future. On hold.
On the ball » Alert, aware, paying attention and focused. Doing a good job.
On the bandwagon » Doing something because others are also doing it.
On the blink » Broken, out of order, inoperative (electronic or mechanical devices).
On the blower » On the phone.
On the button » Exactly, precisely.
On the carpet » When you are called to the bosses office and not for a good reason, you are in trouble.
On the c        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
On the case » Dealing with a problem.
On the cheap » Frugal. Spend the least amount of money possible for sth.
On the chopping block » Sn might lose their job. A project could be axed.
On the dole » Sn receiving assistance while unemployed.
On the dot » Exactly, precisely.
On the double » In a hurry. Do sth immediately and quickly.
On the face of it » The way a situation appears or looks. Summing up a problem.
On the fence » Undecided. Uncommitted.
On the f    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
On the fiddle » Sn stealing money from their employer.
On the flip side » On the other hand. An alternative,
On the fly/hoof » Live. Real time, as it happens. No preparation, off the cuff.
On the game » A prostitute.
On the hook » Being held responsible for sth.
On the house » Free, wihout charge, gratis. Especially in a bar or restaurant.
On the knock » Instalment buying.
On the lam » Running and hiding from the police or authorities to avoid arrest or jail time.
On the l          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
On the level » Honest, sincere and straightforward.
On the line » At risk; in danger. Sn may lose their job.
On the make (1) » Sn trying to make lots of money, probably illegally.
On the make (2) » Looking for a sexual partner.
On the map » A place widely known. Off the map is unknown.
On the money » Being correct or right about sth.
On the never-never » Buying on long term credit.
On the nod » Sn who is asleep or falling asleep or at least resting.
On the n        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
On the nose » Right on time. Sth very accurate.
On the off-chance » Doing or trying sth in case it might work. There may be only a small chance.
On the one hand » Before describing one of two contrasting ideas, options, or opinions.
On the other hand » From a different point. Alternatively.
On the pig's back » Sn successful and in a good situation.
On the rebound » Emotional recovery after a terminated relationship.
On the right foot » A good start.
On the rocks » Sth is on shaky ground. A troubled relationship may come to an end.
On the r  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
On the ropes » Being in a situation that looks to be hopeless! Doing terrible and you may fail.
On the run » Avoiding arrest and hiding from the police.
On the same page » Thinking alike or understanding something in a similar way with others. In sync.
On the same wavelength » Two people having the same thoughts and opinions about sth. In sync.
On the shelf » Being inactive, or on hold. Nothing is happening to it right now. Back burner.
On the skids » Seriously declining or in trouble.
On the sly » Doings sth furtively, secretly or behind closed doors.
On the spur of the moment » At once. Spontaneous. Suddenly, without any planning
On the s       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
On the stroke » Arrive exactly on time.
On the table » A proposition now being discussed.
On the take » Sn stealing from work. Sn in authority who is corrupt. To take money for doing sth illegal.
On the tip of your tongue » Knowing a word but you just can't remember it at the moment.
On the trot » One after another, in a row or consecutively.
On the up and up » Doing very well in life. Things are hunkydory. Sn/sth is legitimate, honest and respectable.
On the uptake (either quick or slow) » To understand something either quickly or slowly.
On the wagon » Stopped drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs.
On the w        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
On the wallaby track » Unemployed.
On thin ice » Sth risky or dangerous. A real possibility that sth bad can or will happen.
On top of the world » Everything is going well.
On your high horse » Being inflexible, arrogant and will not make any compromises.
On your last legs » To die. Dying or dead.
On your soapbox » Speaking passionately about a topic.
On your toes » Alert, focused, paying attention and ready to go.
On/in the cards » Sth is going to happen, pending. Nearly certain to happen.
Once and  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Once and for all » Finally. At last. For the last time.
Once bitten, twice shy » Sn having been hurt or wronged will be far more careful the next time.
Once in a blue moon » Rarely. Something that hardly ever occurs.
One bad apple » Sth bad. A bad person or policy.
One fell swoop » All at once. A single period of activity.
One foot in the grave » To die. Dying or dead.
One for the books » A record-breaking or unbelievable act.
One for the road » A last drink before leaving a pub or bar.
One good     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
One good turn deserves another » After doing sth good, sth good will happen to them.
One hand washes the other » People cooperating has benefits.
One in a million » An exceptionally good person. Sth rare.
One in the eye » Achieving sth may irritate sn because they didn't think you were capable of it.
One man's loss is another man's gain » Sn's setback benefits sn else.
One man's meat is another man's poison » Sn can like sth a lot, sn else can hate it.
One man's trash is another man's treasure » Sth useless to one person might be valuable to sn else.
One nail drives out another » A new pain or problem will stop you worrying or feeling bad about sth else.
One swal     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
One swallow does not make a summer » One good or positive event does not mean that everything is all right.
One track mind » Spend most of their time thinking about one subject.
One's bark is worse than one's bite » Sn seems more aggressive and mean than they really are.
One's goose is cooked » One is finished, has been found out and is in trouble.
One's hat is off to » To praise or acknowledge a good job or job well done.
One's lips are sealed » To keep a secret. Not revealing sth confidential.
One-man band » One person does all the work or has all the responsibility for sth.
One-off » A single occurrence not to be repeated. A one-time, unique or exceptional event.
One-tric   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
One-trick pony » Sn who does one thing well, but is lacking in other areas.
Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches » Hard to know how or what sn else is feeling or thinking.
Only young once » Persuasion to do sth while still young enough to do it.
Oops a daisy » A surprise or small mistake.
Open all hours » A convenient store or burger joint open 24/7. Or closing very late.
Open book » An open person. Easy to know what they think or feel about sth.
Open old sores/wounds » To go through the same problem(s) all over again.
Open Pandora's box » To discover more problems.
Open sec          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Open secret » A supposed secret that everyone knows about.
Open the floodgates » Making sth possible that had been difficult, illegal or impossible before.
Open-and-shut » Sth easily or quickly proved or settled.
Opening a can of worms » Doing something that will or could cause a lot of problems.
Opportunity knocks but once » Only one chance to achieve sth great.
Other fish to fry » Having plenty of options or opportunities. Alternatives. Other things to do.
Other/flip side of the coin » Sth different or an opposite view of a situation.
Out and about » Away from the home.
Out and          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Out and out » Totally.
Out in the sticks » Out in the country, a ways from cities. Rural, boonies.
Out like a light » KO'd - knocked out. Or fast asleep.
Out of both sides of your mouth » Liar, saying different and contradictory things to different people.
Out of bounds » Not permitted. Beyond a limit.
Out of date » Old and therefore no longer useful or applicable.
Out of hand » Out of control.
Out of left field » Out of no where. Unexpected.
Out of l       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Out of line » Inappropriate, improper, wrong.
Out of luck » Unfortunate, unlucky.
Out of my hands » There is nothing you can do about it. It's beyond or out of your control.
Out of my league » Being inferior in some way to a person or group.
Out of nowhere » Unexpected.
Out of order » Broken, out of service.
Out of pocket » Sth paid for with cash on hand, petty cash or from personal funds.
Out of sight, out of mind » If you can't see something, you may not think about it.
Out of s     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Out of sorts » Feeling a little upset and depressed.
Out of the blue » Out of no where. Unexpected. Out of left field.
Out of the box » Thinking in a new or creative way. Also used for products ready to use.
Out of the frying pan (and) into the fire » Things are going from bad to worse.
Out of the gate running » Starting up already at a fast pace.
Out of the goodness of your heart » Doing sth nice or kind for sn. Because you are a good person, not for money.
Out of the mouths of babes » Children unexpectedly say something very intelligent or wise.
Out of the question » Can't be considered because it's impossible or it's not allowed.
Out of t        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Out of the woods » Emerged from a bad or dangerous situation. In the clear, no problem.
Out of this world » Sth fantastic, great or wonderful
Out of turn » Not in the correct order.
Out of whack » Malfunctioning, not working correctly. Broken.
Out of your depth » Beyond your capability. Not enough experience or knowledge do sth.
Out of your mind/head » A birdbrain, dimwit, dolt, dumb, fool, idiot, nitwit, stupid, unintelligent person.
Out of your own pocket » You pay all the expenses involved.
Out on a limb » When someone puts themself in a risky situation.
Out on t   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Out on the town » To enjoy yourself by going out.
Out to lunch » Crazy or out of touch. Not with it.
Out-and-out » Complete or total.
Over a barrel » A position where you have no choice but to accept what they want.
Over head and ears » Completely trapped.
Over my dead body » I won't let it happen while I'm still alive. Fight to the death.
Over my/your head » Beyond my understanding. Difficult to understand. Too complicated or intricate.
Over the counter » Non-prescription drugs. Anything sold that anyone can buy without any requirements.
Over the    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Over the hill » An age that is a turning point, after which it's all down hill. Usually 30 years old.
Over the moon » Happy, overjoyed.
Over the top » To an excessive degree; beyond reasonable or acceptable limits. Extravagant.
Over your head » Missed the point. Beyond your understanding. Too complex or difficult for you to comprehend.
Own goal » To do sth accidentally against yourself or your own team. As in soccer.
Packed (in) like sardines » Packed very tightly. Being enclosed in a tiny space.
Paddle your own canoe » Doing things for yourself without outside help.
Page-turner » A thrilling book. A book you can't put down or ignore. A great read.
Pain in      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Pain in the arse/neck » Sth that irks you. You don't like it, you don't want to do it. An irritation.
Paint the town red » Out on the town. Visit bars, nightclubs and other nightspots to have a good time.
Paint yourself into a corner » Get yourself into a mess.
Painted Jezebel » A scheming woman.
Pandora's box » To do sth causing a lot of new problems unexpectedly.
Paper over the cracks » To hide sth. Cover up. A poor remedy, band aid.
Paper tiger » Sn, country or institution, that looks powerful, but is actually weak or toothless.
Par for the course » What you would expect to happen; something normal or common. Expected.
Paradigm          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Paradigm shift » A big change. A fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.
Parrot fashion » Learn and repeat it word for word. Possibly with no understanding. Memorize.
Part and parcel » An essential and unavoidable part that has to be accepted.
Party animal » Sn who likes partying.
Pass away » To die. A better way of saying someone is dead.
Pass muster » Meets the required standard. To be approved.
Pass the buck » Transferring responsibility to sn else to take pressure off yourself.
Pass the hat » Asking people to donate money.
Pass the  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Pass the time of day » Doing things to occupy your time. Like watch a movie, read a book, walk in the park, etc.
Pat on the back » Telling sn they've done something well, or done a good job. Commendation.
Patience of Job » Great patience.
Pay it forward » A favour received should be repaid or done to others.
Pay off old scores » Taking revenge.
Pay on the nail » Always paid promptly in cash.
Pay one back in one's own coin » To treat in the same way as one has been treated.
Pay the piper/price » Restitution. To pay or make up for the wrong you've done to sn.
Pay the        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Pay the ultimate price » To die. Dying or dead.
Pay through the nose » To pay way more for sth than you should have.
Pay your dues » Earning your place or position.
Pecking order » Order of importance or rank. General > Colonel > Major > Captain.
Pedal to the metal » To go full speed, especially while driving a vehicle.
Peeping Tom » Sn who looks through people's windows spying on them. A sexual pervert.
Pell Mell » Fast, to run. In a hurry.
Pen is mightier than the sword » Words and communication are more powerful than military armies.
Penny an    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Penny ante » Sth that is not very important.
Penny pincher » A person who is very frugal.
Penny wise, pound foolish » Sn who is careful with small amounts of money, but wasteful with large sums.
People who live in glass houses should not throw stones » Don't fault others for faults they have themselves.
Pep talk » To build you up to help you accomplish something. Encouragement.
Per se » By itself alone, necessarily. Only this/these.
Perish the thought » You really hope sth will NOT happen.
Pet peeve » A specific or particular irritation an individual has.
Phony as  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Phony as a three-dollar bill » Reference to something patently fake or false.
Photo finish » Two contestants (usually in a race) finish at exactly the same time.
Pick holes in another's coat » To find fault with another.
Pick of the litter » You get the best item in a group.
Pick someone to pieces » To criticize sharply. To point out many flaws and mistakes someone made.
Pick someone's brains » Ask them for detailed information or ideas about sth. Ask many questions.
Pick up the tab/bill » You pay for yourself and your friends in a restaurant or a bar.
Pick up your ears » To listen very carefully.
Pick-up   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Pick-up game » Teams not chosen in advance, rather people join in a game as they chance by.
Picture paints a thousand words » A visual presentation is far more descriptive than words.
Pie in the sky » Pipe dreams that'll never happen. Ridiculous, unreal, preposterous, utterly impractical.
Piece of cake » A job, task or activity that is extremely easy, simple or pleasant.
Pieces of the same cake » Things that have the same characteristics or qualities.
Pig in a poke » A deal that is made without first examining it. Find out later it was defective.
Pig in clover » Very happy and pleased.
Pig out  » To eat a lot and eat it quickly.
Pigs get  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered » Being satisfied with enough. Greediness or too ambitious will be your ruin.
Pigs might fly » Sth that will never happen. Sth impossible.
Pin money » Money earned from a job that is not necessary or really needed. Extra money.
Pinch/grain of salt » Some people distort things, what they say should be doubted.
Pink slip » A notice of dismissal from one's job.
Pipe down » To shut-up or be quiet.
Pipe dream » A plan or a dream for the future that could never come true or be achieved. Outlandish.
Piping hot » Food served very hot, steaming.
Piss and     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Piss and vinegar » One brimming over with energy.
Piss in one's cornflakes » To annoy, upset, or disappoint through spiteful or irresponsible behavior.
Piss in the wind » Do something that is ineffective or a waste of time. Useless.
Piss the night away » Waisting time, all night long.
Pitch in » To contribute or help with something or someone or to join in.
Place in the sun » Having wealth, happiness or success or whatever you are looking for.
Plain as day » Obvious; clear.
Plain as the nose on your face » Sth obvious and very clear.
Plain Ja          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Plain Jane » A woman who isn't particularly good looking.
Plain sailing » Very easy to do and there are no problems to overcome.
Plan B » If plane A fails then go to plane B. An alternate way to accomplish you goal.
Plastic smile » Sn who appears to be happier than they actually are.
Play by ear » To play music without looking at the notes. To make decisions as you go along. Not planed out.
Play devil's advocate » To argue the opposite, just for the sake of argument.
Play fast and loose » Irresponsible and not playing by the rules.
Play for keeps » Being very serious. More than a game, they not fooling around.
Play for      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Play for time » Delay sth because you are not ready or need more time.
Play hardball » Being very aggressive in trying to achieve their aim.
Play havoc » Creating disorder and confusion.
Play hooky » Ditch school. Not attending school when they should. Truant.
Play into someone's hands » Inadvertently do what sn was expecting you to do and they take advantage of you.
Play it by ear » Spontaneous decision making. See how it goes. Using no predefined plan. To improvise.
Play one's cards right » To make the right moves; to have a good strategy.
Play out of your skin » Giving an outstanding performance.
Play sec     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Play second fiddle » To be less important. Number two. To be a subordinate to sn.
Play the field » Sn having several boyfriends or girlfriends at once.
Play with fire » Taking foolish, dangerous risks.
Play/act the fool » Silly behavior to make people laugh.
Playing for keeps » Very serious. Playing as if your life depended on it.
Playing opossum » Pretending to be dead, or to be deceitful about sth.
Playing to the gallery » Say or do things to be popular, but only for the sake of being popular.
Playing with fire »  Involved in a dangerous activity that could blow up in your face.
Pleased           Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Pleased as punch » Very satisfied about something.
Plot thickens » Story gets more serious or interesting due to new complexities or developments.
Plum job » Desirable position which is well-paid and considered relatively easy. A cushy job.
Poacher turned gamekeeper » Sn who gets a legitimate job which is the opposite of their previous one.
Poetry in motion » Sth beautiful to watch.
Point blank » To shoot at a very close range. Can't miss. Expressed in a blunt fashion.
Point the finger » To accuse; to assign blame.
Pointy-heads » Supposed intellectuals or experts, but they don't really know much.
Poison p   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Poison pill » A drastic corporate strategy to prevent an unfriendly take over.
Poke fun at » Making fun of something or someone, ridicule.
Poker face » Showing no emotion or reaction, so people won't have a clue as to what cards they are holding.
Polish the apples » Attempt to get a person's favor.
Polishing peanuts » To work very hard at a low end job for little or no return. A McJob.
Pop the question » To ask sn to marry them.
Pop your/one's clogs » To die. Dying or dead.
Pork barrel » Pouring money into sth to get political support rather than using the money for sth better.
Possessi    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Possession is nine-tenths of the law » The notion that possession has a stronger legal claim.
Pot calling the kettle black » Hypocrite. Criticising sn for something they themselves do.
Pot-luck » Take whatever happens to be available at the time.
Pound of flesh » To force sn to pay or give back sth owed. Though not needed, causing trouble for them.
Pound the pavement » To walk the streets looking for a job.
Pour oil on troubled waters » To do something to make people stop arguing and to calm down.
Powder your nose » Euphemism for visiting the toilet.
Powers that be » People who are in charge of sth.
Practice    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Practice makes perfect » By constantly practicing, you will become better at sth.
Practise what you preach » Doing, yourself, what you say other people should do.
Preaching to the choir » Presenting a story/discussion/argument to someone who already agrees with it.
Presence of mind » Sn behaving calmly and rationally in difficult situation.
Press the flesh » Meet members of the public and shake their hands, kissing babies.
Pressed for time » In a hurry or working against a very tight schedule. Short on time.
Prey on your mind » Can't stop thinking about it or worrying about it.
Prim and proper » Behaving in the correct manner, never breaking the rules of etiquette.
Primrose   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Primrose path » A pleasurable lifestyle, but one that leads to unpleasantness and problems.
Prince charming » The perfect man in the life of a woman.
Private dick » Detective, private investigator.
Problem is thirty » Problem is the person sitting 30 cm in front of the computer display.
Proclaim it from the rooftops » To make known. Shouting from the rooftops can be heard a long way.
Prodigal son » A young man who spends a lot of money lavishly.
Proof is in the pudding » Sth can only be judged by it's results or by testing.
Pros and cons » Two sides of an issue. What's good and bad about sth.
Proud as      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Proud as a peacock » An extremely proud person.
Pull (it) out of the fire » To save or rescue sth.
Pull a rabbit out of a/your hat » To do something unexpected that may have seemed impossible.
Pull down » To demolish any structure.
Pull in the reins » To slow down or stop sth that has been out of control.
Pull no punches » To hold nothing back.
Pull out all the stops » To do everything humanly possible to achieve the desired result. All out.
Pull strings » Use your contacts and connections to help to get what you want.
Pull tee  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Pull teeth » To do something very difficult or unpleasant.
Pull the cover/wool over one's eyes » To con, deceive, trick or fool sn.
Pull the fat from the fire » To help someone in a with a difficult problem.
Pull the plug » To end sth. To bring something to an end.
Pull up the shocks » Do things in the right manner and correctly.
Pull wires » To manage the show by secret influence.
Pull your chain » Taking advantage of you or do sn to annoy you.
Pull your punches » Not using the full power or authority that you have.
Pull you      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Pull your socks up » Said to someone that should improve the way they are behaving.
Pull your weight » To put forth your full share of effort, especially in work group.
Pull yourself together » Calm down and behave normally. Get a grip on yourself.
Pull yourself up by your bootstraps » Make the effort to better yourself.
Pull(ing) my/your leg » To tease someone or make a joke by telling them a fib.
Punch above one's weight » Performing beyond your ability.
Punching bag » Sn who gets lots of unfair criticism.
Pup's chance » No chance.
Puppy lo          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Puppy love » Love between two very young people. Often a first love.
Purple prose » Writing with obvious use of certain effects, as exaggerated sentiment or pathos.
Push comes to shove » A situation has worsened and you are forced to do sth.
Push the envelope » Go to the limits. To go beyond what has been done before.
Pushing up (the) daisies » Euphemism for dying or death. Dead and buried.
Put a bug in your ear » Plant a reminder or suggestion for sth in the future.
Put a sock/cork in it » To be quiet; to stop talking.
Put all one's eggs in one basket » To risk everything at once.
Put in a      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Put in a nutshell » To say in a few words. To be concise.
Put in cold storage » To forget or neglect sth.
Put lipstick on a pig » Make superficial or cosmetic changes, hoping to make a product attractive or acceptable.
Put nose out of joint » You upset them by not treating them with as much respect or consideration.
Put off » To postpone.
Put on the back burner » Leave it for later. Downgrade its priority.
Put one's foot down » To take a firm stand; to insist, demand, or refuse.
Put one's mind to it » To apply oneself; to channel one's effort toward a particular goal.
Put some          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Put some mustard on it!  » Tell sn to throw a ball really hard or fast.
Put somebody's nose out of joint » Irritate sn or make them angry.
Put someone on a pedestal » To admire sn greatly or to idolize them.
Put someone out to pasture » Forced to resign or give up some activities.
Put something on ice » Put a project on hold.
Put the cart before the horse » Doing things in a wrong manner.
Put the cat among the pigeons » To create a disturbance and cause trouble.
Put the kibosh on » To stop sth or an end to sth.
Put the        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Put the pedal to the metal » Step on it. Push the accelerator pedal down to the floor. To go faster.
Put to the sword » To be killed or executed.
Put two and two together » To reach a correct conclusion or solution.
Put up or shut up » Either do sth you are talking about or stop talking about it any more.
Put wool over other people's eyes » To deceive someone. Lead sn astray.
Put you in the picture » To give information they need to know about sth.
Put your best foot forward » Be on your best behavior. To do your best.
Put your cards on the table » Make your thoughts, plans or ideas known, or very clear.
Put your     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Put your foot in your mouth » Inadvertently saying sth stupid or embarrassing.
Put your hand on your heart » Saying something and showing that you know it to be true.
Put your heads together » Get together and talk. Exchange ideas about sth.
Put your mind to it » To think very long and hard about sth.
Put your money where your mouth is » To back up their words with action or betting money.
Put your own house in order » Should solve their own problems before telling someone else how to solve theirs.
Put your thumb on the scales » To influence the result of sth toward your own favour.
Put yourself in my place/shoes » Presume that you are me. What if you were me? Empathy.
Put/get        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Put/get someone's back up » To greatly annoy sn.
Put/keep you in mind » Sn will remember and contact you if sth turns up.
Putting the cart before the horse » Doing something the wrong way round, or wrong order.
Pyrrhic victory » The winner suffers so much trying to win, that it's not worth winning.
Quaking in your boots » Very scared and frightened.
Quality time » Spending time doing things with others that enrich your lives and improve your relationship.
Quantum leap » A major step in the development of something, or in the improvement of sth.
Quarrel with bread and butter » Arguing with the boss. Quarreling with a higher-up may lose his job.
Queen be  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Queen bee » A woman who holds the most important position in a place.
Queer as a three-dollar bill » About something very peculiar.
Queer fish » A very strange person.
Queer the pitch » Destroy or ruin a plan.
Question mark over someone » Some doubt about one's future or their ability to do sth.
Quick and dirty » Remedied with great speed. Not the best fix, but a fast one.
Quick as a flash/wink/lightning » Extremely fast.
Quick fix » Fast and easy repair or solution, but usually short-term, solution to a problem.
Quick of        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Quick off the mark » Quick to react to an event or an opportunity. No hesitation.
Quick on the trigger/draw » Acting quickly when solving problems or answering questions.
Quick on the uptake » You're smart and you can understand things quickly.
Quick study » Fast learner. You can learn new things quickly.
Quid pro quo » Doing something on the understanding that something will be done for you in return.
Quiet as a cat » To make as little noise as possible. Being unnoticeable.
Quiet as a mouse » To make absolutely no noise.
Quit while you're ahead » Stop doing something that's rewarding but risky before something bad happens.
Quite a         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Quite a bit/lot (of something) » You have a fairly large amount of it.
R.I.P. » Abbreviation for "Rest In Peace".
Rack and ruin » Utterly destroyed or wrecked.
Rack your brain(s) » Hard to remember something or think of a solution to a problem or a puzzle.
Rags to riches » Start out very poor and you become very rich.
Rain cats and dogs » Raining very heavily.
Rain check » An offer or deal that is declined right now but willing to accept later.
Rain on your/someone's parade » To spoil sth. To ruin your pleasure or your plans.
Rain or      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Rain or shine » Regardless of the weather. Stop at nothing.
Raining cats and dogs » Raining really hard or very heavily. A downpour. Cloud burst.
Raise a stink » To complain loudly; to make a fuss.
Raise the bar » To raise standards or expectations.
Raising eyebrows » Hard to believe or trust. Doing something risque.
Raison d'ętre » Reason for living. The most important thing in your life.
Rake someone over the coals » To criticize or scold them severely.
Rally the troops » To gather friends together.
Rank and  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Rank and file » Common man.
Raring to go » Eager, full of energy. Can't wait to get started on whatever it is you are going to do.
Rat race » Highly competitive, hectic and stressful world of work and business.
Raw deal » You weren't treated fairly or as well as other people.
Ray of sunshine » Bringing happiness to sn.
Reach for the moon/stars » Aiming to achieve something great, or do something very challenging.
Read 'em and weep » Finding out that you lost. Sn telling you they won and you lost.
Read between the lines » To detect a meaning that is not stated explicitly.
Read som   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Read someone like a book » To understand someone very well.
Real McCoy » Genuine, and not a fake or a copy.
Recharge your batteries » Regaining or replenishing your energy after a period of hard work.
Recipe for disaster » A mixture of people and events that could only result in big trouble.
Red carpet (treatment) » A special welcome showing your importance.
Red flag » A warning sign that sn/sth is in danger or there is a problem.
Red herring » A distraction from the real issues.
Red letter day » A very important day. A very good day, when something special happens.
Red ligh    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Red light district » Area of a town or city in which prostitutes work.
Red tape » Excessive formality and paperwork required before official action can be taken.
Red-eye » Late night airline flight arriving early in the morning.
Red-faced » Blushing or flushed with embarrassment, anger, etc.
Red-hot » Very hot; creating much excitement or demand. Intensely excited or enthusiastic; very fresh or new.
Reduce to ashes » Burned, destroyed, demolished or made useless.
Reduce to tears » Becoming so sad and unhappy that you start crying.
Ride 'em, cowboy! » A cheer people yell at rodeos. When cowboys ride untamed bulls and wild horses.
Right ar        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Right around the corner » Soon in time. Close in proximity.
Right as rain » Needed, appropriate, essential, or hoped-for. Means perfect, absolutely right.
Right hand man / Man Friday » An assistant or companion, usually a capable one.
Right off the bat » Immediately, done in a hurry, without delay.
Right on the money » Exact; precise; exactly right.
Right out of the gate » Right from the beginning. From the start.
Right up your street/alley »  A perfect fit for you or ideal for your skills and interests.
Ring fencing » Financial protection. Safeguard assets or funds. To lower tax liability.
Rings a   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Rings a bell / Ring any bells? » Sounds familiar. Recalling a memory. To remember sth.
Rise and shine » Wake up call. Time to get out of bed and get ready for work/school.
Rock bottom » The lowest possible level.
Rock the boat » Do or say something that will upset people or cause problems.
Rode hard and put away wet » A very hard life. No proper care.
Roll the dice » To gamble or take a chance on sth. Take a risk with the hope of gain.
Roll with the punches » To tolerate, endure and continue through unexpected happenings.
Roller coaster (ride) » Emotional highs and lows. Really good and bad times, alternating.
Rome was      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Rome was not built in a day » Big projects or huge undertakings take time.
Root hog or die poor » You must look out for yourself as no one's going to do it for you.
Rose colored glasses » A distorted view. A cheerful or optimistic view of things, usually without valid basis.
Round the clock » 24 hours a day. All day and all night long.
Round the houses » Doing something inefficiently when there was a quicker convenient way.
Round the twist » Go crazy.
Round up » To arrest. To gather things together.
RSVP » Abbreviation for 'Please reply'.
Rub it i        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Rub it in » Keep on talking about something that embarrasses or upsets sn.
Rub shoulders » Meet and spend time with the powerful and famous. Up close and personal.
Rub the wrong way » To tick someone off. To be rude, impolite or irritate sn.
Ruffle someone's feathers » Doing something to upset or annoy them. On purpose or accidentally.
Rule of thumb » A rough estimate. An unwritten rule. Common sense.
Run around like a chicken with its head cut off » To do something in a frenzied manner.
Run for cover » To seek shelter or protection quickly. Hurry to a warm dry place.
Run into » Come across.
Run into         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Run into the ground » To ruin something through over use, improper use.
Run into the sand » Fail to achieve a result. Come to nothing.
Run like the wind » Run fast.
Run of the mill » Ordinary and nothing special.
Run out of steam » To be completely out of energy.
Run rings/circles around someone » Doing something much better than they do.
Running around like a headless chicken » To carry on in a disorganised manner. A state of panic.
Running on fumes » To continue to stay awake when feeling exhausted.
Runs dee    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Runs deep » Entrenched, or ingrained.
Sacred cow » Held in such respect that it cannot be criticised or attacked. Unassailable.
Safe and sound » Not being harmed even though you may have been in danger. You're OK. All is well.
Sail through something » Being successful in doing something without difficulty.
Sail under false colors » False identity. Pretending to be sn or sth else in order to deceive people.
Salad days » An especially happy period of your life.
Salt of/on the earth » Fundamentally good people.
Salt something away » To store something for future use.
Salty do          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Salty dog » An experienced sailor.
Same old, same old » Nothing has changed. It's the same old thing.
Sands of time » Tiny amounts of time.
Save the day » Do something to ensure success or to solve a serious problem.
Saved by the bell » Saved by a last minute intervention. Saved at the last possible moment.
Saving for a rainy day » Saving money for later.
Say what? » Asking someone to repeat what they have said. An act of surprise.
Scapegoat » Sn else who takes the blame.
Scarce a         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Scarce as hen's teeth » Extremely rare or nonexistent.
Scared to death » Extremely frightened.
Scattered to the four winds » Widely dispersed.
Scope out » To scout; to investigate; to check out. To case the joint.
Scot free » Getting away from custody, punishment, or any type of risky situation. Escape. To go unpunished.
Scrape by » Have just enough but not more.
Scrape the bottom of the barrel » The very last, or the very worst. Nothing left.
Scratch the surface » Examine only a part of sth. Uncover only a few facts about sth.
Screw th       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Screw the pooch » To screw up; to fail in dramatic and ignominious fashion.
Sea change » A big change in perspective. To undergo a complete transformation. A striking change.
Second thought » I changed my mind.
See eye to eye » To agree; to have similar views; to get along.
See red » To become very angry; to be furious.
See the light » I get it. To realise or understand sth. To suddenly understand sth.
See through rose-colored glasses » See things as being better than they really are.
See which way the cat jumps » Before acting or making a decision, see how things are developing.
Self exp          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Self explanatory » Easy to understand without an explanation. No one needs to explain it to you.
Sell like hot cakes » To sell fast. To be very popular and sought after.
Sell someone a pup » Accept or believe something that turns out to be worthless.
Separate (the) sheep from (the) goats » Sort out the good from the bad.
Set straight » To correct with accurate information.
Set teeth on edge » To irritate sn.
Set the world on fire » Do something that creates a lot of excitement and makes you famous.
Set your sights on something » Sth becomes the target of your ambition or the object of your attention.
Settle a         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Settle a score » Sn who hurt or insulted you in the past. Get even. Revenge.
Seven-year itch » A desire to cheat on one's spouse said to manifest after seven years of marriage.
Shades of grey » Things are not clear. Things are vague or have very sketchy details. A state of uncertainty.
Shaggy dog story » A joke which is a long story with a silly ending.
Shake a leg » To go fast, hurry. Get with it.
Shanks's pony » Walking, traveling by foot.
Shape up or ship out » Either start performing better or leave.
Sharks are circling » Sth is in danger and its enemies are getting ready for the kill.
Shed cro     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Shed crocodile tears » To seem hypocritical and insincere. To look sad about something when one is not.
Shed light » To explain sth. Make it easier to understand. To provide information.
Ships passing in the night » A chance but brief one-time meeting between two people.
Shock and awe » Shocking, impressive and intimidating tactics to achieve a certain reaction from others.
Shoestring budgets » Characterized by a small amount of money.
Shoot for the moon » Go for it, no matter how costly or difficult it might be.
Shoot from the hip » To speak directly.
Shoot the breeze » To chat idly or generally waste time talking. Gossip.
Shoot(in  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Shoot(ing) yourself in the foot » Harming yourself by doing something stupid or making a silly mistake.
Shooting fish in a barrel » Frivolously performing a simple task. Something easy of good value. Child's play.
Short end of the stick » Getting the bad end of a deal. Receiving the least desirable outcome from sth.
Short horse soon curried » A slight task soon completed. Something easy.
Shot in the arm » Gives sn or an organisation renewed energy or enthusiasm. Encouragement.
Shot in the dark » An attempt that has little chance for success.
Shove it (up your #%*) » Tell someone off severely (extremely rude).
Show (the) white feather » To act like a coward.
Show you          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Show your true colours » Show what you're really like, or you reveal your true character.
Showing the door » Asking someone to leave.
Shrug off » To disregard; to minimize the importance of sth.
Shut the barn door after the hours is gone » Correcting a problem, when it's too late.
Shut the front door » Sth astonishing, unbelievable.
Sick and tired of something » Feeling bad about something that has been happening a long time.
Sick as a dog » Very sick, violently vomiting. Flu, cold etc.
Sick as a parrot » Unhappy, disappointed or depressed about sth.
Sight fo        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Sight for sore eyes » Glad to see them.
Silence is golden » It is often better to say nothing at all. Keeping your mouth shut can be a great virtue.
Silly goose » They need to stop being nervous or childish and get the job done.
Silver lining » Difficult situations have an advantage or something good about it.
Simmer down » To become calmer and quieter.
Since day one » For a long time. From the beginning.
Sing like a canary » Tell everything they know about a crime or wrongdoing to the police. Spill(ing) your guts.
Sing the blues » To be disappointed or disillusioned.
Sink or        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Sink or swim » Fail or succeed.
Sink your teeth into » Doing something with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.
Sinking fast » To die. Dying or dead.
Sit tight » To wait patiently. Take no action until you hear otherwise.
Sit(ting) on the fence » To avoid taking sides; to be neutral. Undecided.
Sitting duck » An easy target. To be vulnerable.
Sitting pretty » To be in a good financial situation.
Sitting shotgun » Riding in the front passenger seat of a car.
Six feet     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Six feet under » Dead and buried.
Six of one and half a dozen of the other » Little difference between two things.
Six ways from Sunday » Every possible way.
Six-pack (1) » Fit stomach muscles.
Six-pack (2) » Six cans or bottles of beer.
Sixth sense » A supposed paranormal sense that allows you to do uncanny things. ESP.
Skating on thin ice » To do something quite dangerous or risky. A situation that can result in injury.
Skeleton crew » The minimum number of people needed to keep a service or office operating.
Skeleton  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Skeleton in the cupboard/closet » Have a secret in your past which could damage you if it became known.
Skid row » The rundown area of a city where the homeless and drug users live.
Skin of your teeth » Barely made it or just in time.
Sky's the limit » No limit, unlimited.
Slap on the wrist » A very mild punishment for wrong doing.
Sleep on it » Think about it little more (overnight).
Sleep well, don't let the bedbugs bite » Wishing someone a good night's sleep.
Sleep with the fishes » Euphemism for dying or death.
Slip me   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Slip me five » Shake my hand.
Slip of the tongue » Make a small mistake when speaking.
Slip one's mind » To forget or to overlook.
Slow and steady wins the race » Reliability is more important than speed.
Slow as molasses (in January) » Extremely slow.
Slow day » A day in which not much happens. Low level of activity. A lazy day.
Slowly, slowly catchy monkey » Eventually you will achieve your goal.
Sly as a fox » Cunning and experienced, they can get what they want. Often being underhanded.
Small do  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Small dog, tall weeds » Sn who lacks the ability or resources to handle a task or job.
Small fry » Unimportant. The term is often used when the police arrest the less important criminals.
Smash hit » Music, films or book sales which are very successful.
Smell a rat » To know instinctively that sth is wrong or that someone is lying to you.
Smell something fishy » Detecting that something isn't right and there might be a reason for it.
Smoking gun » Indisputable incriminating evidence. Like being caught red handed.
SNAFU » Situation normal, all fouled up.
Snake in the grass » A hidden enemy. A conniving person.
Snake oi      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Snake oil » Advice or medicine which is of no use.
Snake oil salesperson » Sn who promotes something that doesn't work. A charlatan.
Snipe hunt » Sn is tricked into searching for or chasing after something that does not exist.
Snowed under » Very busy.
Snuff it » To die. Dying or dead.
Snug as a bug in a rug » Feeling very comfortable. Warm and cozy; content.
So be it » Let it happen.
So far so good » Things are going well so far.
So to sp     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
So to speak » In other words. Similar to. Sort of.
Social butterfly » Sn who can move easily within many different social groups.
Sold me out » To snitch on someone, or let their secret out.
Someone has bought it » To die. Dying or dead.
Something escapes you » Can't remember it.
Something is rotten in Denmark » Sth is strange or suspicious.
Something's fishy » Sth is strange or suspicious.
Son of a gun » A scamp. A worthless, mean or unpleasant person.
Song and  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Song and a dance » An excuse. A long story or explanation that is not true or very exaggerated.
Sooner or later » Eventually, one day. Sometime.
Sort of » Kind of. Nearly, almost, similar to.
Sounds like a broken record » Repeating the same things over and over.
Southpaw » Sn who is left-handed.
Spanner/wrench in the works » Roadblock preventing an activity. Deliberate sabotaging sth.
Speak of the devil » The person we were just talking about showed up!
Speak too soon » Say something and later having turn out to be wrong.
Speak up   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Speak up » Raise your voice to talk very loudly or distinctly. To express your own opinion.
Speak volumes » Expresses a reaction without words.
Speak your mind » Saying what you really feel or think about something.
Speaking of which » Sth in the conversation sparked another thought on the same subject.
Spill the beans » Reveal someone's secret or planned surprise by accident or on purpose.
Spill your guts » To tell everything the whole story. To sing like a canary.
Spin one's wheels » Expend much effort for little or no gain.
Spine-tingling » Sth very horrific or scary.
Spitting       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Spitting image » The exact likeness or kind.
Split one's side » To laugh a lot.
Split the whistle » To arrive just on time.
Spoiler alert » To prevent giving out the plot or punch line of a story, book or movie.
Sprat to catch a mackerel » You make a small risk in the hope of a much greater gain.
Spread eagle » Laid out. Arms and legs extended.
Spring chicken » Very young, often inexperienced.
Spur of the moment » Unplanned, ad hoc. To make a random decision right now.
Square p         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Square peg in round hole(s) » No fit. People in the wrong jobs or places.
Squeaky clean » Legitimate and proper.
Stabbing someone in the back / back stabber » To betray or hurt someone unexpectedly, breaking their trust.
Stakes are high » Sth very important. Betting a lot of money.
Stalking horse » Sth used to conceal your intentions. Disguised, camouflage.
Stand on (one's) own two feet » Be self-sufficient.
Stand one's ground » To firmly maintain one's opinion or position.
Stands to reason » Sth should be so if it seems reasonable. Logical.
Stands/s     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Stands/sticks out like a sore thumb » Everyone notices them because they're different.
Start from scratch » To do it all over again from the beginning.
State of the art » The latest and best example of sth. Recent developments. Latest technology.
Status quo » Current status of affairs. On par, a normal condition.
Stay on track » To stay focused on the goal. Unwavering.
Stay up » Not to sleep. To remain awake late into the night. To be awake past normal bed time.
Steal someone's thunder » To take the credit for something someone else did.
Steer clear of something » Don't go near it because it could harm you or cause you a problem.
Step on   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Step on it » Speed things up. Hurry up. Go faster.
Step up to the plate » Take a responsibility. Getting ready to do sth.
Step up your game » To start performing better.
Stick to your guns » To refuse to compromise or change your mind.
Stick with your goal/stick with it » To continue doing sth.
Stick your nose into something » To interfere. to be nosey.
Stir up a hornets' nest » Create or start a disturbance or problem.
Stood to his guns/ground » Maintained to his opinion. Not to give in, resist. Not giving an inch.
Straight         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Straight from the horse's mouth » To hear or get something right from the original authoritative source.
Strain at the leash » They really want to do something that they are prevented from doing at the moment.
Strain every nerve » To try extremely hard to do sth.
Straw that broke the camel's back » The last problem made one too many problems and causes a break down.
Strike a balance » Find or arrive at a good balance of sth.
Strike while the iron is hot » To take advantage of a situation. To get benefit from an existing condition.
Strong as an ox » Exceedingly strong physically.
Strong like bull, dumb like stump » Doing the job the hard way and not the smart way.
Struck s    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Struck several bad patches » Had many professional difficulties.
Stubborn as a mule » Not listen to other people's advice and won't change their way of doing things.
Summer friends » Friends on good days only.
Sunny smile » Very happy. Cheery.
Swallow one's pride » Accepting something humiliating or embarrassing.
Swan song » Farewell appearance; the last act of someone or sth.
Sweat like a pig » They are perspiring (sweating) a lot. In a tough situation.
Sweet as sugar » Very sweet or good-natured.
Swim/sle    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Swim/sleep with the fishes » Dead, especially if they have been murdered.
Swinging for the fences » Giving something your all.
Sword of Damocles » Imminent and ever present danger.
T-boned » Car accident, hard hit in side.
Tables are turned » Situation has changed. Gaining or loosing the advantage.
Tail waging the dog » Sth small or unimportant controlling a larger more important thing.
Take 'em/him out (of the picture) » Eliminate someone for competing or interfering. To remove sn.
Take a back seat » To decrease involvement. But it on the back burner. No longer a priority.
Take a b        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Take a break/breather » Have a short rest. To pause and relax briefly.
Take a chance » To risk sth.
Take a chill pill » A way of telling someone to calm down. Take it easy, relax.
Take a crack at » To attempt sth or to try.
Take a hike » Just get away, get out of here. Leave me alone.
Take a rain check » Postpone a plan.
Take a spill » To fall or trip: to experience a sudden drop.
Take fancy » Suddenly start to like something or sn.
Take fiv   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Take five » Rest briefly or break.
Take for granted » Assume it'll always be there for them, and they don't seem thankful for it.
Take into account » Consider them when making a decision or making plans.
Take it easy » Calm down, relax. Don't over do it. Take it down a notch. Slow down.
Take it on the chin » Don't shy away from difficulty. Stand up for yourself. Face the music.
Take it with a grain of salt » Don't take it too seriously. To strongly doubt sth.
Take part » Join in or play a role in it.
Take someone under your wing » To look after them while they are learning something or growing up. To foster.
Take som     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Take something the wrong way » To misunderstand sn and think they're being critical when they aren't.
Take stock » To think carefully about a situation. Re-evaluate.
Take the biscuit » To be particularly bad, objectionable, or egregious.
Take the bull by (the) horns » Face a problem head on.
Take the cake » To be especially good or outstanding.
Take the cloth » To become a priest.
Take the heat » To endure the consequences, blame, anger, or scrutiny.
Take the plunge » Decide to do something you really want to do even though it's risky and possibly dangerous.
Take to    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Take to (one's) heels » To run away. To run very fast.
Take to task » To scold sn.
Take up the gauntlet » To accept the challenge.
Take up the reins » To assume control of sth. To take over.
Take what someone says with a pinch of salt » Regard something as exaggerated. Take something lightly.
Take your medicine » To accept the consequences of something you have done wrong.
Take(s) no prisoners » To kill the enemy rather than seize them as prisoners.
Taking off the gloves / the gloves are off » People start to argue or fight in a more serious way.
Taking s         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Taking something for face value » Accepting something as it really is. Not thinking more of it than necessary.
Taking the mickey out » Making fun of them or copying their behaviour for a laugh.
Talk a blue streak » Talk continuously, rapidly, or interminably.
Talk over » To discuss.
Talk the hind legs off a donkey » Excessively or extremely talkative. Persuasive.
Talk the talk » Eloquence. Verbalizing support for yourself. To convince others.
Talk turkey » To discuss a problem with a real intention to solve it. Frank and to the point.
Talk your/one's ear off » A gabby talkative person. Gift of gab.
Talking        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Talking through your hat » Talking about sth not knowing much about it. Claim a thing is true when it isn't.
Talking to a brick wall » Talking to someone who is not or will not listen.
Tall order » Sth hard to do or difficult to achieve.
Tall tale » A greatly exaggerated story.
Tar someone with the same brush » To believe that sn has the same bad qualities as others in a group.
Taste of your own medicine » Sn receiving the same treatment, usually negative, that they give to others.
Tear-jerking/jerker » A story that is sentimental. Something that evokes sadness.
Technically speaking » In technical terms. Expressing the nitty gritty.
Teething    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Teething problems/troubles » Having problems during the early stages of sth.
Tell (someone) a thing or two » Scold.
Tell someone where they can go » Tell someone off, in no uncertain terms!
Tell them where the dog died » You strongly and sharply correct sn.
Tell things apart » See they're not the same by spotting the differences between them.
Ten to one » Introductory phrase to express one's believe that the odds of sth happening are favorable.
Ten-four » Yes (from a radio code).
Ten-spot » Ten-dollar bill.
Test(ing    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Test(ing) the waters » Try sth out first before deciding whether to get involved with it. Trial assessment.
Thank goodness/heavens » A very good thing happened. Being grateful.
That dog won't hunt » An idea or excuse that won't work. It doesn't fly.
That makes two of us » To agree sth is true with the speaker, writer or another person.
That ship has sailed » It's too late.
That'll be the day » It'll never happen. Or something that is highly unlikely.
That's the last straw » My patience has run out.
That's the way the cookie crumbles » Unfair situations must be accepted. There is nothing you ca do about it.
That's t         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
That's tight » That's awesome. Cool.
The apple does not fall far from the tree » Offspring grow up to be like their parents.
The ball is in your court » It is your turn to make the decision. It's up to you.
The bare bones » The main point. Striped down.
The best is yet to come » Sth better is coming.
The best of both worlds » The benefit of widely different situations, enjoyed at the same time.
The best thing since sliced bread » A really good invention.
The bigger they are the harder they fall » A bigger, stronger opponent when defeated hits the ground harder.
The boge      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
The bogeyman » Ghostly, monstrous creature.
The bottom line » End result. At the end of the day. After everything is said and done. What it boils down to.
The bubble has burst » A previously positive situation has encountered a serious problem.
The buck stops here » It is now my responsibility. Problems are resolved here.
The cat's meow » It's great, excellent the best.
The devil is in the details » It looks good from a distance, but a closer look reveals problems.
The early bird gets the worm » The first people who arrive will get the best stuff.
The elephant in the room » The big issue, the problem people are avoiding.
The elev          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
The eleventh hour » At the very last minute before an event. The latest moment possible, before it is too late.
The fat is in the fire » Serious trouble has broken out.
The gloves are off / Taking off the gloves » People start to argue or fight in a more serious way.
The green-eyed monster » The feeling of being jealous.
The holy grail » The most important object or goal.
The icing on the cake » Sth that turns good into great.
The last straw » Last thing that causes everything to fail or fall apart.
The lights are on but no-body's home » A stupid person. Not paying attention.
The monk      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
The monkey is on your back » You now have a burden or problem.
The old one-two » To get one up on sn. Throwing two bunches in quick succession.
The other day » Recently, a few days ago, sometime in the near past.
The other side of the coin » Another version of a story or event. Possibly a contradictory version.
The pen is mightier than the sword » Ideas expressed in writing can be stronger than physical armies.
The pits » A miserable or unpleasant situation.
The pot calling the kettle black » Sn criticizing others for doing the same bad thing. Hypocrite.
The rank and file » The ordinary members of an organization and not its leaders.
The sque    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
The squeaky wheel gets the grease/oil » Speak up for what you want or need.
The stars have aligned » The moment is right. Just in time. Something can be done now.
The tip of the iceberg » To only see a very small part of a problem. To not have the full scope of an issue.
The ups and downs » There are good times and bad times.
The very thing » It's exactly what's needed.
The whole nine yards » Everything. All of it. The whole ball of wax.
The worse for wear » In a poor condition.
The worst is yet to come » Sth worse is yet to come.
The year         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
The year one / Year dot » Talking about a very, very long time ago.
Their bark is worse than their bite » Angry, shouting and making threats, but doesn't do anything.
There are clouds on the horizon » Trouble is coming.
There are many ways to skin a cat » There are a lot of different ways of doing the same thing.
There are other fish in the sea » It's OK to miss this opportunity. Others will arise.
There's a dead cat on the line » Sth suspicious is happening.
There's a method to his madness » He seems crazy but actually he's clever.
There's more than meets the eye » More to it than known at first. Everything has not been told.
There's    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
There's more than one way to skin a cat » Many different ways or methods to do the same thing.
There's no I in team » Cooperation, team work, working together. Not working alone.
There's no place like home » To have an affinity for one's home. Home sweet home.
There's no such thing as a free lunch » Sth that seems free may have a charge levied in another form.
There's no time like the present » Right now is the best time asks to do sth.
Thick and thin » Including both good times and bad times.
Things are looking up » Things are improving. Getting better all the time.
Think about it » It'll dawn on you sooner or later.
Think be   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Think better of something » Decide not to do it even though you'd made plans to do it.
Think on your feet » Adjusting quickly to changes and making fast decisions.
Think outside the box » Think differently. To think of unconventional and unusual solutions.
Think the world of someone » Admire and respect them very much.
Think twice » To reconsider sth. To consider very carefully before proceeding.
Third times a charm » After no success the first two times, the third try is a lucky one.
This is baloney » This is nonsense, over exaggeration.
Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones » These people shouldn't criticize others.
Those wh  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Those whom the gods love die young » To die. Dying or dead.
Thousand pound gorilla in the room » The biggest problem in a relationship between two or more people.
Threaded his way out » Walked carefully through.
Three cheers » Praise.
Three hots and a cot » Jails or prisons as a places where three hot meals and a bed are provided.
Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead » It's very hard to keep secrets.
Three R's » Reading, writing, and arithmetic.
Three sheets to the wind » Being drunk.
Three sq    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Three squares a day » Three complete meals each day.
Three strikes » Three chances before suffering a consequence.
Three-alarm fire » Exciting as a major structural fire.
Three-ring circus » Confused or noisy activity. Folly, a joke.
Through the roof » Becoming very angry and mad. Also: suddenly and excessively high.
Through thick and thin » Under all conditions, both good and bad times.
Throw a monkey wrench into the works » Sth that causes failure. To ensure that sth doesn't succeed. Sabatage.
Throw an idea around » Casually considered an idea in a group.
Throw ca  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Throw caution to the wind » Take a risk.
Throw cold water (on) » Discourage.
Throw in the towel » Give up, quit, surrender.
Throw pearls to the pigs » To give someone something better than they deserve or will appreciate.
Throw someone the deep end » Give them a serious problem to deal with. Swim or sink.
Throw someone to the wolves » They are abandoned and have to face trouble without any support.
Throw the baby out with the bathwater » To remove something good while getting rid of something bad.
Throw the book at » To charge or convict (someone) being as severe as possible.
Throw un        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Throw under the bus » To betray or sacrifice someone for selfish reasons. Inconsiderate.
Thumb one's nose » To express scorn or to disregard. Contempt.
Tickety-boo » Everything is fine, no problems.
Tickled pink » Greatly pleased.
Tie one on » To get drunk.
Tie the knot » To get married.
Tight-lipped » Unwilling to speak about an event. Out of secrecy or privacy.
Tighten your belt » Try to spend less money.
Till the         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Till the cows come home » A very long time.
Time after time » Doing something again and again, or repeatedly. Over and over.
Time flies / how time flies » Time seems to go by fast. Time can get away form us.
Time flies when you're having fun » You don't notice how long something lasts when it's fun.
Time is money » Work quickly don't waste time.
Time will tell » Sth that will not be proven until a later date. A question answered at a later date.
Tip of the iceberg » The small easily visible part of a larger problem.
Tit for tat » Retaliation, reprisal, counterattack, comeback or revenge. Eye for eye.
To be a    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
To be a good Samaritan » To be kind and compassionate to someone in distress.
To be at one's beck and call » Under one's absolute control.
To be born with a plastic spoon in one's mouth » Born into a poor and/or unimportant family.
To be born with a silver spoon in one's mouth » Born into a rich and/or important family.
To be dog cheap » Very cheap.
To be hard up » To be short of money. Also: in need of sex.
To be in the doldrums » To feel sad and lack of energy to do sth.
To be on the horns of a dilemma » To have a choice between two equal evils.
To be up        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
To be up in the air » Things are uncertain or unsure. Definite plans have not been made yet.
To beat black & blue » To beat mercilessly.
To beat the band » Very much; very fast.
To bell the cat » To take great risks. Some plans are ill advised or less feasible.
To bite the dust » To break/fail/die/give out.
To blow a fuse » Becoming very angry.
To blow one's own trumpet » To boast or brag.
To break the back of » To make anything weaker.
To burn      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
To burn one's fingers » To suffer.
To bury the hatchet » To forget about arguments and disagreements with sn.
To catch a tartar » To deal with sn/sth that proves unexpectedly troublesome or powerful.
To crow over » To exult your triumph over sn.
To cry over spilt milk » To feel sorry for what has happened.
To cry wolf » To cry or complain about something when nothing is really wrong.
To draw a blank » To fail to remember sth. To get no response.
To draw the line » To set limits. To separate one thing from another.
To each          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
To each their/his own » Everyone is entitled to personal preferences. We all like different things.
To eat one's heart out » To suffer silently, bitterly.
To egg someone on » To urge someone to do something that is usually negative.
To end in smoke » To fail.
To farm (something) out » To have someone else do something. To send something away to have it done.
To fish in troubled waters » Becoming involved in a difficult situation, hoping to gain some advantage.
To get bent out of shape » To get upset.
To get into hot water » To get into trouble.
To get o        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
To get over something » To get past a difficult time. No longer worry about, no longer affects you.
To give someone the cold shoulder » Unfriendly behavior toward sn.
To go against the tide » To do the opposite of what other people are doing.
To go like a bomb » To move fast.
To go to the dogs » To be ruined.
To hang by thread » To be in a critical condition or situation.
To have a bun in the oven » To be pregnant. To be expecting a baby.
To have an axe to grind » To have a selfish interest to serve.
To have      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
To have one's finger in too many pies » Involved in too many things at the same time.
To have too many irons in the fire » Working with or processing too many projects or other things in hand.
To hear something straight from the horse's mouth » To hear something from the authoritative source.
To hit the nail on the head » Doing or saying exactly the right thing. To do the right thing at the right time.
To hold water » Reasonable. To be logical.
To kill two birds with one stone » To do two things at the same time.
To let the cat out of the bag » To reveal a secret.
To live from hand to mouth » To live with great difficulty. Poverty.
To look   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
To look through colored glasses » To see things not as they are. Distorted view.
To lose face » To do something which makes other people stop respecting you.
To make a clean breast of » To confess fully one's faults.
To make a fortune » To become rich.
To make a long face » To look depressed.
To make a long story short » Cutting to the chase. Cutting the crap, getting to the point. Abbreviated.
To make matters worse » Make a problem or situation worse.
To move heaven and earth » To do everything possible to achieve the result.
To pick      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
To pick a hole in my coat » To find a mistake with sth someone did or said.
To pitch in » To contribute or help with sn/sth or to join in.
To play fast and loose » To act in an unreliable way. Act carelessly or irresponsibly
To pour oil on troubled waters » To do something to make people stop arguing and to calm down.
To pull off pieces » To rebuke or scold.
To put in a nutshell » To say in a few words. To be concise.
To put one's foot down » To exert your authority to prevent something from happening.
To put the cart before the horse » To do a thing in a wrong way or wrong order.
To read     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
To read between the lines » To try to understand the full or hidden meaning.
To see eye to eye with » Agree.
To show the white feather » To act like a coward.
To steal someone's thunder » To take credit for something someone else did.
To strain every nerve » To try extremely hard to do sth.
To take the bull by horns » To face difficulties boldly.
To take to one's heels » To run very fast.
To take up the gauntlet » To accept the challenge.
To the m        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
To the manner born » Place of one's birth.
To touch base » To contact sn. Bring someone up to date. Check in, check up, check on.
To turn a blind eye » To refuse to acknowledge sth which you know to be true and real.
To turn one's back on » To deny or reject or abandon.
To turn over a new leaf » To change for the better. Start sth new.
To turn the corner » To begin to improve.
To twist someone's arm » Convincing someone what to do or think.
To water (something) down / Water down » To make weaker; to dilute. Lessen the intensity. Dimminish.
To wet o    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
To wet one's whistle » To take a drink, especially an alcoholic drink.
To/until my dying day » To die. Dying or dead.
Tongue in cheek » Not really meaning what one is saying or writing.
Tongue tied » Difficulty in expressing yourself because of nervousness or embarrassment.
Too many cooks spoil the soup/broth/stew » Too many people trying to manage something simply spoil it.
Toot/blow one's own horn » To praise oneself; to brag or boast.
Top dog » The most important or influential person, group, company or country.
Top drawer » High quality, exceptional; something that's very good or valuable. The best.
Touch ba        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Touch base » To contact sn. Bring someone up to date. Check in, check up, check on.
Tough as woodpecker lips » Very strong, resilient and tough.
Tough(ing) it out » To remain resilient even in hard times; enduring. Stick with it.
Treasure trove » A priceless or valuable assortment. A store of precious or wonderful things.
Tricks of the trade » Clever or expert way of doing sth. Learned from experience.
Trip the light fantastic » To dance.
True-blue » Unwaveringly loyal or faithful.
Tug of War » A popular rope pulling game. A back and forth struggle of some sort. A struggle for authority.
Tune in   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Tune in » To focus or concentrate on sth.
Tune out » Ignore someone or sth.
Turn a blind eye » To pretend not to have noticed. Purposefully ignoring or overlooking sth.
Turn back the clock » Go back in time.
Turn one's back on » To deny or reject or abandon.
Turn over a new leaf » To forget the past and start again with the intention of doing better.
Turn turtle » It turns upside down.
Turn up one's nose » To reject. Snooty.
Turn you      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Turn your back on » Give up on, or abandon.
Turned a deaf ear » Disregarded. Ignored. Did nothing about something, took no action.
Twenty three skidoo » To be turned away.
Twenty-four seven » All the time, from the count of twenty-four hours and seven days per week.
Twentysomething » In one's twenties (also thirtysomething, etc.).
Twist someone's arm » Convincing someone to do or think sth.
Two a penny » Orinary, common or widespread.
Two can play that game » Possibility that one who has treated another badly may be treated that way in return.
Two cent          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Two cents' worth » Advice.
Two down, one to go » Two things are completed, a third is to be started and finished. Almost done.
Two heads are better than one » Twice the brain power can solve more complex problems. More things accomplished.
Two left feet » An awkward dancer. Uncoordinated.
Two of a kind » A pair, twins.
Two peas in a pod » Two people who are very similar.
Two shakes of a lamb's tail » A very brief period of time.
Two strikes » Said of sn/sth that is close to going out or ending. Nearly over.
Two wron   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Two wrongs don't make a right » Doing something wrong in response to another wrong is not justified.
Two-timer » Sn who cheats on a partner.
Ugly duckling » A child showing little promise, but later develops into a real talent or beauty.
Um and ah » You're having trouble deciding what to say. Having trouble telling someone sth.
Uncharted waters » Unfamiliar situation. You have no experience of something and don't know what might happen.
Under a cloud » Suspected of doing wrong. A cloud of suspicion.
Under fire » Being severely attacked and criticized heavily.
Under lock and key » Locked away, stored very securely. Heavily guarded.
Under my          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Under my thumb » Under my control.
Under no circumstances » Never do it, no matter what happens.
Under one's breath » Softly spoken; in a whisper.
Under the gun » Under pressure to perform or meet a deadline.
Under the radar » Without attracting notice. Stealthy.
Under the table » Done secretly, usually because it's illegal or unethical.
Under the weather » Feel sick, not feeling good.
Under wraps » Being kept secret.
Under yo  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Under your nose » Unnoticed but right in front of you. Missing something really obvious.
Under your own steam » Doing it without anybody's help.
Until my dying day » To die. Dying or dead.
Until one is blue in the face » For a hopelessly long time.
Until the last dog is dead/shot » Never quit or surrender, continue to the bitter end. Persevere.
Up a blind alley » A course of action that leads to a bad outcome.
Up a creek without a paddle » In a bad or unfortunate situation. Unprepared, ill equipped.
Up a gum tree » You're in trouble or have a serious problem.
Up again          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Up against a brick wall » Very difficult problem and getting nowhere. Making no headway.
Up and coming » Show signs of being successful in their profession.
Up and doing » To be active.
Up and running » Sth is now operational that you've been building or working on.
Up for grabs » Available for anyone who wants to try to get it.
Up in arms » Angry, being roused to the point that you are ready to fight.
Up in the air » They still haven't been decided or settled yet. Unsettled, undecided.
Up the creek » In trouble.
Up the c       Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Up the creek without a paddle » To be in a very difficult situation with no way to improve or rectify it.
Up the wall » In a very bad situation; very upset or anxious.
Up to eleven » To a great degree.
Up to no good » They are doing something bad, or something wrong.
Up to scratch/snuff » It's as good as it should be. As good as it needs to be.
Up to something » Scheming or devising.
Up to the hilt » Completely, fully or entirely.
Up to the mark » To be good enough. As good as expected to meet a minimum standard of quality.
Up to th      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Up to the neck » Deeply involved in something, especially when it's something wrong. To the hilt.
Up to your eyeballs » Got too much of it and it's become a problem. A deep problem.
Up with the lark » Getting up very early.
Uphill battle/struggle/task » Difficult to do because of obstacles such as opposition from other people.
Upper crust » A member of society's highest class.
Upper hand » Have the advantage or you're in the stronger position in a contest or a conflict.
Ups and downs » Good times and bad times. A sequence of good and bad happenings.
Upset the apple cart » Creating difficulty. Upset the status quo. A mistake that angers others.
Use ever          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Use every trick in the book » To use every method possible.
Use your loaf » Use your head. Think smart.
User friendly » Easy to use.
Vale of tears » Suffering what life in the word brings.
Van Gogh's ear for music » Tone deaf.
Vanish into thin air » Disappears completely.
Variety is the spice of life » The more experiences you try the more exciting you life will be.
Vent your spleen » To release all their anger and pent up emotions about sth.
Verbal d      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Verbal diarrhoea » Can't stop talking. Running of at the mouth. Flap jaw.
Very last » The final remaining quantity just before it runs out.
Very well » Agree to do sth. OK.
Vested interest » Strong personal interest in it because you stand to gain from it.
Vicar of Bray » Sn who changes their beliefs and principles to be popular with people.
Vice versa » The opposite, or reverse, order. Turned around backwards.
Vicious circle/cycle » A sequence of events that compound problems. Something keeps getting worse.
Villain of the piece » They are the "bad" person in a situation.
Vim and    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Vim and vigor » Have lots of energy and enthusiasm for life.
Vinegar tits » A mean spirited women lacking in love or compassion.
Virgin territory » Sth that hasn't been explored before. Unexplored territory.
Vis-a-vis » In relation to.
Voice in the wilderness » Expressing an opinion that no one believes or listens to.
Volte face » To make a sudden and complete change in your stance or position over an issue. Flip-flop.
Vote of confidence » Shows you're happy with the quality of something or pleased with someone or their work.
Vote with your feet » Show your opinion of something by acting in a certain way.
Vultures         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Vultures are circling » Sth is in immanent danger. Enemies are getting ready for the kill.
Wag the dog » A diversion away from something of greater importance.
Wait for a raindrop in the drought » Waiting or hoping for something that is extremely unlikely to happen.
Wait, what? » Remark after someone said something unbelievable.
Waiting in the wings » Waiting for an opportunity to take action, mostly to replace someone else in their job.
Wake up and smell the coffee » To face reality; to stop deluding oneself; to become aware.
Wake up call » An occurrence of sorts that brings a problem to someone's attention and realize it needs fixing.
Walk on eggshell(s) » To be careful about one's words or actions around others.
Walking   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Walking on broken glass » When a person is punished for sth. A dangerous situation.
War of words » Having a long argument or dispute with them.
Warts and all » Show it exactly as it is without trying to hide any of its faults or weaknesses.
Wary face » Disappointed look.
Wash your hands » Stop being involved in it after losing your interest or belief in it.
Waste not, want not » Don't waste things and you'll always have enough.
Wasting your breath » What you're saying is being ignored or having no effect.
Watch like a hawk » To observe very closely.
Water do     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Water down / to water (something) down » To make weaker; to dilute. Lessen the intensity. Dimminish.
Water off a duck's back » Being resistant or immune to insults or criticism. Not affected at all.
Water under the bridge » Anything from the past that isn't significant or important anymore. It's history.
Watery grave » To die. Dying or dead.
Wave a white flag » Give up; surrender; yield.
We'll cross that bridge when we come to it » Let's not talk about that problem right now.
Weak at the knees » Feel an emotion so strongly that it makes you feel unstable on your feet.
Weak in/at the knees » To be overcome by a strong feeling.
Wear and        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Wear and tear » Damage caused by using sth.
Wear your heart on your sleeve » To openly and freely express your emotions. To be easily hurt emotionally.
Weasel (your way) out of » Avoiding or evading an obligation, by clever persuasion or even by deception.
Weather a storm » Survive a dangerous event or deal with a difficult situation.
Wee hours » Dawn hours.
Weight is off your shoulders » No longer have to worry about something or deal with something difficult.
Weight one's word » Be careful of what one says.
Well begun is half done » Getting a good start is important.
Wet behi   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Wet behind the ears » Sn either very young or inexperienced. Novice, neophyte, newbie, rookie or greenhorn.
Wet one's whistle » To take a drink, especially an alcoholic drink.
Whale of a time » Activity of great enjoyment.
What a small world » What a coincidence.
What am I, chopped liver? » Sn who feels they've been given less consideration than other(s).
What can you expect from a hog but a grunt? » People can't behave in ways that are not in their character.
What gives? » What is the matter? What is the reason? What's going on?
What goes around comes around » If you do something bad, something bad may happen to you.
What goe    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
What goes up must come down » Things that go up must eventually return to the earth due to gravity.
What it boils down to » The bottom line. End result. At the end of the day. After everything is said and done.
What's good for the goose is good for the gander » To be treated the same way. No double standard.
What's up? » How are you? What's going on?
Wheeling and dealing » Involved in world of making deals and exchanging favours in business or politics, or both.
When all is said and done » In the end; ultimately.
When in Rome, do as the Romans » Copy popular culture. Respect and follow the customs of native people.
When it comes to X » As far as something goes. What it boils down to.
When it     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
When it rains it pours » Everything is going wrong at once.
When pigs (can) fly » It'll never happen. Something very improbable or impossible. No way, never.
When the chickens come home to roost » Sth bad one did in the past will catch up with them.
When the going gets tough, the tough get going » Become tougher as the need arises. Never give up, persevere.
When the rubber hits the road » Sth is about to begin or happen, get ready, get serious, this is it.
When you are in a hole, stop digging » Don't make thing worse on yourself by continuing to do wrong.
Where there's a will, there's a way » You can do something if you really want to. Willpower is strong.
Whets your appetite » Makes you want something, or it stimulates your desire for sth.
Which ca      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Which came first the chicken or the egg? » Not clear who or what caused sth.
While the cat's away, the mice will play » When authority is absent, the underlings may do improper things.
White elephant » An (unnecessary) expensive burden; costing far too much money to run and maintain.
White heat/hot » Intense heat; a stage of intense activity, excitement, feeling, etc.
White lie » A lie you consider to be small. Little white lie. A minor, polite, or harmless lie.
Whitewash » Deceptive words or actions, used to cover up or gloss over faults, errors, or wrongdoing.
Whole bag of tricks » Many clever means or things to achieve sth with.
Whole ball of wax » Everything. All of it. The whole nine yards.
Whole ki   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Whole kit and kabootle » Everything and more. Including the kitchen sink.
Whole nine yards » Everything. All of it.
Whole shebang » The entire thing; everything.
Why buy the cow when you can get free milk » Men avoid marriage, and get 'benefits' without being married.
Why keep a dog and bark yourself? » Don't do trivial things yourself when someone else can do it for you.
Wide of the mark » Isn't true or accurate, or it misses the target.
Wild and woolly » Uncultured and without laws.
Wild goose chase » A frustrating or lengthy undertaking that accomplishes little. A waste of time.
Wild hai      Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Wild hair up you arse » Doing something uncommon or very unlikely for you.
Wilder than a peach orchard boar » Sn who is out of control or running wild.
Win (something) hands down » To win easily. Winning by a wide margin.
Wind up » To complete or to bring to the end.
Wine and dine » When someone is treated to an expensive or exceptional meal.
Wishful thinking » Fanciful thinking what we want to happen. Day dreaming.
With a grain of salt » To accept a statement with doubt as to its complete truth or veracity.
With bells on » When you are delighted and eager to go somewhere.
With fly   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
With flying colors » Exceptionally well. Surpassing. Pass test easily and get high marks.
With tongue in cheek » Not really meaning what one is saying or writing. Not serious.
With your last/dying breath » To die. Dying or dead.
Within a whisker » Very nearly manage to do it, but don't succeed. Close but no cigar.
Without a doubt » For certain.
Wolf in sheep's clothing » Sn who conceals his evil intentions or character behind an innocent exterior.
Wooden spoon » Prize for the last place in a contest. Booby prize.
Work like a dog » Work very hard with small pay.
Work one  Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Work one's butt/arse off » To work very hard.
Work your fingers to the bone » You work extremely hard on sth. Work like a dog or a slave.
Work your socks/tail off » To work very hard.
Work/worked/works like a charm » Works very well or has the desired effect.
World is your oyster » Getting everything you want from life.
World of good » Makes you feel a lot better.
Worm (out) information » To persuade them to tell you something they wanted to keep from you.
Worm turns » People stop accepting a bad situation and become hostile.
Worm's e         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Worm's eye view » A view from below, either physically or socially.
Worse for wear » Has been damaged by being used a lot. A person that doesn't feel well.
Worth its weight in gold » Extremely valuable or extremely useful.
Worth one's salt » Worth one's salary. Valuble.
Worth your while » Benefits you more than the value, time or effort that it requires.
Wouldn't be caught dead » Would never do something or a certain thing.
Wouldn't harm a fly » Nonviolent; someone who is mild or gentle. Pacifist. Dove as opposed to hawk.
Wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole » Assiduously avoiding sth.
Wrap it   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Wrap it up / that's a wrap » Finished. Done. It's all over.
Wrap your head around something » Understand something complicated.
Wrench in the works » Monkey wrench thrown into the works, will ruin a plan or destroy sth.
Writing/handwriting is on the wall » Signs sn or organization is in trouble and might soon fail. Warning.
X marks the spot » Location of something valuable and hidden. A treasure on a map.
X(ing) (something) out / xed out » To cross out or scribble over. To make illegible.
X-double minus » Sth very poorly done. Bad, terrible.
X-factor » Having a certain charismatic appeal and magnetic quality.
X-rated        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
X-rated » Not suitable for children to see or learn about. Pornographic.
Xerox subsidy » Using the office photocopier for personal use.
Xoxo » Hugs and kisses.
Yada Yada Yada » Notifying sn of what they're saying is predictable, boring or jabbering. Blah, Blah, blah.
Yak-yak / yakety-yak / yakib-yak » Small talk. Jabbering about little things. A lot of unimportant talk.
Yank my chain » Sn did sth to bother you.
Yard/garage sale » A sale to get rid of unwanted or unused things.
Year dot / the year one » Talking about a very, very long time ago.
Year in,          Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Year in, year out » Happens every year for many years in a row.
Yell bloody murder » An angry and loud protest. A scream out of fear.
Yellow bell(y/ied)/livered » A coward. Not brave. Very timid.
Yellow journalism/press » Sensationalist stories are used to boost sales.
Yellow streak (down one's back) » To be a coward.
Yellow streak » A coward. Not brave. Chicken.
Yeoman's service » To serve in an exemplary manner. Good service and assistance.
Yes siree bob » Very positive but informal - Yes! Yes, absolutely!
Yes-man    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Yes-man » Sn who always agrees with people in authority.
Yesterday's man/woman » Sn whose career is over or on the decline.
Yoo-hoo » A call to attract your attention.
You are what you eat » In order to stay healthy you must eat healthy foods.
You asked for it! » when you think someone deserves the punishment they're getting or the trouble they're in.
You bet / you bet your boots/life » To strongly agree with a sth. That's for sure, of course.
You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar » You csn get what you want by being nice.
You can choose your friends, but can't choose your family » Make the best of what you are dealt in life.
You can           Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
You can lead a horse to water, but can't make it drink » You can't force someone to make the right decision.
You can say that again » To agree strongly with what someone just said. Like saying 'amen brother'.
You can't fight City Hall » Winning a fight with a large organization or government is next to impossible.
You can't have your cake and eat it too » You can't have everything the way you want it.
You can't hide elephants in mouse holes » There are situations that must be dealt with that can't be ignored.
You can't judge a book by it's cover » You shouldn't make judgments based only on appearances.
You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear » Somethings can't be improved upon. You are stuck with them.
You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs » Sometimes sacrifices have to be made to achieve great things.
You can'         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
You can't take it with you » Enjoy what you have now. When you die, someone else gets what you had.
You can't teach an old dog new tricks » Older people are set in their ways. It's hard for them to change.
You can't tell/judge a book by its cover » You can't tell what sn/sth is like from its outward appearance.
You can't un-ring a bell » Some things are not reversible. Think about it first, before you do or say anything.
You can't win them all » Said after loosing a contest or game.
You catch more flies with honey than vinegar » Persuade people with politeness, flattery or kindness.
You could have knocked me down with a feather » Sn being very shocked or surprised or caught off guard.
You could hear a pin drop » Sth is said or happens and everyone in the room becomes quiet.
You coul     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
You couldn't hit water if you fell out of a boat » When an athlete misses really easy opportunities to score.
You do not get a dog and bark yourself » People in charge delegate tasks to other workers.
You don't say! » Is that right? Is that a fact? Really? Remarkable. Tell me more.
You get what you pay for » Lower priced items are usually of much lower quality. And the opposite is true.
You gotta be kidding me » You must be joking. Are you serious? I can't believe it.
You know the drill » You familiar with it and know how it is done.
You made it » You succeeded, you arrived on time. You did it!
You made your bed now sleep in it » You have to live with the consequences of your own doing.
You nail     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
You nailed it » You completed the task perfectly.
You name it » Anything related that you can imagine or think of.
You never know » People are lousy at predicting things. We don't know what might happen at any time.
You pulled a fast one » Tricking sn.
You reap what you sow » Doing bad things to people, bad things will happen to you. Good things if you do good.
You rock! » You are great.
You said it! » Reinforcement of what was said. You agree completely.
You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours » Do something for me, I'll return the favour.
You snoo        Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
You snooze, you lose! » Don't hesitate to do it. Get with the program pronto.
You sold me (on something) » You convinced me of something, because you were persuasive.
You tell 'em » To agree with sn. To encourage sn.
You what? » Expression of surprise or disbelief at sth you have heard. Request to repeat what was just said.
You're kidding (me), right? » Sn can't believe what they are hearing. This can't be right!
You're on! » Accepting a challenge, a bet or an invitation.
You're only young once » Persuading someone or yourself to do sth while you're still young enough to do it.
You're telling me! » Yes! I totally agree with you.
You're t         Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
You're toast » You are in a lot of trouble. A has been.
You've got rocks in your head » A dumb person. Lack of intelligence, stupid.
You've got to be kidding » You must be joking. I can't believe it.
You've made your bed, you'll have to lie in it » One must live the consequences of their own actions.
Young at heart » Still feel young even though they're getting old.
Young blood » Young people with new ideas and fresh approaches.
Young Turk » A young person who is rebellious and difficult to control in a company, team or organisation.
Your call » It's up to you to make a decision on the matter.
Your eye    Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Your eyes are bigger than your stomach » One takes on more responsibilities than they can handle.
Your foot in it » Doing the wrong thing and usually making matters worse.
Your guess is as good as mine » To have no idea, don't know the answer to a question or problem either.
Your hands are tied » Prevented from doing sn that you'd normally have the power or authority to do.
Your hour has come » To die. Dying or dead.
Your name is mud » Sn's good reputation is lost.
Your number is up » To die. Dying or dead.
Your sins will find you out » Things you've done or do wrong will become known.
Yum yum   Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Yum yum / yummy » Children expressing great delight. Especially when eating tasty food.
Zebra crossing » A crosswalk marked on the road with painted black and white stripes.
Zero hour » Time when something important is to begin. Time of a military attack.
Zero in on (something) » To focus on. To direct attention to. To close in on.
Zero time flat » A very brief time. An extremely short duration.
Zero tolerance » Nothing will be overlooked, no matter how small or trivial.
Zero-sum game » Any gain by one side or person is canceled by the loss to another side or person.
Zigged before you zagged » Wrong or reverse order of things.
Zip it!     Copyrighted material © 2018 JCS
Zip it! » Telling you to shut up or stop talking about sn.
Zip past » To move past sn/sth very fast. To move rapidly, a swift movement. Go by quickly.
Zip your lip » Shut up or keep quiet about sth.
Zone defense » A sports defense where each player is assigned a specific area to cover or play in.
Zonk out » Falling asleep quickly. Crash.
Zonked out » Extremely tired. No energy left to do anything.
Zoom in on » To get closer to sth. To use a telephoto lens or binoculars.

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